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Ep #497 – Dr. Ed Group – “We Were Born With The Ability To Heal Ourselves!” Colon Health, Detoxification, Iodine, Listener Questions & Much More!


Dr. Ed Group joined us from Global Healing Center to talk about colon health, healing the body through detoxification and much more!

Dr. Group is the author of such books as Health Begins in the Colon, The Green Body Cleanse: How to Live Green & Live Well! as well as his ever popular book entitled Complete Colon Cleanse: The At-Home Detox Program to Restore Good Health, Boost Vitality, and Ensure Longevity.

We were honored to have him back on the show today.

We did a show with Dr. Group about four years ago which you can listen to by clicking here.

We have to have Dr. Group on more often, not only does he have amazing products but he’s a wealth of information.

In today’s show with Dr. Ed Group we talked about colon health and how gut health really is the first place to clean up if you want to make big progress in your health.

The gut controls everything. The old saying is true…”All disease begins in the gut”




Hi Justin,

Can you please ask Dr. Group his opinion on the cause and then the treatment (if any) for multiple lipomas in men?

I had my first lipoma when I was in my early teens and then developed more in my late 20s and now I have even more in my late 30s.

I would love to know his thoughts. Most doctors just say these are hereditary and happen for an unknown reason. Some research has implicated a genetic defect in cell multiplication. But why does this defect happen later in life and what could be the trigger?

Some other doctors think they have to do with toxins. That the body is sequestering toxins in the fat cells and the cells are multiplying to hold ever more toxins.

I believe that many more people develop Lipomas than is acknowledged. They just have smaller and fewer ones and so don’t have an issue with them.

Thanks for asking!
Baltimore, MD



I am 65 years old with Diabetes, which I take insulin for. That is the only medication I take, but I do take multiple supplements in Dr. Group’s Iodine.

I was diagnosed several years ago with Ventricular Tachycardia and my heart kicks in to over 200 beats per minute heart rate and all different times of the day about every 6 weeks. The only options given were drugs, which I will not do or an ablation, which seems counter intuitive as I have researched, and found it only works a certain percentage of the time. That said, these episodes last anywhere from 1-10 hours and the only way I get them to stop is through vomiting and sometimes it has to be multiple times before my heart settles back in to normal rhythms. I believe I am missing something in my diet, have tried numerous things, but so far, no success. These episodes are getting increasingly hard to endure and I am concerned that this is putting enormous stress on my heart and blood vessels. I realize this is probably more of a complex situation than can be handled in a forum such as this, but I would be grateful for any help or direction you can give me.


Tom P



I do have a question for Dr. Group (who I love by the way!) I would like to know how iodine works and plays a part with someone who no longs has a thyroid. I also would like to know a good dose since I don’t have a thyroid. Thank you so much! I have wanted to ask him that for over a year!! #happyhealing

Lisa W.



Dr. Ed Group: Is the oxy powder good for a peristalsis problem? Half the time I eliminate only after two days which I know isn’t normal. I consume several cups of organic vegies/juices/day and stay off sugar and most grains. Thanks. Katie



My main health concerns right now are bone loss Especially Jaw Bones how to cure or increase bone mass.




Hi guys,

Maybe Dr. Group can help me.

I’m 37.

I have had sever psoriasis (each kind) since I was 19.

It was so sever it covered 80% of my body. My hair fell out and nails fell off.
My dermatologist gave me shots of stelera 1 year ago on a monthly basis.
It’s not completely gone but managed.

For the last 6 months I have been juicing daily and feel great but on each of my Achilles tendons I have olive size knots that are extremely painful. I feel that they could be from the shots of stelara.




Hi Justin,

Quick question for Dr. Group. I’m recovering from conventional cancer treatment. What would be the first step?
My husbands concern- cirrhosis of the liver.


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Dr. Ed Group

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Dr. Edward F. Group III founded Global Healing Center in 1998 and currently serves as Chief Executive Officer
While in Korea, he was honored to be accepted by one of the top Korean Tae Kwon Do masters for martial arts training.

