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Dr. Dean Bonlie – Studies Show How Magnetism Can Dramatically Improve Your Health And Much More!

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    During this show with Dr. Bonlie we talked about his research he’s been doing for the past 27 years on magnetism. Can magnetic therapy help the body to heal itself?

    There are a lot of people out there making grandiose claims about all the things magnets can do but are they correct? What is the affect on the human body as a result of the magnetism of the earth slowly diminishing?

    There’s a famous quote by Nikola Tesla that says…

    “If you want to find the secrets of the universe…think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

    There’s definitely something to magnets and my gut feeling tells me this is the case. Whether or not it is as powerful as people claim, remains to be seen…at least in my mind.

    Another thing to consider is when people make claims, we need to understand what kind of magnetism they’re talking about? Are they making claims when it comes to bidirectional magnetism (aka bipolar fields) or unidirectional magnetism which is much more natural and in accordance with the laws of nature.

    It’s possible for people to claim that a certain supplement doesn’t work only later to find out the supplement/product they used was the weakest form of that particular supplement.

    We also talked about grounding and how magnetism affects grounding pads or grounding sheets. Dr. Bonlie wasn’t a fan of grounding technology. I don’t know whether or not this was because grounding (or earthing) is a competing technology with products or his science was telling us so.

    I broke down my opinions about grounding and grounded technology after the show was over.

    Also he had a great breakdown of the Lamar frequency formula and how that affects magnetism.

    Lastly during the end of the show we discussed magnochelation. Basically magnochelation according to Dr. Dean Bonlie is the process of heavy metal detoxification from the brain using magnetism.

    Dr. Bonlie shared lots of research he’s done in this regard.

    I hope you enjoy the show and thanks for listening!

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    Show Date:

    Tuesday 12/13/2016

    Show Guest:

    Dr. Dean Bonlie

    Guest Info:

    Dean Bonlie D.D.S., graduated with honors from Loma Linda University in 1962. Since then, his occupational journey has been varied and colourful. During the last seventeen years he has found his real fulfillment in the study of magnetism as it relates to health. He has devoted all his energy and focus in this arena. His scientific theory on the effect of magnetism on living tissue has made him a widely accepted authority in this field.

    He is now recognized as an expert researcher, inventor, consultant, and lecturer on biomagnetism. In the past, Dr. Bonlie has been the President of the North American Academy of Magnetic Therapy (NAAMT). He has taught courses in magnetic treatment for the Integrative Medicine post-doctoral degree offered by Capital University in Washington, DC. He also developed a course in magnetic therapy for the International College of Naturopathy in California. Dr. Bonlie regularly lectures at medical conferences and has given many radio and television interviews.

    The basis of Dr. Bonlie’s theory is that our only source of magnetism is from the Earth, but now that this source is so drastically depleted, it appears to have a distinct impact on health. Initially, his research led to the design and production of the Magnetico Sleep Pad. This form of magnetic supplementation is the only way to correctly restore the Earth-type magnetic field.

    Show Topic:

    Magnetism & health

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