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Ep# 493 – Maryam Henein – What’s Happening To All The Bees? How Bees Are Showing Us Humanity Is Off Track & More!


Maryam Henein joined us to talk about the documentary called The Vanishing of the Bees, which is a great film about why all of our bees are dying.

It tackles what’s been called “colony collapse disorder”. What’s causing colony collapse disorder? Why are all the bees dying? Why does America have to ship in bees from Australia and around the world to make up for all of our bees dying?

Many people have speculated it could be cell phone radiations and cell towers that have been erected all over the world. We know that frequencies affect the behavior of bees and they are electrical beings.

Are frequencies from power lines, cell towers and cell phones causing bees to mysteriously abandon their hives and vanish?

Some other people think it could be the treatment of bees. We are now shipping bees all over the country to pollinate different crops at different times of the year. All the stress and poor treatment could also be playing a factor as to why the bees are dying in record numbers.

Other people have speculated that it could be parasites and fungus that are killing the bees. That’s also a likely cause. When bees are not treated right and they eat fake sugars, parasites can take over, just like in humans.

But what the documentary was postulating was that systemic pesticides were mostly at fault here. I suppose that because of these pesticides, it weakens their immune system and thus causes them to succumb to cell tower radiation, parasites and stress.

I think it’s a combination of all of them together which is a microcosm of humans which Maryam so eloquently described.

This was a great show and very fascinating to figure out how we can stop the bees from dying and protect them, not for what they do for us like make honey and help produce food but because it’s the right thing to do.

I hope you enjoy this show with Maryam Henein about bees!

Thanks for listening!

Justin, Kate and Maggie

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Maryam Henein

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Maryam has more than fifteen years experience working as an investigative journalist, a documentary and television producer and professional researcher. Her credits include producing documentaries for the BBC, Discovery, Robert Greenwald and Morgan Spurlock. As a journalist she has written for publications such as The Los Angeles Times, Science & Spirit Magazine, and The Cairo Times. The former Montrealer gained notoriety by breaking a story about Dodi Fayed’s imposter, who duped hundreds across North America and set a precedent in Canadian legal history.Working in front of the camera, Maryam co-wrote and hosted a program for TLC about the Ark of the Covenant. Following a near death experience several years ago, Maryam delved into the science of nutrition and alternative ways of healing. She also became more conscious about the environment and went on to produce a piece on the Exxon Valdez Oil spill for Robert Greenwald and The Sierra Club. She has worked developing numerous documentaries on topics ranging from Creationism to Family Annihilators. Her curiosity and tenacity energizes her work as a documentarian. Currently, she has become enchanted by and devoted to the making of a film about the The Vanishing Bees.