Naturopathic Physician (ND) degree from the Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy
Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN) from the Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy
Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP) from the Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy

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Well happy 2017 everybody I'm just looking at the notes I have a doctor who care and that he's on episode this is crazy Korean hopefully that will change and your children will be taught you know about their bodies how to recognize symptoms will they can do to prevent disease and stay healthy and that's that's one of the biggest things were going to be talking in the next 10-15 years but that's all about addressing the root cause of the problems and that's what our research has been for over 25 years and I'm constantly working and craving things and trying to get people with Simple Solutions to all the health problems that they're suffering from yeah it's it's amazing when you talk to people who just had a family member in our family and talk to her soon wanting advice on juicing advice on the health and no food combining and just some really basic idea but it's amazing that you know we grow up in this society and we really don't have any idea how to take care of ourselves how to manage our money I would have really learned any new skills basic nutrition you know anything and it's just when you're sort of years old and you're kind of thrown out there and Society with no real tools to take care of yourself it's bizarre there's no way I mean it's designed that way on purpose so all of them will somehow simple rules I just break off here okay I just started ancient medicine for a long time now and I'm always looking for Simplicity because even in chiropractic school and I want a medical school and all the different schools and they all focus on teaching you how to adjust the symptoms of a problem whether you have pain when you have headaches arthritis diabetes heart disease it doesn't matter we're dressing with symptoms research 220 years ago I was looking for the root cause of all disease and if we can figure out what the root cause of all diseases been nice that's really what true medicine should really be about addressing the root cause we don't know anyone identified all of the different toxins in the area with food water and other Beverages and artificial sweeteners and Jericho modified foods food dyes and electromagnetic radiation were exposed to the stress you're under and all the mental problems and anxiety and depression and all of that has a factor and everybody is different but the bottom line is you have too many chemicals and toxins coming into your body and not enough going out of your body that's when you still having symptoms and that's when you start having disease so yes when you have individual doctors out there that you go into that doctor and when you see her. I have migraines or something like that what can I do when you walk out with Mike 30 bottles of supplements or whatever you're still adjusting your symptoms United dressing room cause it took me a long time to learn that because we will talk tonight okay take vitamin C and Brian you know this this this and this for this condition and prescribe these arms for this condition and all that but no one's out there teaching you how to you yourself how to reactivate your body so if you have nothing as a reward for all of us with the groceries and I'll tell you how simple it actually is one more thing that's been used for centuries and centuries.

