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Should We Move?, Making Herbal Infusions, Being A Health Detective, Surgeries & Heavy Metals, Making Claims About Products, Listener Questions & More


Kate is back! I know many of you guys have been asking when is she going to be back on the show and the answer is, once a week. Every week we’ll do a Free For All Friday show where we discuss the latest happenings in the alternative health world, we’ll do some show recaps, take listener questions, and give our thoughts and ideas about what’s going on in our own health journey so we can all make sense of all these awesome guests we have!

Many times we have guests with conflicting information that come on and confuse us. So these Friday shows will be us breaking down all the past shows and distilling it into something that makes sense for us.

I might also do a few solo shows here and there when I have something important I’d like to share either about the show or about something I want to share with you with regards to health, healing and spirituality.

On this show we talked about if we should move? We are considering moving to Oregon one day. The cannabis laws are much more free up there and currently it’s not a law to vaccinate your child if they want to go to “normal” school.

Then we talked about how much I’ve been into herbalism lately specifically with mushrooms and making herbal teas that boost the immune system. You can make herbal decoctions, herbal infusions, tinctures and regular tea with herbs and mushrooms.

Each of these extraction processes provide unique constituents and alkaloids (not counting much needed vitamins and minerals) that are different from each other. Herbal infusions are fun and I hope you get into them this winter season.

Then we talked about being a health detective and why it’s important to look at labels and look into things instead of just taking the doctors word for it or the label on the package’s word for it.

Many times they sneak in heavy metals and toxic ingredients in things that can really make you sick unless you take that extra step of investigation. You’re worth it.

Then we also talked about how we are losing the freedom of speech in this country and nobody can make claims about health products these days without the fear of being put into prison.

And we also discussed many other issues and took some listener questions as well!

I hope you enjoy this show!

Listener Questions

Love your interview with Mr. Freudenmann, so interesting!! Thanks so much for the info. Have a beautiful Christmas and New Year, and happy belated birthday!!!

God bless!



Dear Justin,
I wrote you this private message on Fb Messenger but thought it would n good to also send email:

Hi there! I absolutely love your shows and podcasts! Thank u so much for educating us and helping us take responsibility of our health…I remember hearing in a podcast that Monsanto bought solgar…was that on one of your podcasts? I do t remember where I heard it and wanted to send a friend the link to it..would appreciate if you could let me know:-) many blessings

Thank you for reading this.


Hey Justin and Kate,

Love Love Love your podcasts………………except Laughing out loud

I was listening to Ep # 489 Fred Van Liew

Now I am an extremely open minded person, and I managed to get to 00:47:35 min into it,
every time he mentioned prayer and god and getting rid of past trauma and demons from your
DNA etc I just could not take it any more.

Next time you have a podcast on Structured water etc, could we please have Gerald Pollock PLEASE !

Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind religious people, but keep your beliefs out of the podcasts Mr Leiw and
deliver on what people have tuned in to listen to. Honestly when he started saying that you should say a prayer
over water, I nearly had a brain explosion. ( not good for my health ) hahahahaha.

Ok, whenever I hear this guy’s name again I am not even giving it a second of my precious time.

Give me Jack Kruse anytime………………………….and Gerald Pollock.

Ok see ya guy’s

Take care
Susan from Sydney. xo

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