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Anthony Anderson – Growing Your Own Food Is The Most Radical Act Of Rebellion

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Anthony Anderson joined us from Grow Paradise to talk about his upcoming adventures. He was nice enough to stop by our studio the day before he took off to Hawaii.

Growing your own food is such a beautiful act when you really come to think of it. It puts you right in the middle of the seasons and cycles of life. You become intricately connected to life and yourself. Now these plants are relying on you for growth. When you tend to your garden, not only are you tending to the plants themselves but you’re also putting intent into those plants that will actually become the food you eat.

So it’s an act of love on two parts, once for the plant itself which relies on you but also for you because you will be consuming that plant eventually.

On a deeper level growing your own food also is an act of love for the planet because you’re helping to restore the earth itself. Instead of putting concrete down on the grown and a building (which is like a cast or a band aid, it chokes off the earths ability to breathe) which harms the earth, you’re adding new life to the planet which the earth loves.

Even deeper than that by investing in physically making a healthier earth and ecosystem you are loving your fellow man. You’re creating a better planet for other human beings and animals to live on.

Growing your own food is much more than just planting a tree and eating an apple from it. It can have many layers to its profundity.

Anthony’s whole life is dedicated to bringing heaven to earth and creating paradise, abundance, sustainability and ultimately freedom to all mankind by something as ordinary as planting a tree.

We talked about the Grow Paradise mission, the retreats he operates every year which teaches people how to grow their own food. Anthony is into permaculture, chaos gardening, biodynamic gardening as well (obviously) as organic gardening.

When you can learn to grow your own food (I’m speaking to me here as well!) you can take the first step in releasing the grip of the matrix on your life.

True freedom is the ability to control (not own) your property. When you have control over the food you eat, the implications are never ending.

You don’t get sick as much and can prevent disease which means you’re not relying on the medical system for your health. You’ll have more energy to spend on creating your life purpose. The list goes on and it all starts with learning how to grow your own fruits and vegetables in your backyard.

How crazy is that?

Support Anthony and his work by following Grow Paradise on social media.

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Anthony Anderson

Guest Info:

Anthony Anderson founded Grow Paradise as a way to communicate his vision of a better world through planting fruit trees and “permaculture”. Permaculture is a holistic landscape design science that works with the natural world to create an environment that supports health and abundance on every level.

At its core, Grow Paradise is about knowing that we have the potential to create immensely healing and peaceful surroundings to live, work, and play in. As human beings, we are extremely powerful creators, and by working together with nature again, we can quickly manifest a world where all of us are extremely wealthy and deeply fulfilled far beyond material riches.

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