Ancient Egyptians and all the other cultures out there and if you get down to the nitty-gritty of how easy is it for me to get rid of every single disease known to man you could rid of roaches fast I mean it's been proven that fasting alone just don't water that if you do it the right way we'll take will put your body into into ketogenesis and you will be able to and I can't restart the cancer cells in your body will actually regenerate itself don't you think that we were born we were given every single thing that we need to survive and everything that we need to hear it so that's what that's what you're saying you see fasting intermittent fast Sunset magazine the body actually years if you really get into studying the clinical and biological effects of what happens when you start going on in your water fast after a certain amount of days your body starts living in itself should actually recycles that eats the dead cells that are dying off it recirculates the proteins from the dead cells besides everything that you need the vitamins and minerals from the blood cells and actually turns around he processes them to build new cells through body is actually a recycling system and it will be both a stronger and stronger and stronger and stronger each day we talk about being able to the house same place we always look for the simplest solution the problem is people don't want to fight anymore how to fast it's hard you know what I mean he's nothing more than cleansing detoxification than 25 years I've been trying to debug my Android phone how can we what is the fastest way to reactivate the body's self-healing mechanism what is the fastest way to get the body to heal itself because that's what you really want to do because you're addressing the root cause and that's why I'm a big proponent of cleansing I mean really when it comes down to it you cleanse the body you hear the gun because the gun is the biggest organ in the body that your endocrine system and every single thing starts from your God I'm in the river is what we're finding is has been attacked and is only working probably around 40% the majority of the people these days and a cleansing with cleansing the body detoxifies your body you can do it there fast and you can do the 3 comes in the intestines and repairing when will probiotics cleansing the liver cleanse and other chemicals and heavy metals out of your body cleansing on a pair of sides the home through organisms out of the body and how you really work that's what the body wants it's really about what is the body want to heal itself and that's what I've been promoting in the end what I've been trying to teach people is that you don't have the ability to hear yourself I don't have a show for the mechanism which is really more powerful than any prescription drugs and what the doctors are doing for you out there 2001 there's different classifications of listeners to the show there's there's something obviously to any shows out there that are very sick and they need to do some sort of protocol what to do some cleansing there's people there typically just help me I want to get healthier for the latter crowd for the people that are typically pretty healthy and they don't really have much going on here just trying to improve the health of it I would you say would be a good cleansing protocol the sort of standard but they could follow through on a yearly basis like noon would that include weekly enemas or once in your colonics and then once a year ago colon cleanses what what are your ideas about but he'll put all that together well I try to stay away from the herbal colon cleansers because what we have it's okay to do homework colon cleanse every now and then but I can not even my email you are and I love it very healthy lifestyle and I went and I avoid or try to avoid the majority of the toxins throughout the United Air purification systems in my house and all the other stuff out there you know I deal with a lot of people to that are very healthy I mean and living in this world even if you're fairly healthy I try to do 3 liver cleanses a year and I try to do intestinal cleansing even know what I drink to flush a better way Norwalk Juicer I do to flush juices a day every single day and pretty much you know I'm not saying stuff like that very low carbohydrates zero sugar in my diet which is another big big thing that people should work to get off at 2:30 then we have to work so hard and you have to deal with everything you know what you have to do it but what I recommend for healthy people anytime that you're not that you haven't sat down in a very calm place and you taking 90 breaths and relax yourself with no TV and there's no computers no cell phone when you not thinking about a million things on your mind and if you do it that way then most likely you're going to be eating your meals in a sympathetic State and what that does to the Bible is it but you know restructure digestion you know your food becomes a toxin that causes inflammation in the bow and his people that they would call themselves extremely healthy we're starting with and they're still having bowel issues and usually it's work was sociated with not what they're putting in their body that's associated with the amount of Stress and Anxiety with the lender and they're not even in a very calm parasympathetic states are always the first thing I tell people helping people or straight people doesn't matter if you want to improve your health is take care of your God reduce your stress it will take 90 days before you need don't have any extra nothing was going on around yourself when you leave make sure you chew your food too little liquid before you swallow it as another phone and the one I use is I think we were working with the best way to keep the ball in the intestines clueless ago we were evaluating all the herbal colon cleansers you found out if you use those people really would keep their balcony on the regular basis maybe once or twice a week actually I know that sounds like Overkill but remember your breathing in toxins every single day and I was talking to get caught in your mucus membrane and we end up going running your mouth and leave it will get it females been showing that 30% of it contains pesticide residue and it could contain other a home for toxins associated with its 33 that's amazing that you all organic and not everybody has their own garden and goes and picks all those vegetables and fruits and you everything you do anything for him so you might but you never know if it's been irradiated or not sure if it matters we live in a toxic world so you did the best that you can and being the best that you can do but it's still going to be a number one primary focus in your body but your