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Reflecting On 500 Shows, What’s In Store For The Future, Overcoming Fears, Kate’s Latest Project & Much More!


On this episode we started off talking about doing 500 shows so far. It’s been quite a ride that’s for sure! We talked about and reflected about what caused me to get into doing this kind of work and how I’ve grown as a result.

It’s so important to continually force yourself to do things you’re not comfortable doing. I’m not a speaker or a teacher. I’m not really a write. I just like to have good conversations that hopefully inspire people.

I feel very strongly that I’m so blessed to be able to share information that will change people’s lives. So many people are emailing in telling us how our show has changed their life.

It’s quite humbling.

From finding doctors or products that were the last thing they tried that actually made a difference in their health, to finally finding relief for their pain and suffering.

It’s been very challenging but also very rewarding. We’ve learned to trust when nobody else did. We’ve learned to believe when nobody else believed.

I quit a well paying job and career in marketing to start this because I felt a calling. I knew I had to do it. It called me and not the other way around. We purchased studio equipment on credit cards because we didn’t have the money to buy them with real money. We had no idea if I would stick with the show and be able to pay off the equipment but I had no choice. I had to pull the trigger.

After months of amazing growth Google decided to put the clamps down on our website and over night we lost half our daily traffic and listeners but we stuck with it. We’re still feeling the affects of that by the way. That happened years ago and we haven’t fully recovered.

Thankfully we have the best listeners in the entire world standing behind our work!

Then we talked about fear and Kate’s new projects and much more on this US president inauguration day. If you’d like you can check out Kate’s blog over at!

I hope you enjoy!

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