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Dr. Jessica Peatross – Her Journey Through Mainstream Medicine, The Benefits Of Ozone, Gerson Therapy & Much More!


Dr. Jessica Peatross joined us today to talk about her wild and crazy journey through the medical industry. I applaud her for making such a bold and courageous decision to leave the medical industry and follow a healing path that actually helps heal people.

We discussed a lot of her story and how she was able to remove herself from the medical industry and start helping people in a more natural and holistic way.

She now helps people with diet, lifestyle, spirituality and really understands the entire person and helps people heal on many levels.

We spent the majority of the time talking about her experience in the medical field and why she left. We talked about what triggered that decision and how that has affected not just her practice but her life also.

Later on in the interview we talked about the many benefits of ozone therapy. Ozone treatments have been around for decades and it’s a healing practice that the mainstream medical model doesn’t want you to know about.

If ozone can help heal people then what would they do with all of their drugs and chemicals people get addicted to?

Good question right?

What people need to realize is that medicine is a business. It’s not there to help you. It’s there to make money. But people don’t realize that so they think their doctor really wants to help.

And maybe that’s the case but what trumps altruism is profit.

Then we discussed her work using the Gerson therapy protocol to help people heal.

It was a fascinating show with Dr. Jessica Peatross. I hope you enjoy!

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Show Date:

Wednesday 11/11/2016

Show Guest:

Dr. Jessica Peatross

Guest Info:

Dr Jess is a board certified IM physician who heals patients with cutting edge holistic medicine. She is a blogger/Vlogger w/ her own supplement line.

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