God controls everything I mean you need to make sure that you have it cleaned on a regular basis and make sure you have all the good probiotics that you need in your diet on a regular basis too and that's why I actually develop a product called Oxy Powder which delivers oxygen microbubbles of monatomic oxygen in the body which will neutralize toxins a lot of herbal supplements don't actually oxidized anything but just work as an osmotic laxative and they can actually cause damage to the bad the silly and cascara and summer that can cause bad damage if you use it consistently so not speaking to I have to actually Tesla and Eugene bras we're actually working on the same thing for years ago when we were the ones who came up with the original formula for us to be able to use a monatomic oxygen between the body can be used on a regular basis and provide you oxygen in your system so that's fine are you a fan of animals alright you know it for certain things and it was I mean I use organic coffee and then there's another clinic for a while with liver cleansing so no I'm not I'm definitely not against the enemy does not affect people get good results with animals especially if they're using distilled water and they have an ozone generator do you know don't let him know we're doing coffee enemas you can do all of the different types of herbal animals so now I'm not against that offense but what I'm talking about is most of the problems are going to exist in the small intestine that we talked a lot about colon hydrotherapy or colon cleansing but really what you need to look at is small intestine cleansing your small intestines are 25 feet of your intestinal tract what color was only 10 feet and by the time I'm done with you calling all those chemicals and toxins and all the hoes that get burned in the intestines and all of the acids from the 10 year old Coca-Cola and all of them and all the stuff that mixes together that all affects mostly the small intestine look at X-rays of people that have compassion and have all kinds of stuff going on in your intestinal tract it's mostly in the small intestine and that's Lindsay is going to be something that you can use in conjunction with enemas and colon hydrotherapy because you know that's going to work great and then in the smaller part part of the colon rectum area and you know the colon and then you but you still need to take care of the smog test as well so with the oxygen type of cleanse like you're talking about it primarily affects the small intestine and what are you doing inside there it's actually eating through some of that impacted matter is that what's going on that's where it is this is a monatomic oxygen or oxygen everyone is a very reactive molecule is going to neutralize or attack any positively charged any type of crusty substance or anything that's there that needs to be moved out to the road so just think of all of the hydrogen peroxide reaction where you you have just proven to be true and real tiny bubbles of oxygen that are being released all the way through your whole intestinal tract because you can come up with and meaning of scientific studies the oxygen is still being at least twenty-four 26 hours later so hopefully that your Transit time is not going to be longer than that so you're going to have these all these bubbles Justice attorney oxygens attacking anything that's positive charge most toxins are positively charged most harmful bacteria positively charged so we're going to have this effect where you have a scrubbing bubbles affect website to where are you taking it all this stuff is just attacking and scrubbing your intestines completely clean but the pipe was just so of the pipe that you know being in your house for years and years and years and years or two days prior but then over time when you don't have those tiny little opening in there so how you going to get all that crusty hard stuff out the inside of the price you have to attack it and you have to take a solid matter and reduce it to a liquid or a gas and that's through oxidation-reduction reactions are taking it easy we're all over that hard stuff and all that toxic stuff I'm just leaving the intestinal lining squeaky clean I like that I like that we have a bunch of questions and I want to get to but before that I am interested in this because then you know for years and years we've all heard of the all the different sort of major colon cleanse powders and things and Shakes and all that kind of stuff and I'm interested I've never really heard of her heard about your product Oxy Powder for a long time but I haven't really heard of anybody else doing an oxygen-based small intestine cleanse like this it's pretty unique to me at least and maybe there's other people doing it but it sounds pretty good to me what color were the ones that invented it and put it out there I mean like I said Tesla was the one who developed the original formula back in 1898 and what they were really did anything with it is a little company called home design that we usually shop there more product years ago about the remains we had a Cancer Clinic before we got raided and shut down by the FDA and that's what I am not just saying it to promote my product that you know is if you do the research and you look out what product how can you how can you get rid of all of the Krusty toxic stuff and they would science the only way that you're going to do whatever it is you're going to neutralize it and you're going to get rid of it through an oxidation-reduction reaction if you work at the inventory 2 colon cleansers or bad to use but if you use them on a regular basis they can be toxic but they don't really attack you know what I mean they are but they're just going to cause more mucus they're going to scrape the walls of the intestines like cylinder order going to be off work at like 7 they're going to cause you to be possibly be dehydrated and suck my water was about but whatever it is you're going to act as an oxidation-reduction reaction when I broke it your way and I'm going to clean the walls of your intestines and squeaky clean sensor sensor without her we wanted to do an oxygen-based colon cleanse and and ever since then we have millions of using oxygen all over the world because of all the types of fossil fuels and everywhere else some places they're done and 9% oxygen we will need an oxygen concentration of 27% to be a perfect healthy World well yeah I ran around back it was 12% but I guess you're saying some places 1984 card list it's like you said it's way lower than it should be exactly so with the Oxy Powder you do a couple capsules in the evening before bed and then and then you just kind of do that for about a month so what's the protocol for the length of that