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Alright thank you so much everyone for joining us another episode of extreme Health radio this is me get this correct every episode 493 and where to talk about bees and the colonies and Bee colony collapse disorder and all of that interesting interesting information as far as I know from the research we've done 95% of the food that we eat American adjectives every culture is Pat is treated by pesticides 95% so were we talking about the beans The Vanishing these things because she's got a great website Marion hidden does called Vanishing will be talking about that incredible documentary as well and we'll be discussing what's going on with these how the beans related to autoimmunity and all kinds of really really cool information so if you guys are interested I would do shows three days a week on Monday Tuesday and Friday if you like to stay up-to-date with everything the best way to stay up to date is to text the word get healthy to 33444 will send you a bunch of bonuses and some great information and will send out a newsletter or twice a week on Monday and Friday and you can get that by texting the word get healthy to 33444 and I just got done a little while ago wrapping up a documentary called Vanishing bees and it is really really really good I highly recommend you guys check it out and for those of you that are wondering it what is a big deal if these are collapsing a fifth of the colonies are collapsing you know what's the big deal but there a lot of people saying that up to 60% of the food that we eat my name or who knows it is directly correlated to to having beans and peas and beans bomb with the correct word hero pollinating yes and so here are some of the foods that I've come up with apples oranges lemons limes broccoli onions blueberries cherries cranberries cucumbers pickles cantaloupes carrots avocados almonds on all of those and many more too so I'm all of those foods will just go away if there were no be so very very important information that we're discussing here so thank you so much. For being on the show today thank you excited thank you for having me I just didn't quite finish telling you before the show didn't quite finish the documentary I got about a little over three-quarters of the way done but that is a great great documentary Vanishing bees five years to put together and we travel to travel the world to to make this a global talk because it really applies to anyone who likes to eat you like to eat you should care about the bees because we are the bees what's happening to the B's is happening to us and we were correct it was it says its 60% of the food that we eat is that is that roughly two-thirds two out of every three bites of the food that we eat is thanks to Honey Bee pollination so you know yes it's great that you you mentioned specifically fruits and vegetables it's crazy cuz that I read isn't isn't the full exhaustive list but it's just it's all kinds of fun fruits and vegetables that are directly correlated to the bees being there and I'm sure the list can be double or triple that that's just a partial list so you know about these are the flowers basically beans give us sweetness and more ways than one so imagine a world without that I mean places like for instance China where the land is so polluted with chemicals that people have to hand-pollinate which is definitely not a sustainable means of getting our food it's really really when you watch the documentary on you can check out the trailer at Vanishing but when you watch a documentary really really shut the light on to this whole BSU and interesting thing to me is that this documentary was I think you finish it then 2010 is that right the sides are the number one selling pesticides in the entire world and there's no decreased they continue in a lot I've been doing Outreach and activism all over when there is some question Rica or Puerto Rico or Greece or France so the latest place that I did research it has increased so Grace is still but also their bees are dying the advantage they have or what they have if they have a lot of terrain right so that they can take the beans and put them in a field and the bees will recover because these have been shown to try to detox themselves and so in a way it's Insidious because then the Beast bounce back and people can tell there's no colony collapse in Greece but there certainly is an end of the Insidious aspect to this is that a pesticide is that it's hard to say a plus b equals c because there's so many variables and because there's no definitive way to prove I mean then their continued they're still on the market however I mean with that said since making the film The Hurt tons of studies all over coming from whether it's Harvard or produce or the European Union there's a whole task force dedicated to putting forth some studies that show that these systemic pesticides are dangerous and now not only are they affecting honey bees and other pollinators but they've been shown to be affecting earthworms that are very important the quality of the soil these these metabolites when they break down synthetic pesticides the metabolites are more dangerous than the parent compounds and then now these systemic pesticides are now affecting the coral reefs there now affecting sea urchins they're not affecting crabs I mean this is it to me it's it's heartbreaking what we are doing to our planet I know it's going to go on with this whole merger because buyer is responsible for a lot of the pesticides out there like the couch or whatever it's called them and now they just merged with Monsanto and what's that going to do to her as it sits now we're looking at there was even a reference to the big six Value Pawn syngenta BASF Bellaire Monsanto and now 33rd and murderers so that we will be looking at the big four and Monsanto has such a bad name but you know who will be there hoping that while I'm suspecting them in like 10 years from now is so you know your changed changed the name of the fact that they are and Monsanto are merging and the fact that we're even allowing such as a merger to occur it is not is not good news and talked to me was that a lot of times people think about pesticides being sprayed on crops and things there just think of the actual Airborne no pesticides and chemicals in cloud form in a falling down on the on the planet so that what this was saying was that the pesticides are actually being on something infused into the seats and then the seeds grow in the plants and in the plants put off this chemical and then when the beach has to pollinate that plant and it takes up it up takes those chemicals from the plant it starts affecting the nervous system so it's not necessarily chemicals on the plan itself although that's an issue too but I thought it was interesting that this is stuff is being put through this seat and then into the DNA girls in the us alone I think in part 1 my research is showing that it's very much in part due to the environmental toxins yes there could be other factors whether you had a trauma whether you had Epstein-Barr virus like um medical medium has mentioned however that the polluted environment has very much an effect on our bodies so why I tell people that all the way in sufferers are also environmental indicators just like that be and just because we don't see something with our Naked Eyes let's not be foolish and think that things are not connected because everything is connected and what people think about you think of a handful of diseases like maybe rheumatoid arthritis or things like that but we all have some degree of an effect on them it just depends on how sensitive you are and don't hair loss kinds of things are autoimmune and so it's not as if only a handful of people have autoimmune diseases and made a lot of people have these types of issues we may need to increasingly be looking at the chemical body burden and that they were all under in the wall being exposed to like I'm also just very passionate about just educating people about like for instance I know that because zika epidemic I don't need to go into all of the BS behind that but but needless to say people like Miami or where it whether it's Brazil are being poisoned because there's these aerial sprays but this will affect the health of a human being or tell me a little bit about Ariel sprays are fascinating to me because you probably have to do with Erin Elizabeth over at health nut news and she talks about this so in the movie itself footage of this these types of pesticides being sprayed in like the 1950s all over neighborhoods it's not it's pretty nice and it's happening now I've been very vocal about zika and a half I just edited the story that I worked with the writer he's from Florida and he said I'm trying to educate people about an hour now it is being sprayed now that is an organophosphate now that has been shown to cause microcephaly so let me get this straight you're saying something that causes microcephaly to avoid microcephaly who is making these retarded decisions are crazy decisions this is poison now if you dig deeper and you jump into the rabbit