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Bryant Meyers – The Powerful Anti-Aging Benefits Of PEMF Therapy, Magnets & Much More!

Bryant Meyers joined us again for round number 2 of our radio show. What a pleasure it was. For those that don’t know Bryant is an incredibly smart person and has studied mathmatics, physics and electricity for many years and even teaching it.

He also has spent around $500,000 on energy medicine equipment over the years. He’s purchased everything from zappers to lasers, to tesla energy devices, qi machines and everything in between.

Although he likes all those machines and even still uses some of them, he’s pretty much found the holy grail of energy machines. He’s settled on the IMRS 2000 device and the NobleRX device that is a full body vibration machine.

We spent a few minutes at the end of the show talking about the benefits of whole body vibration.

Most all of the show was spent discussing PEMF (pulsed electro magnetic therapy) and magnetism. We talked about how beneficial magnets are to our health and what happens to the body when we are disconnected from the frequency of the earth and the schumann resonance.

We really are much more electrical and magnetic than we are mechanical or biological.

We are bio energetic frequencies of light surrounded by a plasma energy field, we’re not machines. Don’t let doctors, scientists or the popular media try to tell you the lie that we are just machines whose parts can be replaced like a car battery.

Bryant Meyers has done mountains of research on the subject of electromagnetism and how it helps to bring the body into homeostasis and ultimately healing.

So we hope you enjoy this show with Bryant Meyers about PEMF, electromagnetism and much more!

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Show Guest:

Bryant Meyers

Guest Info:

Bryant Meyers (B.S., M.A. Physics) is a bestselling author and leading expert in the field of Energy Medicine and PEMF Therapy. Bryant is a former TV show host and former Physics/Math Professor at Central Michigan. For over 18 years Bryant has researched, tested, tried, and investigated over $500,000 worth of energy medicine, studying with many of the world’s experts. He has personally helped thousands of people with energy medicine and PEMF therapy devices to achieve pain relief, better sleep, and overall better health. Bryant currently lives in Sarasota Florida, near the beautiful Siesta Key Beach (rated #1 beach in the U.S.).

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emotions, spirituality, electromagnetism, schumann resonance, natural healing, life extension

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