everybody having your colon cleanse in a while we have a 6 day colon cleanse to roll your front everybody's different and you know some people might don't worry the kids to have 2 to 3 bowel movements the following morning okay some people can take the payment on your way depending on how toxic you are some people might need to take 6 capsules at night before they go to bed to get that those three boundaries before the next day we have some women with no children and then you know they might need to take one capsule and they're going to have 3 bowel movements it before him and the next day she kind of have to find your dose on what works best for you and then once you find that that's going to be your what you're going to take forever right I like to take 6 capsules a couple times a week before bed and I just like II just I mean I feel great the next morning when you guys and next morning for the box and it makes more sense if that's true but like I like the lifestyle protocol that you do not do it everyday but a couple times a week to do my baby couple times a week exactly just to keep my intestines clean you down are you down in Houston is that correct yes I am in Houston and as far as I understand doesn't Texas have some of the most toxic air from the coal fire Plants and Things it was one of the good things about Texas that we used to know that is we have tons of trees down here as well so if you look at a new subdivision in the Houston area is how it treats its just so the good news is we have lots and lots and lots of trees lots of vegetation which kind of can relax. And believe it or not Houston is one of the least Chemtrails sprayed of cities in the nation that some people say that is because Bush lives here and they don't spray Chemtrails over Houston but we very very rarely see it came from maybe a couple times a year in Houston as opposed to other cities where they're just constantly being sprayed on stopping out here in California I mean you seem just all your around different times of the day I don't know what these things are but whatever they are that's dropping some kind of I don't know what that what chemicals are in that but them it's not good OC chemicals being sprayed all over the lot of its brain related compounds to shut down without letting you actually should be back shortly seen massive thyroid problems massive and we can disrupt mechanical problems with everybody still reality in the United States while since they've been using Chemtrails and what that does to blame mean you can trails along with the baby in the bed and all of the toxic halogens that will be exposed to what you're pulling fluoride or chlorine and bromine or bromide are rampant everywhere and there's only one mineral that's going to eliminate those toxic highlights from the body and it's all about what they've done with our bond as they've completely shut out are dying from eating the foods they taking down who placed it with blaming Obama and all the Bloods so basically what we had as we have over exposure of the toxic halides fluoride for example will calcify your pineal gland and keep you from having a good connection with God and you can also get weeks havoc on your thyroid gland and everything else in your body as well as clothing and wearing it and that's why I'm also a really really big promoter of everybody taking iodine on a regular basis because you just not going to get it all done in the fridge hard copies on toxic toxic air flights and the amount of toxic chemicals that are in the air inside the cabin of planes when you fly so we can look at that I think her website is health nut news.com and you can look into that but regardless of whether or not you would buy freeway but by an airport or fly a lot these toxins are in our environment and the universe is a natural system normal and we were never exposed to these all throughout history it says only in our modern culture and so what school is that dr. group it's got a ton of products on his website that help counteract that I died and I've been taking your ID on recently and I'm really really really powerful stuff I have to say it's all about caring and acting and cleansing it and keeping the toxins away from you as best as you can and like you said we are a people still think yours is a lot of times you can't see and touch and feel them and you don't know what's coming and your body on a daily basis that's why it's so important to keep yourself clean keep your liver cleanse your liver cleanses clean all the parasites and harmful organisms out of your system keep all the chemicals and toxic Metals out of your system keep yourself warm mechanism strong on a regular basis yet but aerotoxic syndrome I carry with me there's a there's a company that you can buy a little personal air purifiers that hang around your neck and whenever I travel I put out around my neck recently however they have been telling me to turn it off inside the plane but it's a dare to Hazard a fire hazard and which is absolutely ridiculous 1:10 to 1 double A battery or something like that and she said they're getting so strict in the airline the TSA and when you have to go through that I never go through I opt out all the time but I've never been through a body scanner and I'll never go through a body scan because I know how damaging that is but I just see people just put their hands up all day long and just walk through and just walk through thinking everything's okay I know you're extremely damaging to the body when we get on the plane with the baby the bigger the better and we play many in the airport you have thousands of people in there from all the different countries spreading disease around your people getting tons of flu shots and the flu shots you know can you can you can actually log splitter particles from flu shots for up to $17 and your skin your skin flakes off so that thing is you might be against flu shots and you didn't know they had these quadrivalent trivalent all these different types of viral particles they're actually targeted to go into your jeans certain genes that can control your behavior and everything else I mean sick with doctors working on right now with vaccines and how to distribute those things you control paper for vaccinations and flu shot you end up not even wanting to get a flu shot but then you getting these viral particles or breathing through the air through skin Bender yeah it's amazing it's really nice and there's some videos recently of flights going into South Africa I think it was where they're spraying like these cans of aerosol spray I have no idea what that what's in those things but people have been taking video sitting in their seat when they are and I think about half hour before arrival