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Fred Van Liew – The Many Healing Benefits Of Drinking Highly Organized Structured Water For Your Health, Healing & Longevity

Fred Van Liew from joined us on today’s show (which is my birthday! Dec 9th) to talk about structured water.

Did you know that water molecules are supposed to be structured? What is structured water you ask? Well structured water when viewed under a microscope looks like honeycomb. They are six sided water molecules that are all hexagons.

Some people call it hexagonal water. The water molecules become almost like a sheet or lattice where they all can communicate with one another. Information is then able to be transmitted from one hexagonal water molecule to another. This is structured water.

There are machines now that use vortex energy to spin water in a whirlpool. This suction action is actually a part of implosion technology which sucks energy down and in rather than explosion energy which pushes energy by destruction up and out.

Explosion energy (which the entire world runs on) is destructive to the planet. Implosion energy is what’s referred to as free energy because it created energy and organizes information from nothing and creates zero pollution.

The machine that helps create structured water is called The Vitalizer Plus.

When you put your high quality water into it and spin the water using a whirlpool type suction (much like a tornado) the energy and molecules in the water become energized, organized and structured.

Why is drinking structured water important? Well it’s the only “kind” of water that can penetrated the cellular membrane and get into the center of the cell. This structured water can then hydrate us a cellular level.

When this water enters into the cell (rather than just floating in the blood matrix plasma outside the blood cells) it can help to deliver nutrients, carry oxygen and detoxify the inside of the cell.

Imagine drinking 64 ounces of highly organized structured water and not having to pee? This is because you’re hydrated at the cellular level.

We also talked about water filtration, spring water, well water, alkaline water, ionized water and many more ways to make healthier water!

Fred Van Liew is a wealth of information about water, energy and natural health!

I hope you enjoy this show.

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Thanks for listening!

If you’d like to learn more about the Vitalizer Plus you can do so by clicking here.

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Show Date:

Friday 12/9/2016

Show Guest:

Fred Van Liew

Guest Info:

Fred Van LIew, known as “The Water Doctor,” is a pioneer in the natural health industry and as a businessman. In 1986, after nearly losing his third child to fluoride poisoning, his personal research into all kinds of water treatment quickly propelled him to become the most reliable expert for health professionals and their patients regarding water and water appliances as they relate to health, internally and externally. Water structure and energy further led Fred to become an expert on the coherent energies needed to support life, particularly harmonic energies. This has led to combining energies, hydration and fermented nourishment to support natural body function in the reversal of nearly all common health issues, particularly symptoms of adrenal exhaustion and chronic fatigue.

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Structured water

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