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Erin Porter – How To Heal From Fungal Infections Naturally & Her Story of Recovery

Erin Porter joins us from Eat Pray Get Well to talk about her story regarding fungus and fungal infections. Erin was dealing with chronic debilitating health challenges for a big part of her life.

She couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her. After going to many many doctors nobody could give her an answer as to why she was having so many health issues and health challenges.

She was at her wits end until…

She found out there’s a link between cancer, fungus, candida, yeast and mold. These things can cause all manner of health issues. Not just that but many people say that most diseases are actually caused by the body’s inability to deal with fungus.

Doug Kaufmann talked a lot about his many years of research in this area.

There are two things going on when it comes to fungal infections. The outside and the inside. Environmental toxins cause cause lots of health issues.

People know about black mold and even mold spores being in their walls or carpeting. If you have mold issues inside your body you will not get well until you stop the environmental onslaught of mold in your living area.

Then there’s the mold that is inside our body. First we must get rid of that using two methods. Stop feeding it and then kill it using anti fungals.

Once you deal with both the internal and external causes of mold your body will now be able to get on top of this toxic load or burden it’s constantly dealing with.

Erin Porter was a great guest and it was fascinating to listen to all of her experiences with mold and fungus. Her journey back to health was nothing short of inspiring.

During the show I referenced another show about how to detect mold in your home that you might want to hear.

I hope you enjoy!

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Show Date:

Monday 10/3/2016

Show Guest:

Erin Porter

Guest Info:

I endured 25 years of chronic illness, endured many unnecessary surgeries and have been on over 100 courses of antibiotics until I found my root cause. Fungus (aspergillomas in my sinuses) after much research realized this fungus was systemic causing MANY of my other health issues I thought were unrelated. I am healthy today and have dedicated my life to helping people heal not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well.

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Mold, fungus, candida, yeast, cancer

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