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Dr. William Wong – Balancing Hormones, Increasing Libido, Sexual Strength & Much More!


Why are so many people out of balance? It’s not just women but it’s men and now kids too? Where did we go wrong? What’s causing low sex drives? What’s causing men from being unable to get erections? What’s causing this dramatic decline in sperm counts? Why are women unable to keep their pregnancies?

Why are women having horrible periods and hot flashes during menopause? Why are people fat and overweight? Why can’t people put on muscle? Why are our hormones so out of whack?

Also hormones are the master controllers of sickness and disease. Did you know most of all cancers are a result of too much estrogen? I’m sure there’s a relation to heart disease and heart attacks as well.

Hormones effect everything, not just losing hair, low sex drives and putting on too much weight.

Not having proper hormone balances literally affects how you live, how motivated you are, your happiness levels and your desire to accomplish what you want in this world.

Today Dr. William Wong discusses hormone levels and how to balance them. He’s the author of 10 Natural Treatments You Haven’t Heard of Until Now as well as The Best Natural Sports Medicine Book Ever.

We talked about how to prevent bad estrogen from entering into the body. We talked about how to get rid of bad estrogen once it’s in your body. We also talked about how to prevent testosterone in your body from turning into estrogen.

Then we talked about how to raise testosterone in the body naturally.

If you can balance your hormones correctly you’re one step closer to ultimate vitality and energy.

I hope you enjoy this show with Dr. William Wong about hormones, sexual health and how to balance testosterone naturally!

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Show Date:

Friday 11/30/2016

Show Guest:

William Wong

Guest Info:

Currently, Dr. Wong writes books and lectures on anti-aging and pro-sexual topics.

Show Topic:

Sexual health, libido, hormones

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