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Dr. Alex Golden – Women’s Health, The Order & Importance Of Detoxification, Coffee Enemas, Colonics & Much More!

Dr. Alex Golden from http://www.healthyginger.com joined us today to talk mostly about women’s health, how to detox your body naturally and much more.

We hear a lot about cleansing and detoxification but sometimes we dive in too fast head first. I’m this way. I usually dive right in when it comes trying new foods, going on new adventures (heck I took a year off in 2001 and traveled around the world by myself just for fun).

But when it comes to cleansing and detox it’s really important to understand your body and how your body works.

So in this shoe we talked about the specific ways to detox, why cleansing and detox are so important and why we need to detox seasonally, which I think makes alot of sense.

In terms of people getting colonics done for example, it’s really important to know your gut flora before having a colonic administered and make sure to replenish the gut flora before, during and after having it done.

We also discussed women’s health (Alex and Megan work primarily with women) and what women need to do in order to get healthier and feel better.

Weight loss is just a by product. 🙂

Then towards the end of the show we talked about why it’s so important to be healthy. It’s my firm conviction that we ought not focus on poor health, or health at all. We should be aware of our health, and constantly strive to do better and learn more but being healthy shouldn’t be our primary focus.

That’s a big distinction. Obviously in this toxic world we live in, we do need to place more emphasis on getting healthier.

But ultimately health should support and facilitate vision. That vision is who we want to be in this life. That vision is what we want to accomplish.

Being healthy, vibrant and energetic is just the vehicle that gets us to become who we really are. Being healthy for health’s sake doesn’t do anybody any good unless you’re making the world a better place.

Thanks for listening!

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Justin, Kate and Maggie

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Show Date:

Wednesday 11/14/2016

Show Guest:

Dr. Alex Golden

Guest Info:

I’ve had chronic pelvic pain since I was 18 years old. Pain, like any other illness, is a product of many systems in the body breaking. For me, it was the culmination of a family history stacked with autoimmune diseases, a poor diet, years of physically abusing my body from ballet, and major gut motility problems. Needless to say, my late teens and early 20s were a time of great personal distress.

After years of bouncing between dismissive doctors and struggling with body image and self-prescribed treatments, it finally dawned on me that I wanted to turn my personal problems into a personal strength…and I decided to become the kind of doctor I myself would want to find as a patient….

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