hole you see that the governor has a pharmaceutical company and he has a mosquito company and there's just a bunch of corruption but the people have to say or being poisoned just straight-out being poisoned what is microcephaly microcephaly is a shrunken brain is is it is affecting it if you have a microcephaly baby that means the baby's brain has is is underdeveloped and is in trunk and then and I mean the baby's not forget me I don't know what kind of life this child is going to have something as well with all of this stuff going on is that the name of that it's like the secret life of plants that were there scientific evidence showing that plants are able to communicate and I'll just communicate his feelings and it said I don't know maybe if you told him to rest today in intelligence this is what's happening through the plant and it's affecting to be but then also what's happening to the planet themselves and are they able to operate are they able to defend themselves communicate with one another are they able to produce the kind of fruit that you know humans need to exist and on down the line I mean this is happening to be through the plants but the plants are being affected by the stuff to the question of how they treating this planet with Severance and with an ant putting the bottom line over health and well-being of planet of beings it if it doesn't compute to me and I wonder if these people actually believe that there is some yeah I don't know it just seems common sense to me and I don't know what they're thinking is you know it let I'll just go back to this gentleman that I've been working with in Florida and yes it's about zika but by the time you know that he went to the council meeting I'm concerned are reacting to all the scares epidemic about zika and there were about 300 people in in the in the meeting that were against the spring of knowledge but yet they decided to continue spring it will become common that they were subjected to poison y40 again in Manhattan even though there are no cases of zika in New York they are issued 2627 trucks throughout Manhattan to spray chemicals they say goes back I mean if you saw in the movie The DDT trucks what what what is the difference here we are in the 21st century and we haven't learned much and it's fascinating it's really fast and it's wild to think that you know it's been going on for 10 years like you said and I wonder like you said about no to these people bleed red and I wonder you know the food that these people it is directly correlated to having healthy babies and so you would think wouldn't they wouldn't they think that you know this is an issue for them as well cuz as far as I know none of those people are breatharians and none of those people are existing without food so and so at some capacity it has to affect them but I apparently they're just not thinking that way I don't know maybe they think I don't know it makes me think of you know Nann honeycolony my startup businesses magazine and Marketplace aimed at empowering people to be their own best health Advocate then we sell Solutions like CBD or silver aurozone you know things that you've talked to talked about on the show and people increasingly reaching out you know like over the CBD oil help I have this condition well you know if you're if you're trying to combat inflammation but you're trying down on gluten or fried chicken who cares so we really food is that medicine and then there's this underestimation of of the effect of good food on our body and it's our jobs I think to educate people and to make that connection again with the land and as a civilization as a culture continues down the industrial Industrial Revolution idea and model and digitizing everything in and just using up and using up and using up things the further we get disconnected from the land like the Indians and every ancient culture that lived on land before in a civilised quote civilized people came in over took them these people live close to the land and his people understood how to keep everything in balance with one another and they were another land was sacred to them and we've just lost that they created a connection with that and I think also the individuals the dead are mindful of being healthy they need to know incorporate like a gentle way to detox on a regular basis like for instance I do coffee enemas I'm a huge fan of coffee enemas and or glutathione or always is there should people who do have an autoimmune because they have a sluggish liver if it's difficult being a boost or an aids to help them detox so I highly recommend incorporating even if it's something like charcoal you know if I'm going to be doing a consultation with with someone who's actually in Florida in Miami a little bit later it's warm in the mosquitoes are out with I believe I believe this is going to be a regular thing people are going to get accustom to make spray and then for those people who you know they get there knock on the door and said they were going to spray now and their reaction is oh thank you thank you for taking care of this mosquito problem you need to wake up that's not what's happening you are being slowly poisoned this is not me being conspiratorial this is a fact look at what they're spraying look at the consequences of that they know it or do it it's it's it's crazy with you see what's going on out there I mean look at all the different areas that we're getting spray-tanned bombarded from I mean there's a lot of controversy over Chemtrails people say they're they're not dangerous or not but regardless that smoke in the air and who knows what's in that smoke right who knows if it's designed to depopulate or if it says who knows if it's just there's nothing in spirit world that at all but regardless it still smoke in the air that stuff but you know affecting the atmosphere and you look at that on top of them up today with all of this spring if they're doing now when flights are coming in landing in from South Africa and things to put them sprayed inside the Erin Brockovich and I hope to have been saying it for a while too I want to do class action lawsuit but I'm talking more about pesticide spraying on the plains with people still on it and they take all this is a very interested air freshener know it's a pyrethroids which is also in urine tox sense what is going on in the world and what people are becoming comfortable with and being okay with it like I think it's going to get to the point like what you said we're not just things are happening and then on top of that people are okay with that but it's getting to the point where they're going to be clamoring to have to be sprayed I think what do you mean coming to be still want to display. Want to be sprayed the want to be or have their crops prayed because you know like you said before people going to be happy that the man came to their house it is in a spray their tree to get rid of mosquitoes in oh it's going to get down to that I think yeah I mean I believe that a positive person I look forward to lucian's so when I say that you know 10 years from now if we continue down this trajectory or if I meet you and you tell me you're healthy you will be an exception wow you're a healthy human how do you do it so people really need to wake up and it's unfortunate that were being distracted like here watch this TV you were here worried about how he would have put food on your plate meanwhile the critical thinking of human beings I believe is at an all-time low and you know like for instance of I'm an investigative journalist whatever are right I cite a source I was introduced to someone else and they introduce me as a marginal conspiracy theorist and so people who are doing their jobs because of the journalist job is to question is to dig is to basically ask the questions here I am doing my job and I'm being branded so it's it's it's so and as you may know let's say for instance as a journalist just be interviewing someone who's been who's been called a terrorist that I could also face legal repercussions so that's that's also cool cool so it's important you know this is not about being another conspiracy theorist just read the articles on and start questioning or what's really going on going back to your documentary I'm curious what got you started back you probably started this way before 2010 what you initially involved in this I survived and I really wanted to be in so listen to do something that's greater than me greater than this human Petty drama something that makes a difference and so the message of the bees really resonated with me because I consider myself a sister and I really believe that it's time hi time now but we come together for the greater good and that's only the ones I made those connections you know we're colony collapse disorder the peas abandon the babies and The Brood and the Queen and that's very unnatural and I saw that is a parallel between us abandoning Mother Earth and so after that I literally Days Later started having be visitations and having these magical visitations with the beans and it hasn't stopped and then yeah I believe you know that these are here to stay