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Dr. Eric Zielinski – The Power Of Essential Oils, Why You Should Start Incorporating Them Into Your Life & Much More!

Dr. Eric Zielinski is the man behind the popular website DrEricZ.com and he’s also the man behind The Essential Oils Summit that happened a while back (I believe you can still purchase it even though it’s over now) and the Essential Oils Club which is his membership community that we discussed during the show.

For those of you that are on the fence about essential oils or do really know how or why you should use them, I hope this show puts you over the edge and inspires you to learn more about their power.

Essential oils are in my opinion the opposite of homeopathy. Homeopathy works on a diluted energetic level. Essentially you continually dilute a substance until there’s no physical record of that substance being in the water any more.

Essential oils are the exact opposite of homeopathic remedies. Both are necessary, both are powerful. They’re just different.

Essential oils are highly concentrated plant material that is pressed into a liquid form. For example during the show, we talked about how there are thousands of rose heads that can become one drop of rose essential oil.

So these essential oils are highly concentrated medicinal plant compounds that are so powerful you only need to use a single drop at a time, depending on the essential oils you’re using.

Just so you know, Dr. Eric Z does not sell essential oils. He sells information about them. How to use them, when to use them, what form to use them in (internally, externally or topically etc) and under what circumstance you could use them.

There are enough people selling essential oils these days all claiming that their essential oils are the best. They’ll go on and on about why but ultimately, you can find them anywhere and people willing to sell them to you.

Dr. Eric Z want to help people with information about how to incorporate essential oils into your life.

It turns out there are literally thousands of different uses and ways to use essential oils. On top of that that are hundreds of health conditions you could use essential oils for.

The list is endless.

I recommend learning as much as you can about essential oils and other natural healing modalities. This is the first step in breaking free from the Matrix which I talk about at the end of the show.

It starts with real education which turns into self empowerment.

So I hope you enjoy this show with Dr. Eric Z about the power of essential oils.

If you like it, please share it with your friends! 🙂

Thanks for listening!

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Show Date:

Tuesday 12/6/2016

Show Guest:

Dr. Eric Zielinski

Guest Info:

Founder of DrEricZ.com and Biblical Health Academy, Dr. Eric L. Zielinski is a sought-after public health researcher, Biblical health educator and speaker. Dr. Z’s mission is to provide the world with simple, evidenced-based tools that they need to experience the Abundant Life. He lives in Atlanta with his wife and children.

For over a decade, Dr. Z has been formally trained as a natural health care provider, chiropractor and researcher with the intent to educate, inspire and challenge people to live their God-given potential. He was on the esteemed Research Track while earning his Doctor of Chiropractic degree at Life University, and is working on his aromatherapy certificate with the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy. Dr. Z is currently on sabbatical from completing the Master of Public Health program at Emory University

Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy (Expected Graduation, September 2016)
Emory University – Master of Public Health – Prevention Science (On Sabbatical)
Life University — Doctor of Chiropractic -Research Track – (2014)
Wayne State University — Bachelor of Arts Dual Major: Honors English and University Honors (2002)

Show Topic:

Essential oils

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The Essential Oils Revolution Summit

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