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Has Kate Left The Show?, Controlled Opposition, Is Vaxxed A Psyop?, Does Conscious Resistance Work? & Much More!

On this episode we talked about many topics. Much of what we end up talking about is health related but we also take listener questions from time to time, talk about politics, spirituality and personal sovergnty.

On this show we talked about a question many of you have been asking lately….has Kate left the show and if so, why?

We’ve been getting so many emails about this topic we decided to address this issue and let you know what’s going on with Kate and her current involvement with Extreme Health Radio. We also talked about her future being a cohost and the direction we’re headed.

Then we also talked about controlled oppositions and how the media is mostly just lies and most of it is fake. Understand, the media and their stories are intended to hook you like a fisherman hooks a fish.

The fish wants food…we want the stroke our egos by feeling like we have power by complaining about what “people” are doing. It makes us feel good. They’re hooking our attention. They’re hooking our ego. They’re hooking our emotions. They’re hooking our vital life force energy. They’re hooking our souls. They’re hooking the very energy that gives us life.

And we freely give it away to get involved in meaningless dramas that may or may not be fake. They want us to be invested in their story so they can give us a new narrative of how to view the world.

Once we finish schooling the indoctrination and programming ends….but only if we stop consuming media. If they can hook us, then they can continue to program us willingly with our consent.

Live your own story and stopped being involved in other people’s drama.

We also talked about whether or not the Vaxxed documentary (about the dangers of vaccines) was a hoax and other topics like flat earth and such topics.

We also talked about what we can do as consumers and free living beings on the land in order to take our power back!

I hope you enjoyed this show!

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On Last Thing!

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