in my life I'm curious though the corporation that you make with peas and people I'm curious let's follow that out a little bit so what do you need so that these are indicative of us will be there are personal the ancient their Messengers there known as so I say that to people you know he's has a message the question is will we listen so when I say we are the bees what's happening now to the B's is happening to us so it that's that's that's what I mean they are simple and the it's it's it's happening to us now it is since it's not it's no joke I hope that makes that makes it clear as far as positioning autoimmune suffers as of environmental indicators that's because it's a I have multiple chemical sensitivity because ironically after making the film I too was exposed to pesticides just like the bees and I lost all my strength I started having we could pain I thought it was something wrong with my thyroid and then I was always told you have markers for lupus and you have fibromyalgia of course Western medicine doctor hey do you think maybe me being sprayed get exposed to chemicals know if they don't make that connection I don't know what happened I was ironically I was in the Dominican Republic I was there to show the film editor environmental Film Festival I arrive there with her where's my honey colony was my partner today and honey qualities we were on our way to the festival was the last day I thought they were using the leaf blower and I went to tell him to shut the f up and in the guy turned around and he was wearing like a Ghostbusters pack on his back it was windy I breathe in a whole bunch of fumes months later I couldn't even walk up the stairs and I'm I'm pretty I'm a pretty physical person so that I was diagnosed in and you know of course my natural Path of Knowledge that connection and then doing tests all that I had high levels of chemicals in my body I got better then years later a few years ago I went to I went to Central America to get my permaculture certificate if you are driving through and Central America and his case it was between Guatemala and Honduras your dresser driving through you get to the Border up front we noticed we were like a van full of into Vans full of people notice that there was a man not protected daunting some hoes and and spraying the wheels so basically talks a quick drive through car wash so what happens is there if they're treating the wheels we we cut the air we put rolled up power windows but then as soon as you cross the border you get out of the van to show your passport well everything is connected there's drift hello so the environmental indicator in the crowd me my eyes are burning my chest and coughing again I went down for the count when I return to America so yeah I want it clear I too have been exposed to pesticides like boobies and and then today has mold person cannot that's like a bee that's crazy so when was that Central America was not about 2 years ago but realizing that I have multiple chemical sensitivity just kind of occurred this summer when I was in Greece right I stay in a small village of 400 people I can walk down the main road of the village and over there is that there's things I can smell the rubber I can smell but there's some of the electricity poles that the polls are treated with chemicals a lot of times they're actually treated with sister makes I could smell that I can just pick up the kids but that's crazy it's crazy how sensitive are you know there was a movie years ago was starring Julianne Moore called safe and she had multiple chemical sensitivity but this was like I think the movie is like 10 years ago so when I watched it I mean she just comes off as like a freakazoid don't know how you can you get tested for chemical sensitivities I was actually there is one woman who was created it's now referred to as tilt I don't have don't know what it stands for some type of intolerance so there is a test you can take and another thing is a lot of people who've been exposed to mold which I have been exposed to mold also helps make them super sensitive I've spoken to some old Warriors one woman who became so sensitive that she and her partner she can drive through just as she can drive through town and tell if there's some type of Spore based on how she reacts so she's even more sensitive than me it's crazy how some people and so I see it is like this again these people are here to help as gauge whether our environment is is a husband polluted in some way so interesting so in the movie was saying that that the doc that these were starting they were starting to show signs of being sick and being debilitated things like this around 1994 and I find that to be really interesting because that seems to be the time that the internet came out I don't know if there's any correlation between I know in a documentary you guys talk about cell phones and things like that I think there's anything to two to any of that I just wanted to clarify that it started in the mid-nineties and friends because that's where this is his eyes were first introduced these are we we everything is connected so everything is affecting everything however with colony collapse disorder at the bees do not communicate with the same frequency as cell phone towers so that it's like just a false hope that is not a colony collapse disorder where it's the it's this year old talks and that is impacting their navigational capabilities or 4G capabilities and a honeybee cannot survive more than 24 hours without her Hive so here she is in this horrible monoculture everything looks the same gets disoriented cannot make it back to her house so you know but that does not mean that electromagnetics you have a grounding pad I noticed that in Greece for instance my dreaming came back my girlfriend was like yeah it's probably cuz the electromagnetic field in Los Angeles is so much more worse so that's not to say I don't use my cell phone to my ear because I've noticed that my my neck will hurt the next day so I'm not downplaying cell phone or radiation I'm just saying that with CCD it's just like everybody loves to hate Monsanto and oh so you know someone will say I was Monsanto killing the bees now we have to get her facts straight Monsanto that take corn the seed is treated as genetically modified put the seed is treated with let's take off and I did which is a systemic pesticide so let's get our facts straight here it's important to because if not we'll just be discredited yeah it was everything together and I believe also you know there's a group of people were at war with dedicated to the truth we're dedicated to the sacredness of this planet and there's an abyss and I said this is like years ago probably in 2009 that's that's there's an abyss between the people that are alike just in the treadmill I'm watching TV I'm eating crap I'm asleep and the people who are like I'm waking up this is what's happening this is how we have to come together this is how we have to treat the Earth and it's almost like there's two realities going on now which ones you want to be a part of you want to be part of the solution or do you want to be part of the problem that's so true now ask you about a lot of people think that is all they do is great honey but it's so much more than that in terms of the honey don't be products like Pro Collision bee pollen and honey and things are there any issues with consuming those things these days well just so you know that you come to that conclusion is it is so it's good it's good to think that way because let's say they found in one grain of pollen one little baby grown up to like maybe it's more up to 14 different contaminants different pesticides these pesticides synergize with one another they say The Beekeeper is treating the house with my two sides or fungicides that all impacts and so also considering a bee can fly 529 miles away from her house she's applying dust mop and so we do have to question how where is this honey bun me too honey I think that maybe if its water soluble and a lot of these chemicals are fat soluble I'm at this point I need to revisit you know but but you have to consider where is my honey coming from do I have a connection with my beekeeper do I know if this is pristine it's a good question to to ask you because like you said travel off and they're not like them like with organic grass-fed beef or things like that you know organic vegetables you can it's much easier to make sure that that stuff is clean you know that would be just so different as they could go off and and drink you know something like that you know the remnants from a soda can or something like that a few miles away so it's challenging but good point that studies or actually addicted to the unique internalized these are the systemic nicotine based so given the choice that these will go to the nicotine base too so what does that say is very another parallel you know like us humans addicted to the crappy food addicted to Sugar Sugar is a huge huge sense of another parallel that the human is addicted to the crap and and and that's like another layer because it's a physical psychological addiction no friends