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John Howard-Smith – Improving Health By Avoiding Toxins & Chemicals While We Sleep & Much More!

John Howard Smith is the CEO of Savvy Rest and he joined us today to talk about improving our immune system and overall health by sleeping on 100% natural organic bedding.

Many people don’t realize that many of the foam mattresses and bedding manufactured today contain, cancer causing compounds and toxins that can make you sick.

The chemicals that are in the fire retardant beds off gas (think new car smell) for years even if you can no longer smell it.

Many of these chemicals are known carcinogens and have a devastating effect on the immune system and body.

We spend roughly one third of our lives sleeping with our head in very close proximity the mattresses that are off gassing potentially dangerous toxins into our lungs each night.

I’ve always been a proponent of making sure that the areas of your life which take up most of your day, should be upgraded to improve health and decrease exposure to toxicity.

The two areas of my life are my bed as well as my working environment. Sleeping and working take up probably two thirds of the day. So while I’m typing this I’m grounded to the earth, using Flux to minimize blue light exposure and using a standing desk so I don’t sit all day long.

When I sleep we also use a grounded bed sheet and do many of the items contained in this video.

I’m so excited to finally find a reputable company whose business values I support as well as the products they create. They’re environmentally friendly, and hold all the same values I do.

I’m proud to be working with Savvy Rest and I hope you enjoyed this show.

Please share it with your friends. Thanks!

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John Howard Smith

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John Howard Smith is the CEO of Savvy Rest which provides non toxic, chemical free bedding and furniture.

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Organic bedding and organic furniture

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