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Post Election Rant On Why I Don’t Vote, How To Prevent Cancer & All Disease, Show Recaps, Listener Questions & More!


We had a cancellation for one of our recent shows and as a result I was able to put together this show today about how to prevent cancer and how to prevent all disease naturally.

At the beginning I went on a bit of a rant about why I don’t vote in presidential elections. The reasons why I don’t vote might surprise you because most of the reason why is probably stuff you’ve never heard before.

Then I did some show recaps, took some listener questions and more.

I got into how to prevent cancer around the :30 minute mark.

Like I’ve said before, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It’s much easier (as long as you live in accordance with nature) to prevent cancer or any disease rather than trying to get rid of cancer once you have a diagnosis.

You never want to let your body get to that point. Prevention is always the answer.

The mainstream media won’t tell you this but there is a cure for cancer. They say there’s no cure for cancer and if there are, it’s chemotherapy, radiation, bone marrow transplants and surgery.

These out dated barbaric cancer treatments aren’t curing people of cancer. If anything they’re making the patient more toxic and susceptible to getting cancer.

There is a natural cure for cancer and I do mean CURE. It’s a healthy immune system. No drug, or natural substance can cure you of anything. Only a healthy immune system can prevent cancer.

So how do we get a healthy immune system so we can prevent cancer from ever taking over our lives?

This is what I talk about in today’s show. We need to get back to nature on every single level.

I hope you enjoyed this show!

If you want some hope for cancer, click here to watch The Truth About Cancer and you’ll learn things that will give you so much hope and open your eyes.


Hi Justin & Kate!!

Thank you for a very inspired podcast via youtube. This was my very first listen and it won’t be my last.

I wonder if you could confirm if the budwig clinic you refer to is the same as this link refers to
The page seems to be in filled with placeholder text. And gives a worrying impression that this may not be a reputable clinic and is only interested in selling certain remedies (those product pages seem to work just fine).

Many thanks for your reply.



Hi Justin and Kate,

I love your little dog so so cute !

I am a newby to your show, I live in Sydney Australia.

I loved loved loved the episode you had with guest Sara Banta re: Accelerated Silver,
she was excellent and a wealth of information.

Anyway I just wanted you to know there is a site which is awesome called Earth Clinic.

It is a wealth of info from all around the world by people who try different protocols and
pass on what works etc. for instance you type in HIVES and there will be heaps of true and tried protocols etc.
( not all work for everyone of course )

You really need to check it out and its very easy to navigate.

Hope you have lots more interesting/fascinating guests on !

I love Dr Jack Kruse he seems very smart and anyway he is just fascinating to listen too.
( I am such a chicken when it comes to cold showers ) Brrrrrrrrrrr !

Ok well keep up the great work !

Kind Regards



The grounding sheets might not be as beneficial or healthy as advertised. Dave Stetzer has a conflicting opinion about stray voltage and dirty electricity. Love the show.

Gwen P

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