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Karen Thomas – The Step By Step Protocol She Used To Bring Her Son Back From Autism

Karen Thomas is the author of Naturally Healing Autism. Karen joined us to discuss her journey through autism and how she healed her son naturally without drugs, chemicals or a lifetime of speech therapy or behavioral therapy.

What causes autism?

Is it exposure to vaccines? Is it the adjuvants and heavy metals in the flu shots and MMR vaccines? Is it the formaldehyde that causes cancer or is autism mostly a gut disorder and can be healed naturally?

Karen Thoams sheds light on all of these issues and talks about the step by step protocol she used to heal her son. She doesn’t reveal the full protocol but does talk about many of the cleansing and detoxification strategies she used to help heal her son of autism naturally.

People say all the time that autism is permanent and you cannot reverse the symptoms of autism. It’s just not true. There are people out there all the time doing it but you will not hear about this information on the news. They don’t want people to know that they have the power to heal.

In fact it isn’t just autism or other neurological disorders. The human body can heal from anything and everything if given the right set of circumstances.

People will say, “well why did this natural doctor die of cancer then?”. Simple, they were not able to find the right remedy (and the reason for that could be an emotional spiritual issue) for them.

And that’s okay.

It’s my hardcore belief that we can heal everything. It has to be that way. Whether or not we will is based upon a thousand other circumstances.

Just know, that if your son or daughter is currently diagnosed with autism (anywhere on the spectrum), there is hope. There are things you can do to help heal and restore a normal way of life for them.

Karen shares lots of great information. If this episode encourages you, please share it with your friends. Let them know there is hope.

Thanks for listening.

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Karen Thomas

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Hi, My name is Karen Thomas and I have spent twenty eight years in the field of holistic health. Twenty four of these years I have practiced Craniosacral Therapy, (balancing the bones of the head to allow the brain to function at optimum). I am an approved education provider through the National Certification Board of Massage Therapy and Bodywork (NCBTMB), this means I am nationally certified to teach, which I love to do. I am an educator, author, speaker and a consultant…. but first and foremost, I am a mom.

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