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Kerri Rivera – Is MMS A Viable Treatment For Autism? Kerri Rivera Shares Her Stories of Success & Much More!


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  • Kerri Rivera is the author of Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism and runs the website called CD Autism.

    Her own son many years ago was diagnosed with autism and she used MMS which has gone by the name Miracle Mineral Supplement or Miracle Mineral Solution to help her son overcome his autism spectrum symptoms.

    MMS is derived from mixing sodium chlorite with an acid (like citrus aka lemon juice) which then forms into sodium chloride. According to Kerri Rivera sodium chloride (not chlorite) has two oxygen molecules attached to the outer membrane which makes it molecularly different than chlorine or chloride.

    Chloride (because it lacks these two oxygen molecules) ends up damaging the body much like chloride bleach. Because sodium chloride has two oxygen molecules attached to it, it actually breaks down after about 2 hours (if my memory serves me correctly) in the body.

    Sodium Chloride (MMS) then has the ability (because of its positive magnetic charge) to selectively target negatively charged substances in the body…namely viruses, parasites, heavy metals and other damaging pathogens that have been linked to all manner of health disorders.

    Now she is saying the same thing as Jim Humble and Dr. Andreas Kalcker on our show. For what it’s worth I haven’t looked under a microscope and see what they are saying. I haven’t done scientific studies and researched this issue.

    I don’t know if I got all that science correct above. If I did not, please correct me in the comments below.

    During the show we mentioned Dr. Jennifer Daniels and her work with using turpentine which is an age old remedy used back during the slave days to kill infections and help heal the body.

    A viable treatment for autism would ruin the entire industry. It’s the same reason hemp is so dangerous. It doesn’t just ruin multi billion dollar companies it eradicates trillion dollar industries and threatens the very foundations upon which our pharmaceutical monopolies use to control our health.

    With that said, I understand that if something as simple as MMS works and for how cheap it is, could be extremely threatening to entire industries.

    Be that as it may, we are not endorsing using MMS or anything else. We are simply having a conversation and we leave it up to you, should you decide to implement her protocols.

    Having choice and options gives power back to the people. It’s your decision what you do with the options presented on our radio show.

    I hope you enjoy the show and it exposed you to some new information that you didn’t know existed before!

    Thanks for listening and sharing ya’ll! 🙂

    One Last Thing!

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    Monday 10/18/2016

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    Kerri Rivera

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