with people like I'll give you an example Mark Hyman was talking about the parallels you know sugar is in your tobacco mentioned you know that the children who are eating all that sugar cane or all this juice but didn't mention anything about alcohol like a lot of people are drinking alcohol and on top of maybe being addicted to you know has an addiction problem there's also that sugar all I need to reach for that glass of wine not realize that you're really pining for that sugar so yeah that's another another parent that's crazy so they're actually addicted what was the chemical name that the kids are supposed to take me all night tonight it's a naked team-based neurotoxin so close she loves him like in a nearby Field that there will be a day you need to know it's in the soil because they're the pits drifted know if I was really in the documentary was the contrast between at first it starts out with a conventional beekeepers in just a regular Bee Keepers and in what they have to go through and what's happening to their colonies in all these things but then right after that you have a whole section of holistic beekeepers and I thought that was fascinating the contrast between those two styles of the people keep bees for the organic beekeepers the bees never left there's a sense of reverence there's a there's a sense of sacredness and so why is it that you know of course in some cases because if they are nearby airfields that are toxic that these will be at the beach will be affected but overall if you're if you're handling your bees and not toxifying or exposing them to toxins and they're doing much better now as far as the main cause you're thinking it's systemic pesticide and it looks that way about them the guys also got investigated the fungus and parasites she was well and bees and their larvae in things like that what percentage what role do you think parasites and fungus play and all of us to think toxic chemicals what happens if your your body whether it's a beer or human your help your immune system gets whittled down and so it's so easy to say it's this virus and such a great Smoking Gun but that's not what took you down it's just like with AIDS if you have I mean it's anything so it's on talking about a virus not chemicals but it's the same principle in that it does ammonia take the person down or is it because their immune system was little to crap so we could be so it's supposed to say it's this is his cell parasite it's this virus is this fungus whatever but it's not if the if you have a strong immune system you can come back these things so at the heart of it is is what is whittling down your immune system it's the same thing in humans it's the same thing like if you are too strong immune system know what I find really interesting is the fact that you're trying is parallels between bees and humans and when I'm watching the documentary I just cannot help but think that you know as a culture as a society living on planet Earth you know these things are happening out there and it's causing us almost to be able to not eat any food and yet so many people just think it's an isolated problem and I'm thinking to myself that you know whether it's it's the systemic pesticides of the cell phones are the parasites or a combination of the three at some level we're not living correctly and at the very least when things like this happen I think it's really important for us to not look at things in isolation like you said everything affects everything else and so I'm thinking this should just be a mirror back to us as a human civilization on the planet that we're doing things wrong on on just about every level and when were not connected to the Earth anymore but unfortunately it's not it's not coming across that way right I mean I personally would want to stress the role of the poisons in making less susceptible to everything else with what you just said I listen to Marianne Williamson on a regular basis for many reasons and then she said something that struck me of course it was sent you a couple more about politics but it's like all of those there's a lot of smartness right there's a lot of intelligence all our best thinking or think tanks despite everything look at the state of the world so despite all this intelligence were off some things off his to go back to the drawing board how do we do that that starts with the community it starts with individuals and starts with yourself so we say be the change that you want to see you know I can tell you that I do like live chat I have a pulsing on the customers there's a lot of sick people out there just said there's a lot of sick people who are not getting the support the answers that I'm from Western medicine it is not it's not looking good now with that said there a lot of amazing things that are happening if I look at 2007 where we are at where we were with her Consciousness compared to now like I tell people that these are on the Forefront of our Consciousness more than ever before there's a huge burgeoning movement of urban beekeeping there's a huge movement just like saying in La a loan of heating companies that are there to help you no plans an Edible Garden War help welcome to be used by planting be friendly there's a lot of things that we can do but we must wake up and we must realize that the government doesn't necessarily have our best interest sorry to tell you guys I know it's the truth that's really what's going on up there and I just really I think it's much like our bodies communicate with us with most people you don't as you as you continue down to help a to start becoming more and more I guess able to listen to what your body is trying to tell you your left disconnected from your body and I think that in the same way that is if you know if you have a stomach pain or if you have a chest pain or something like that it's telling it's giving you a symptom is telling you something's off and you know I think a lot of people are waking up in the people that are waking up are looking at this problem saying okay we're doing something completely wrong here and how are living on planet Earth and let's let's fix everything on every level and it's it's merely an indicator as to how far we've gotten off course that situation is so apart from all the issues that they're fighting for in there in the evenings there was trucks going over and spraying chemicals so what do you do in that case what do you do if you were like a citizen in in Miami and you're being sprayed on a regular basis that's an attack on on your health what do you do if I guess I was on the plane knowing what I know and they busted out an aerosol I mean that I think they have to land the plane late because I had to have a fit I will be with her I would try to educate the person who's doing that can who thinks it's it's so this innocent I don't know what they say so how do we address this bigger issue this is Attack on mother earth that is that is occurring still grappling with that or do you know it comes down to the Consciousness is expanding and that's a great thing because of social media regardless of what people think about you know it's a CIA operative and stuff like that together our data regardless of that it still having a positive impact on and people are able to share information although Facebook recently just is coming out and going to try to beat up beat that fake news thing and it's going along but regardless of all that I think what it comes down to is that we can talk like you and I until I'm blue in the face and get this information out there and although that's amazing and that's great that people are in a list of thousands of people and be listening to this show and that's great but ultimately it comes down to action tried it comes down to is actually doing something different whether it's me know having a fit on a plane and saying that's not OK or growing your own garden or it's going to all of this talk and spreading of information has to eventually boiled down to some kind of action that we all need to take a group of us are pushing to legalize beekeeping so the change that's okay I like to give this analogy that in her six-week lifespan one honey bee will produce only a quarter of a teaspoon of honey so while in her six weeks of forging of working so hard so next time you look at a whole jar of honey what in mens Collective effort had to go to give us a honey so every person does make a difference even if you are only producing a quarter teaspoon of information do not underestimate that it does add up that you can make it in prison if it's for one person it it it matters it is unfortunately we might have to make incremental progress it it's it's slower than I no it was a really weird I never had that we've done this is full episode 490 you something and then we've never had that before but I was going to ask you about the future of of people waking up and beekeepers and things like that you're just talking about in Los Angeles legalizing keeping me keeping and things like that I'm in charge of commercial beekeeping where where are we now and what's the prognosis do you think I can you hear me I can hear