I've heard they're just walking down the aisles spraying this god-knows-what into the cabin this is crazy that is crazy that you're back to your dumb question it's good that you're on there I mean we have serious issues right now not only with Fukushima which is being kept under wraps and nobody's talking about the real problems that we had with fishing and radioactive byproducts of people have been here especially in California Northwest over there Oregon Washington and all that that's why I think everybody should be on on iodine and no because of the word problem that we're dealing with with all I have done is that estrogen estrogen inhibits the absorption of iodine and forget about all the endocrine disrupting chemicals out there the bprd violates are the fragrances that Norman Cosmetics everything we will have estrogen dominance right now men and women have estrogen dominance the majority of them that's what estrogen inhibit the absorption of iodine show is an endocrine disruptor is there estrogen so I take that as a regular bases tonight you know I usually take about 20 milligrams or about twenty thousand micrograms 10 - 20000 micrograms of Delaware also in Studies have shown to help eliminate Mercury rub fluoride been reporting from the body so I actually will help you repair that was actually out the speaking of the truth about cancer Symposium and I talked to a couple doctors over there that are using are done and they are using up to 300,000 not getting medical advice on the radio just just doesn't disclaimer here 300000 micrograms of daylight would be a pretty intense as they see fit I'm trying to say is I've had A5 year old kid drink a whole bottle of my wine was fine I have done is extremely safe and it's the only I think what you can do to if you suffering from cold hands and feet does mother sounds if you have dry skin if you have insomnia if your hair loss anytime you need it all these people these days talking about brain fog and I just can't think and you're getting tired in the afternoon around 2 or 3i don't deficiency is directly linked to depression Believe It or Not immune system weight gain I mean the list goes on and on and on you can pretty much take any condition to look at my time deficiency as one of the major things that's going on dr. Brownstein also is it is greatly surprised if they were playing here is it working at any value waiting all of these iodine deficiency symptoms so that was it if I was to pick one thing is that I could take with me if I had a survival kit or anything like that but I need to probably take all of them yet because you could use it on the skin to appear anywhere you can put a couple drops in a gallon of water in it with purify the water and then you can drink it so it's just it's amazing what you can do and what I don't do for the body not talked to him since I'm pretty I'm pretty amazing guy and dosages that he recommends are quite quite a bit more than what we're told and conventional was about to ask you a really quick I have to go to the bathroom I drank a little bit too much water before the ship but maybe when we get back we can start covering some of these questions but before I go to the bathroom real quick I wanted to ask you what was the brand or do you know where you got that that air purifier that you take on the plane with you but I'll have to look it up and send you the link on there yeah yeah okay and then you will bring that and yeah I would like to run because if I fly after reading Aaron's article about I really want to protect myself and that sounds like a good way to do that is okay if I go to the restroom really quick I deliberately doing therapy and I drink 33 ounces but a full Mason Jar full of water and unfortunately today I drink a little bit too late but the yeah I got it that is a great thing but we do use a lot of that as well so it was like a true member that worked on was the name of that book that really good book on your bed that's quite a few days before it's really really good ones yeah yeah yeah yeah kind of flush myself out in the morning and what does 33 ounces of water okay we got some questions here from people that written in the first two or little bit longer so let's start with those and if it was about lipomas and says hi Jessica yes dr. group his opinion or I'm sorry depending on the cause and then the treatment if any of multiple lipomas in men I have burst my love my life, when I was in my early teens and then develop more in my late twenties and now I have even more my late thirties I would love to know his thoughts most doctors say these are hereditary and happened for an unknown reason some research has implicated a genetic defect in some multiplication but why does this why does this affect happen later in life and what could be the trigger that's an interesting question if it's a genetic why does it happen later in life so what the doctors think they have to do with toxins that the body of sequestering talk things in the fat cells and the cells are multiplying to hold over more toxins I believe that many more people develop lipomas than is acknowledged just have a smaller and fewer ones and so they don't have an issue with them thanks for asking Lawrence from Baltimore we love you know what the first thing I would say to the right. My question is is still kind of unknown I guess the only way that you don't usually need things and then they blame it on genetics why I tend to go to dr. Bruce Lipton Spherion of genes that the environment controls the gym now. Let me know that you received is not controlled from inside the Jeep but the outside environment so what I recommend people to do what I have recommended people to do with ripe bananas is a discontinued cleansing your body and you basically going to the basics of human body liver cleanses like, it might be an area of the body that stores are toxins as you age everything in your body starts to break down a little bit more um you know it's unfortunate with that but that happens but living in the world of the living and talking about the majority of people in the standard American diet and everything else nowadays we know that if we clean our body need healthy we will always love you after we waited Solutions we can actually stay down here we can actually go backwards in age without physical age compared to a rental and material age so with him and that if he's lipomas you're getting worse I would look at the guy and I would look at the stress I would look it comes in his body really good with paying the guy claimed he was over at least three times but the key factor there tickets about 10 years to figure out is that the majority of people living out there right now we're lovers you're only working at around 