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29 Strange Tips For Better Sleep, Insights on Light, Show Recaps, 2 Product Recommendations, Listener Questions & More!


Today we talked primarily about how to get a better sleep naturally without using sleep medications like Ambien or Tylenol PM which (in my opinion and I am not a medical doctor) are damaging to the liver and other internal organs.

Insomnia is a huge issue in our culture. So many people wake up in the middle of the night or can’t fall asleep or have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.

Over 60 million people take some kind of prescription sleep medication.

That is so sad.

Along with falling asleep and staying asleep many people deal with nightmares or other sleep conditions like COPD and night terrors.

For some reason not being able to get a good restful sleep is a real issue in today’s culture.

So in this episode I share 29 tips for how to get a better sleep. Most of these things I can assume you’ve never heard of but they might be able to help.

A lot of the common sense things about how to get a better sleep you’ll hear elsewhere so I decided to share some ideas about how to get a good sleep that you won’t hear in most books or articles.

Many of them are esoteric and you might find them to be a bit strange but I offer them to you in case they help. In the pursuit of getting the best night’s sleep, many people try everything (or think they do) to no avail. So I offer 29 ideas about how to sleep better that you probably haven’t heard anywhere online!

I also talked about light and mostly the dangers of blue light and what to do to mitigate harmful blue light at night. Then I did some show recaps and took listener questions which you can check out below.

I hope you enjoy this show. Kate will be with me on the coming shows!


I’ve been listening for a long time and I’ve never wrote you guys. I so so so appreciate what you do but I had real concern over something that came up in the episode with Anthony Anderson. You talked about importing fruit and plant species and how you didn’t see it as a big deal. I’m American and I’m living in NZ with my Kiwi husband. Since I’ve been listening to you i know your mom is a Kiwi and I was surprised you don’t know what a threat imported plant and animal species has been on the unique biodiversity here. Imported species can easily take over, killing off native plants that native fauna depend on to survive. Like little native birds! I’ve comforted my little boy over big gorse scratches he’s gotten while playing in the forest. The English brought it here and now it’s everywhere. It takes nature millions of years to create unique ecosystems that can be destroyed by humans so quickly.



Where is the hash tar , canabinol goo for skin cancers ?

Joseph C


Hi Justin and Kate!!

How are you both? I’m loving your show- it makes my cleaning days and workouts much more interesting!!
I was going through some of your archives trying to find some info on sodium thiosulphate… anyway I came across Robert Von Sarbacher. I was trying to find more info on him and his protocols but I can’t find a website or anything. Do you know what’s happened to him? It looks like he’s involved with asea…. somewhere along the line.

Thanks for any help you can offer!

Kindest regards


Here is the video below where I mention most of what I spoke about during this podcast. 🙂

On Last Thing!

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