you correctly the beekeepers the commercial because at least the ones we spoke too kind of recognize that in a way they're part of the problem right there part of this old way of doing things but I also find unsustainable is that these beekeepers they work their booties off just like just like real babies it's not a sustainable Mall Duluth Trucking bees from state-to-state so on and so forth so the bees are continuing to die but we didn't we haven't gotten the latest percentages however it it's been increasingly bad news it's not it's not abated it's not in stock on it better so I'm in the film Thursday Simon Buxton who wrote the shamanic way of the beach is an excellent book and and really looks like that the kind of the sacred sacred mystical aspect of the honeybees instead of having one beekeeper with 60,000 hives which could be arguably position does Provera we should work towards one each person 60,000 people each have a beehive and so I'm all for people having be so unfortunately they're still you know negative connotations of all my God I'm going to get stung so on and so forth and that's why there's a picture of me out there with hundreds and hundreds of these all over me to show that you can commune with the honey bees that there's nothing to be afraid of sure if there Africanized they're very aggressive and and and and email that has to be taken into account however the bees leave the world a sweeter better place they're doing so much work for us and we do not treat them correctly when I was watching the movie I was just was so sad to see the map of the United States in the beans being trucked from Florida to California to back to Florida to up to somewhere New York and then back to Florida and somewhere in the midwest I mean it was just like wow that's crazy right that's completely understandable I can I would love to be on Bill Maher's just that when I say that because he had paid on the show has talked about the importance of be so I just mentioned that I'd like to have a bigger platform to just educate educate people they did years ago maybe you're familiar with the prop 37 campaign to educate people on GMO labeling I would love to do something similar with systemic pesticides with another long list of celebrities who have seen Vanishing of the bees because unfortunately Starpower you know he's celebrities instead of peddling that latest watch why don't you stand for something that makes a difference so these are some of the things on my wishlist to keep on you know it that's why I appreciate opportunities like this to have a conversation shin and then to just make people make people think that would be cool to have everyone have their own beehive and create their own honey and be able to have their own relationships with the B's and you know that would be awesome that would be really really step in the right direction I think he has so many people are doing that like I said you just focus on the negative things there are a lot of positive things like honey love in Los Angeles has done an incredible job of doing the rescues and and bringing bees that and helping you Don't Legalize be keeping this all our film there are a couple they got inspired and they've done amazing things for the bees in the city alone and and so yeah we have to continue to be the change and talk to each other and then living in urban areas and neighborhoods and things like that around the country is it generally is the law generally that people cannot have bees where was a good point just sending that ironically the bees in the cities are doing better than the bees in the country so just that makes you think what are because of the lack of chemicals in the cities and you know Montreal Seattle San Francisco Paris and London the legalizing bees more and more and more so I didn't know what the latest on the different cities but again there's a positive movement and the bees are doing better in the urban centers there is there's no roof beekeeping roof Gardens that are burgeoning at it it's it's it's happening slowly but surely are you familiar with this is kind of a guy in here but are you doing with the digital currency of Bitcoin someone that and there's a new one that's being introduced this is what they call block change in the way it works is that these are essentially everyone it is able to create Bitcoin through their Network and said the stability of the network it's not centralized I can a bank where someone Robs a Bank or something happens to the to the Federal Reserve note or something like that that affects our currency with Bitcoin it's in everyone creates the stability of the entire structure and that way it is it's impossible to hack almost and it. So much more redundancy and strength in all of that and I wonder if the same thing could be applied with me keeping instead of having in a beekeeper that are sort of like the banks where you can have an individual people of everyone like you said 60,000 people have their own individual behind then if something where to go wrong at least there's this redundancy where in a generally the bees in particular areas are healthy and it wouldn't have to rely on dedicated beekeepers that is an interesting concept I am not aware of all the people who are doing amazing things for the bees are there a lot of projects there's a lot of people who are doing good with that said it would be great to have a kind of a central database to connect stuff yeah I just wonder that could be a good thing you know for all credit around honey and I'll have a long relationship with me on that might kind of release the pressure from but then again a lot of these beekeepers they have contracts with orchards and things like that so that could be an issue I don't know but you know there's ways around any issue any challenge have you heard of the Flies and she's going to know I was just going to ask you about that but I wasn't sure if you wanted to bring it up because it I'm not sure how you feel about talking about products and things like that that aren't yours but I was going to ask you about that article about the most visited article on my site we have a lot of good articles but that is hands-down I've gotten so much trash talk about my opinions to the flow Hive I like things nasty things like you're just jealous you didn't create it I'm not an inventor why would I be jealous I am upset that these people are you know I've done so much work I've been on food stamps while I was making the film I sacrificed a lot that's what it is like you have to sacrifice things for the greater good and how many people actually want to sacrifice their cushy little lives for something that's bigger not many however so I worked really hard to raise a million dollars for film YouTube because I believe wholeheartedly in in the message to the Beast carry these these people and for $70,000 and have made something like 20 million I was upset because all of the sudden now that the B's is a commodity where you could turn the top and base physically make it let you know into a beer keg honey I don't care but all the sudden now you care about these when these are not about the honey that's like a bonus when I had bees do you care about me is just because you can get honey from it is that makes sense I would I would invite people to come and see this check out the article on honey calling me so it's it's called going against or against the flow you can just put in flow Hive it'll come up how you think but I know a lot of people are like excited and I was excited first too but then when I inspected it a little bit more I wasn't down with that I mean I don't wear of it all where will fail but I will wear any protection and and I found checking on my bees it's not to see like how much money did they give me this week or this season it's like okay is everything okay do they have any small Hive beetles it can I help you know move a couple of frames around to give them space and it's in the system that's a stewardship it's not about the money yeah because that was one of the reasons I had to it when I first heard about it as well as it almost makes it look like he released his amazing creatures that are here doing such great work for us and you know we're treating them like little work like slaves almost sent and although it yes it is great and it's great this better to eat honey than it is you know cane sugar and things like that but just taking a separate take on it to you know if they get to know if someone gets into Alternative Health because they have a cancer diagnosis and that's a great thing or someone gets into Alternative Health because they want to lose 5 pounds and they realize their hormones are messed up and had been lied to and then they start digging deeper that's a great thing too so I mean it has the opportunity to have some great effects on people but I am with you that it is unfortunate when we start reading these miraculous creatures with Swift almost just like slaves where we can get get get I mean that's totally the mentality of the western white culture is it you know how can we just extrapolate everything we can from our environment regardless