40% if that we found where did it reactivate your body self-healing nothing is in your liver needs to be working about 80% which means one liver cleanse with the olive oil is usually only repairs your liver about 15% this is where are you valuated you know it's over 300,000 people that have been liver cleanses and this is kind of what we thought we don't have any scientific evidence but a lot of time the scientific evidence is wrong just got to go with what people tell you let me know if you know you really, that's that's when you really get the first payment for May is going to be with water fasting because what happens is once the body has used up all of its cool coasters and it goes into ketogenesis and goes into burning and producing ketones for fuel that's when the body will rapidly attack fat cells because it will start using its own fat for energy and what about 36 hours of being on zero sugar and zero cross over so I did it on a diet of 690 calories a day within 36 hours I put my body into ketosis while that was for breakfast in the morning I had $6 and 1 ounce of nuts walnuts for lunch I had one tablespoon of coconut oil in for dinner and had one avocado and I did that for five days and within my body is in ketosis in 36 hours I lost 10 pounds in 5 days of course that I wasn't fat loss if you want to rapidly attack your body's fat stores and that's all that my payment is the fastest way to do that is to bring your body into ketosis or if you have it you want to but you haven't been able to find your man to lose weight for a long time it's because your body is in a gluconeogenesis oral glucose test cycle which means your body has adapted the burning glucose for fuel because that's what everybody put in your body all day long with sugar and carbohydrates and bad carbohydrates like bread and gluten an interpretive excess potato and corn and rice and you know all these things that you're just you're overloading your body is producing glucose glucose glucose and so he cut all that out when your body flips and Anthony on it on it will stay for six or seven days you can actually flip your body back to a earning your fat cells for energy instead of glucose how much is a really good book that just came out not too long ago it's called the complete guide to fasting and tell you can hear you're out of people doing intermittent fasting as well right now and give your body the ability to switch back over and I'll be on such a high sugar and carbohydrate system rights and he says I'm 65 years old with diabetes which I take insulin for this is there any medication I can take but I take multiple supplements and dr. group site I was diagnosed several years ago with ventricular tachycardia and I just want to let everyone know we cannot give medical advice here so I just want people to know that and so he says I was diagnosed it was 7 years ago with Japan trip ventricular tachycardia and my heart checked into over 200 beats a minute had a heart rate at different times of the day about every 6 weeks while that's going to be pretty scary what are the options given were drugs which I will not do or an aberration which seems counterintuitive as I have researched and found it only works on a certain percentage of the time but that said these episodes last anywhere from 1 to 10 hours oh my God and no way to get them to stop is true vomiting and sometimes it has to be multiple times before my heart someone's back into a normal Rhythm while I believe I am missing something in my diet I've tried numerous things but so far no success these episodes are getting increasingly hard to endure and I'm concerned that this is putting more stress on my heart and blood vessels I would imagine I realize this is probably more of a complex situation that we can be handled in such a form like this but I would be grateful for any help or Direction you might be able to give me Tom Pratt wow that's pretty that's pretty amazing 200 beats a minute every time you having any luck with what I've learned over the years you told me having any type of heart condition which is directly related to toxic liver oil high blood pressure for example think about you had an oil filter in your car that you never changed and you had to circulate the oil through and all of the family gets to the filter get so broke up with you or can get get through to anyone 34 scenario in a pretty bad mood I can tell you the most research for people with diabetes that have been completely reversed has been through fasting and SMU could type 1 diabetes and fasting in Google and it pull up all kinds of success stories and even talks about and list all the different types of clinical trials that have been done on a fasting and diabetes it just it just so happens we're talking about that earlier but one of the most successful ways to completely reverse diabetes doesn't matter how long you know the type to that you had and you been on Match for me yesterday were there any other form of Diabetes Care if you're willing to put forth the time and effort to read about it to learn about it and didn't follow those protocols when that's the solution it's all about the body cries out for help and his rapid heartbeat and all the diabetes is the body basically saying will you please listen to me will you please help me and just make some decisions unfortunate thing is people don't know where to go what to do and by cleansing the body repairing the band by doing liver cleanses by doing a harmful organism Plans by being toxic mother and you know getting all the chemicals and I was at the bar and then died during the fasting that you can read about in the book The Complete Guide to fasting most popular books out there I mean what I'm talking about fasting for some s*** you can put your books written in the fifties sixties seventies eighties every decade and as you know they're saying the same thing it must work it does work that's what the Bible says I mean you know that's what the ancient Egyptians did that's what the ancient Indians did that's what everybody did you know it's hard getting back to the basics of basically comes in the Bible have anything about them except for water and people would go to all the mineral spas whenever they got sick it was just soap and water and drink the water for 5 days and not even thinking there will be no trying to be difficult as a matter of fact it's super easy but the difficult part is try to go 5 days just drinking water a tune and so addicted to society and food and drink and hang out with friends and then the restaurant tonight but it's actually really really hard for us to do things we would rather take a pill and a Magic Bullet approach to Healing than actually do something to hear about it okay it's going to

