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Anthony Anderson – Tips For Growing Your Own Fruits & Vegetables, Dumpster Diving, Reconnecting With Nature, Our Journey Through Health & Much More!

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Get ready for a marathon of a show with Mr. Anthony Anderson of Grow Paradise. Anthony was kind enough to join us in studio for a really fun show.

We talked about so many subjects and had a really good time.

For those that aren’t familiar, Anthony was on our show a long time ago but this was a lot more fun.

Being in studio and being in person is 100% more enjoyable than doing shows over Skype or the telephone. The information is so important to get out there that we don’t let that stop us. It’s just that if we can do them in person, I believe it benefits us all.

Anthony Anderson is an expert in all things regarding gardening and planting what he calls food forests. He plants all kinds of herbs, fruits and vegetables. He even helps his clients work with bees, chickens for their eggs and animals like goats for milk and so forth.

Anthony shared his journey from starting out as a raw food vegan to become vegetarian and going from that to consuming more of a Weston A. Price type of diet which includes healthy animals fats and grass fed meats.

His evolution closely mirrored mine even at the same time as mine. Our journey’s are remarkably similar and almost scary.

We talked about how important it is to be connect not just to our food why it’s so important to know where your food comes from but also being connected spiritually to the cycle of life and ultimately God.

Food really is a spiritual journey if you keep following the rabbit trails as far as they will take you. Ultimately, it’s all spiritual.

Eating the right food for me (and Anthony it seems) is what helped my mind expand and grow.

Anthony was a real treasure to have on and now our good friend. Please support Anthony in his work of helping people regain their power by being able to grow their own food.

Imagine if more people grew the majority of their food?

There’s no better way to vote than for that is there?

We vote with our dollars and how we spend our energy, resources and time. Growing your own food is about as rebellious an act as there can be!

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Show Date:

Monday 10/14/2016

Show Guest:

Anthony Anderson

Guest Info:

Anthony Anderson founded Grow Paradise as a way to communicate his vision of a better world through planting fruit trees and “permaculture”. Permaculture is a holistic landscape design science that works with the natural world to create an environment that supports health and abundance on every level.

At its core, Grow Paradise is about knowing that we have the potential to create immensely healing and peaceful surroundings to live, work, and play in. As human beings, we are extremely powerful creators, and by working together with nature again, we can quickly manifest a world where all of us are extremely wealthy and deeply fulfilled far beyond material riches.

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