of our own health or the health of our future and that's not the way I thought it when I saw the flow Hive yes I believe that I mean this white culture you know like I mentioned that I spend part of my time in Greece some part Greek and I are falling in love with grease when I tell people that I am not easily able to get organic food in quite surprised at What's Happening Here is happening everywhere where there were talking about the squeezing out of the middle class or the proliferation of of industrial Agriculture and it is happening everywhere Savannah Place like Greece where they have deep deep gray and ugly and rude. It's just part of their culture to have been close to the land that is being taken away with with the European Union in the homage homage Annunciation it's the same thing that's happening we're losing connection with the lines of so they just keep that in mind that same thing everywhere. What are some things we can do in terms of our own life it doesn't have to be related to be to know even if it's just being more conscious and aware of how we live in life what are some things we could do to either bring more awareness to what's going on with the bees in her own life it with their own friends or to Foster an environment that creates health and makes the world a better place what are some tips you have for people I would say one is to exercise critical thinking to ask questions like why did this shirt come from that I'm wearing who made it so what is it like food so anyway I am so grateful to have a healthy diet but upon further inspection it's not healthy it it's it's it's just them falling prey to false marketing to truly have critical thinking into old so just come to the realization that human beings are amazing that are healing but our body has such amazing capabilities and to look to the bees as teachers or whether it's so how do you know having connection to the sacred feminine how to work better in business because we're working together for a common good so I'd say that I do not underestimate the impact that one human being can have I also am a big proponent of Education I think education is the first step toward effecting change if you want it like for instance Vanishing of the bees comes in an educational version if you want to share it with your children if you want to have a screening no look underneath your kitchen counter if you have any chemicals consider getting rid of them in the end and I was in a responsible way okay I hope that answers the Commander's tons of things that we can do but it starts with each individual address and I think I even know people might think that like you said you know maybe they don't feel like you're having much of a change but you know when people share things on Facebook and links and stories on Twitter and that's what the other one Instagram and there's all these social media platforms and you know just sharing stuff is helping make the world a better place where that you're sharing you know I feel like ours or some other podcast you like her an article that you think is interesting I mean I think that goes a long way because you know if your friends are going to see that I never to know what your about that also they're going to be in taking a look and maybe someone has an interest in these but they never really told anybody and they really love these but you know they're never really told that to their friends and when you share an interview like this or a website like you know Vanishing you know it affects people and I think there's a lot of power in that absolutely absolutely also being able to have a serious discussion like I mean to be aware that for instance like divide and conquer and making the people to visit instead of having you don't like you're an adult and you're like I'm not going to be your friend anymore cuz you voted for Trump like what are you 13750 you're an adult and have an adult conversation and BB Seekers of the truth and respect one another so just being able to have those conversations and keep our emotions in check I don't like to just as an aside invite people to come to honey it's it's all it's a magazine and I Marketplace seems like I said an empowering people to be their own best healthy educated to put on his team back into the Food Supplies are getting a huge proponent of critical thinking of a huge supporter of of of education and that hopefully you don't have to be sick and have a personal tragedy in order to wake up unfortunately that's just the way human beings are all week we will wake up man I just really woke up when I had mine and death experience and the bees have certainly will kick me out that but you have to be willing to listen so honey would be the best place but then people can watch the documentary of Vanishing we can get a copy of Honey Howard films on Netflix it's on iTunes it's on Hulu it's it's it's it's available it's just so yeah it's it's out there I just had a screening I wasn't there and fortunately but we just had it a second screening in Greece or I had the phone translated it in Greek subtitles it's translated in 13 different languages were also has an educational version we took 300 hours of footage and this is still there in 287 minutes and then we just sold it again into 30 minutes we have a study guide I'm big into the education for children because I've noticed a lot of the children that have this inherent fear of the bees those kind of like downloaded into Eminence there's no need to we can switch that around like they're not shining her school they have bee hives on the property where in America it's a it's a lawsuit waiting to happen there doesn't have to be at so cool so what do you have any other projects that are going on things that you're working on a different areas of interest in going to be exploring on honey am I healthy of autoimmune suffer I'm actually can show lab results now to show that I'm reversing my autoimmune to inspire others I have any book that I put forth that's free for a limited time just showing actual tips and that I've done the things that I've actually done to reverse the autoimmune it is possible health is a right as our Birthright and it is possible it's not going to be easy because you probably have to make changes in your life but it is definitely possible anything that's some work that you have to work for it right you gotta earn those things you can't just expect it to be there especially in our culture today with all the toxicities and then you have to work hard to be healthy and to regain your Birthright you know it's not something that's just it should be handed to you but unfortunately the world is so toxic these days that you got to work out and that's awesome that you were you your senior showing signs of reversing the autoimmunity levels and she said nuclear antibodies they typically the Rangers and say I'm going to say like between 0 and 49 have been 6:40 or 6 years through metabolomics medicine through coffee and the most through gentle detoxing through eating certain foods Inn treatments like ozone CBD oil silver I am I know I can show that they're almost than normal range because there are people that I've encountered that get really upset there's no cure for fibromyalgia they're very invested in being sick and being victims and I'm not I'm invested in being healthy and inspiring you too 2 also claim your health that's awesome that is so cool that's so empowering to to know that that people are out there doing and working on himself that's awesome so the best place would be honey correct yes come check us out you can find me on Twitter or anybody that you know how they always have a soft spot for her to review it because it's a growing number of 1850 280 million anyone who who you know needs like someone to to help them like a supporters that is awesome what part of accountability partner that they can reach out to me in an email to see you had to Anthony William on your show he had a big impact on me finding out that I also had it seems all virus and I've done my informal poll of speaking to a lot of people that have thought of you and and and oftentimes ETV is part of the equation along with other co-infections they like to live together but you can reverse it that's awesome that is great that's great you don't show you might want to listen to it with the market so I think his last name is Roy I didn't know is how you pronounce just yesterday or the day before episode 490 you mentioned ozone yeah so I got some things to take a look at that before I think therapy right Marcus interesting I thought it was for me to connect with others are also part of the solution and then wanting to empower others and educating them about hey love thank you so much I really appreciate you guys listening and sharing our shows or if you don't other podcast there's no competition in this world I don't believe there's any competition go on to other stuff with your friends on Facebook share our share Marion's website honey you know the stuff with your friends because that's part of hell we're going to change the world is getting information out there starts with education.