Alyssa has a question over more things for Tom for what it's worth dr. Richard masi has talked about heavy metals and its relationship to the heart so you may want to look into that and then I guess the we had on years ago dr. Ken Sutter he says there is He suggests are some good connection with parasites parasites and your regular heartbeat so that could be something to look into as well to lose their rights and she doesn't have a thyroid and she has got a question for dr. group and she wants to help out and works and plays a part in someone who doesn't have a thyroid and she also wants to know if she doesn't have a thyroid what would be a good dose of your ID on to take so even if she doesn't have a thyroid would mean that she really needs to keep her body clean in here and become system strong which means trying to avoid as much as possible in the endocrine disrupting chemicals dial 841 to make sure all of her stuff is organic Whole Foods Cosmetics all that stuff you know eliminate anything that could potentially cause disruption to the endocrine system but I don't know if she's on any type of thyroid medications for migraines but I'm sure we'll probably have me on some some for later or something like that right right social sites housing question about bonuses what are they actually putting in your body I mean because I'm just saying that they're consuming a lot of acid foods and acid dreams where they're just not able to process and break down their nutrients properly without him and all the other nutrients required to build bones with calcium and magnesium ratio war on terror of what I usually tell them to do is to go through and cleaned everything out of the body because a lot of times it can be a big issue with malabsorption will not end up in the river because the river is going to take all your nutrients and provide broken down in proper form and put them in the garage so you can enjoy them 2 ways people they're taking calcium carbonate website which is truck is more affected most calcium supplements out there can actually cause bone loss where they drink a lot of Greater Waterbury past you always do and we drink a lot of milk you might think of milk does the body good you're going to get all kinds of strange things are now but it's actually the opposite it causes calcium depletion from the bank unless it's true so what I recommend for anybody that's having done a lot of problems is number one you better get your grandmother and you better get your little plans then we can start looking at what you're putting in your body if your drinking and your soft drinks with phosphoric acid if you're taking in a lot of acidic based foods new products if you were drinking alcohol if you're not drinking enough water we have to look at all your dietary things that you doing to and start cleaning up your diet and eating all organic foods but the most important thing is just to start with cleansing the body really really good cleansing intestines when you have a good probiotic supplement then cleansing the liver three times because that's not how much calcium and doing all the stuff that you take if your if your dad isn't helping and if your liver isn't able to process all those nutrients the right way then you're not going to get him to see that happening all the time with people taking all these supplements or buying supplements from Costco Drugstore or grocery store you know all of these third-party really cheap cheap supplements there man-made vitamins and nutrients that are actually causing the body more harm than good and then I always recommend magnesium and calcium orotate to help build the brand in conjunction with a good brand of vitamin D supplement but it all starts you can take vitamin supplements just something to do you any good and yes your dad is healthy and your liver is healthy and you can actually process those supplements and one of the best things for burning off someone has to do his job which is kind of which is kind of strange but depending where it doesn't really matter where it's you and not them so far so pretty good did to help build a bond just there's always a deficiency or a symptom of something going on with the government over whenever you're having the same problems you just not able to get the proper nutrients to your bones for them to lay down their bones and serious stomach issues that require some kind of lifestyle change and not just practices but you know how are you how you enjoy your food and how well your body works and so it was really that deep deep issue we have carry rights and really quickly about psoriasis she says

hi guys maybe dr. group can help me I'm 37 years old have had I have had severe psoriasis itch constant of 19 it was so severely cover 10% of my body my hair fell out and my nails fell off my dermatologist gave me shots of Stelara when your go on a monthly basis it is not completely gone but managed so for the last 6 months I've been juicing daily and feel great but I need your my achilles tendons I have all of the sides not that are extremely painful I feel that they could be from the shots.

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