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Marcus Freudenmann – How To Get Started With Ozone Therapy At Home, The Power Of Ozone & Its Many Applications For Improving Our Health

There is a free ozone webinar on Wednesday December 28th 2016 with Marcus. If you want to learn even more about how ozone can help you with your current health challenges, you can do so by clicking here.

Marcus Freudenmann is the man behind the website called Truly Heal and he’s also put together a number of great programs and courses ranging from PEMF, to healing cancer naturally as well as Ozone therapy which is what we primarily talked about in this interview.

As I mentioned in the recap after the show, I find it extremely empowering when we realized we can take back control over our health and life.

I consider this show to be the first stepping stone that helps people change their entire life not just their health.

When you learn about the power of Ozone therapy and what it does inside the body, it can give you a feeling of invincibility. It’s almost like you feel like nothing can touch you.

That’s what it’s all about. That feeling and way of thinking alone can act like the placebo affect. And the plaecebo affect alone can account for a huge percentage of healing.


Marcus shared all kinds of unique ways to use ozone therapy and how ozone helps the body to heal. Remember we cannot make any claims here. Only the body itself can do any healing….and medical doctors. 😉

If you are dealing with any kind of chronic health challenge I highly encourage you to listen to what ozone can do and see if there’s something here that might be able to help your body get on top of whatever its dealing with.

We talked all things related to ozone. We talked about how to get started at home, ozone therapy protocols, which conditions ozone affects, how often to use ozone therapy, what ozone does inside the body, how to administer ozone and how to get started making ozone therapy a regular part of your daily health strategy so you never get sick.

I hope you enjoy this show about ozone.

Special Note from Marcus!

This was a deal he put together just for Extreme Health Radio listeners (thanks Marcus!). If you use code EHR you’ll get a $110 bottle of ozonated olive oil which is 4x the concentration of ozone itself plus it stays stable until 30 degrees C which is about 86 F.

The link to the ozone course he talked about during the show is below!

Free Ozone Training Course

Thanks for listening!

Justin, Kate and Maggie

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Show Date:

Monday 12/12/2016

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Marcus Freudenmann

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Marcus Freudenmann is the producer of the documentary “TRULY HEAL your body, your life and the world from CANCER” and the author of the workbook to the movie. He is also the director of the EQ academy and the TRULY HEAL academy. Over the past 10 years, together with experts from around the world, Marcus has created the most comprehensive evidence-based program to reverse chronic illness ever compiled.

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Ozone, oxygen

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