Well that was pretty fascinating don't you think episode 493 Marion and then honey I would highly recommend you guys take a look at that documentary Vanishing bees like she said it's available on Netflix which is which is cool and then I watched it and it is really really good you should really really watch this thing I think it's fascinating you know and it was so bizarre how so much of a life-changing perspective and way of viewing the world can come from something I know he is but when you start looking further into these issues and further into our health and well-being and what we're doing to the planet it really does cause you to step back and say you know what are we doing wrong you know you look at people you know and I think it's it's really important I think that the gods always speak in touch always and so will we start looking at things that we think okay why are so many kids coming down with autism or why are so many people dying in their sixties just a couple days ago major sports announcer guy for the NBA died of leukemia it was 65 or something now and in my opinion that's way too young to die of cancer but then again you look at people they're younger and dying little boys and girls have leukemia and you know it's important for us to step back and Save you know what's going on why are these things happening in his or are there other problems underlying what's happening and if there are problems that lie underneath what we're saying and what we do about it and I think that that is what's so cool about in a holistic medicine and holistic doctors is they're looking at the body as a entire whole they're looking at the body as a whole being and so their understanding a holistic doctor will understand it you know your your energy your past traumas your physical scars your diet your chemical exposure all of these things play a role in your health not just eating cereal healthy lunch or maybe not eating a green juice everyday but they're looking at every little thing the whole entire day of how we live our life affects our health and so that's what's so cool about looking at issues in a holistic way holistic just meeting you know looking at these situations and circumstances and and things are happening in the world looking at them in a way that is trying to understand the cause and understand what's really happening and I think that's what's so cool because it is true that you could look at a situation like colony collapse disorder and extrapolate a whole ton of when will be the right word lessons or learnings that you could get or maybe God is speaking to you through a situation and so that's what I find to be so cool is that you can look at these situations and draw comparisons and draw no lines to you and see how it's affecting you or how you are an archetype with in that situation and you represented in that situation with each entity in that situation so like she was saying during the show and we are the bees and look at the same thing that's happening to the bees is happening to us and you know I couldn't help but think that during the show it is so interesting to me I brought this up during the show but you know that this whole city called eclipse this order should be indicative of how human beings are living on the planet and I just got done reading a really great book called The Vision by Tom Brown I would highly recommend checking it out that book is so good I reread it this is the second time I read it about 15 years ago but I just read it again in a couple months ago but you know it is really it's basically a story of and situations like that you know because they're all just just just indicators in a warning light on the dashboard saying you know what you're doing something wrong and it's it's going to be the people that are awake and aware and conscious of what's going on with not just our own bodies but how are organism is existing on the planet and how what kind of an effect we're having on the planet as a as a species as an organism it's going to be the people that are awake and hopefully we're working on becoming more and more awake everyday and understanding and learning and growing and it's going to be to be people like us that makes the change because change isn't going to happen with trying to wake up the politician the politicians bought and paid for his been sold down the river many moons ago right so it's not the politicians going to change things with the way things are going to change it is you and I and I think one of the things that we talked about during the show is that you know is that every little thing how we live our life is really about right enough people talk about voting and just in this country and other countries but voting is really done on a daily basis and so what I like to stress is is living at Living an example and you living your life and helping to share information is going to help but really revolutionizes the planet and you know by sharing information to your friends via email via social media Whatever Whatever It Takes that's going to help work on the planet up and it's going to help people become more aware of these types of things now like she was saying there in the show that no one honey bee in the course of a six-week life only produce a quarter of a teaspoon of honey but you're looking at or a 16 ounce jar of honey of which there are in 100 on one shelf and one grocery store of one kind of brand and then you look at all the other brands that have hundreds of jars of honey and you look at all the work these things are doing and you just stand there and you know you stand there and gratitude and that's really what it comes down to is ism it's becoming someone who is a living example of the change that you want to see in the world and we all have our different ways and unique talents and blessings of doing that and ultimately it comes down to choosing what kind of entity you want to be on the planet you want to be a choice and continue to want to be someone who is affecting change that's what it's really all about right so I thought that was really cool it was it's cool to bring light to particular subject matter that we're not necessarily talking about their culture is not a whole lot of people talking about these things although it is bizarre there when you watch a documentary and you see you know these people this is their livelihood this is their entire life and there's people protesting and there's conferences in those meetings and stuff that's going on all over the all over the world all of the planet about the subject but you're really hear about you not going to see it on the front page of Yahoo and so it's cool to learn something I think and this is what a real education comes into fruition I think is that you know people are going to be moving more towards self-education and online classes and courses and online programs and things like that I think and I think when we can do that then then we can become a better place because we can always become hyper focused if we want and learn something like engineering or something in a very detailed we can always do that but general knowledge of general information I think right now we're living in an incredible time incredible age where we can search and learn anything we want online and we can join membership sites does online places where you could learn and take courses if so much cool stuff we just did a show logo with two guys going to online or was it essential oils program what you know teaching people protocols and how to work with essential oils he doesn't even sell the oils themselves he has a program that will teach you how to use the oils once you have them and for what conditions they're good for and how to put them together and how often to use and all the protocols just with essential oils me how it is that you never before in the history of mankind if we ever have the ability to put out information like this and so I just think I'm very encouraged by the direction we're going although it's um there's always an ending right there's always a dark side to the good side as well so we have to recognize that but at the very least if we're using technology to help make the world a better place you know at the very least we can Offset you know people jumping out of buildings in China to build iPhones you know we can offset that stuff and that those are serious issues you know what the mining of precious metals in Africa you know they make the conductor steps to go into the computers and all of this stuff it's it's crazy right so important to realize that you know every decision we make affects the planet and how we spend our money is very very important where we spend our time and our energy all these things matter so I hope you guys enjoyed that show and then learned a lot from it or you can go to honey and this was episode 493 so if you want to check out the show page for this particular show you just go to extreme Health / 493 and you'll be able to access a bunch more information there as well and I would encourage you if you have Netflix check out the vanishing of the bees I think it's available and she said on Netflix so check that out and also to let you know we are working on a membership site Community it's in the works we're not sure how long it's going to take to the launch so but we are working on an amazing Community it were to be able to serve you guys anymore more 1 to 1 and a more intimate fashion and we're really looking forward to doing that cuz we get so many emails every single day and it's challenging to get back to everybody and to connect with everybody sometimes they fall through the Gap so if you send us an e-mail send us another one if we haven't responded and we'll do our best to get back to you but we're going to create this membership site Community where people can do that and something I'm really excited about what we're going to be able to do in a private tour of the exclusive online membership site so I'm going to be putting together protocols were going to be working with people in there and working with you directly and put it together you know things are going to help you and that we're going to have a community in there as well so you can share your experiences using specific protocols and how they have helped you or how they haven't and then we can share and grow with each other and learning a lot more so I think that could be really cool so stay tuned for that I'll put a link to it on this page show page if you're interested in the membership site again and I'm not saying when it's going to be launched at it so there's a lot going on behind the scenes here our website bookmarker Amazon link and then when you make a purchase if you use that bookmark every time you make a purchase that helps us so we so thankful for that thank you thank you thank you we really appreciate that we're going places were helping thousands of people with every show and I'm just so grateful to be able to help people and to help make the world a better place and you know you're helping me do that so that's great also let's see if any other news thanks for checking out our store Will adding new products all the time to our stores and thanks for checking that out we have a lot of cool stuff on there everything from juicers blenders Rebounderz check on courses all kinds of really cool stuff really really unique products here and I can't find any anywhere else it would you support or think of us and go to our store before you buy a rebounder or son or anything like that that helps keep the show for you as well so we really appreciate that and then before the people that go above and beyond and now supporting us via PayPal or patreon on a monthly basis thank you you guys are awesome and I cannot thank you enough so thank you thank you thank you but again you know it's awesome if you guys just share our show or write a review on iTunes those things are free to just take a proper shower so just takes a couple seconds and then to write a review and iTunes we really desperately need those we need to get them a few hundred more reviews and ratings and subscriptions on iTunes so you know doing that is a free way to support the show too so that's every little bit helps so we appreciate you and we appreciate you a lot hope you guys are having a great Christmas great holiday season and I hope that your health is amazing if it's not stay strong keep learning stay positive and good things are going to happen and let us know if we can ever help you guys too so so much we love you let us know if we can help and I will see you soon.

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