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How To Boost Your Immune System, Getting Rid Of Parasites With Essential Oils, Show Recaps, Listener Questions & More!


Today I did some show recaps as well as took a ton of listener questions for this Free For All Friday show. It has been a while since we’ve done one of them and there has been a lot that has been going on behind the scenes that I wanted to let you know about.

Also I wanted to share with you some ideas recently about how to boost your immune system.

Recently Kate thought she was coming down with a sore throat. It was kind of a cough but she knew what was going on. It was pretty bad and it could have gotten much worse than it did.

So I put together an entire list in the show (feel free to write them down) of all the things I could think of that would help to strengthen the immune system.

The list was endless and I realize none of us could do all of it but it’s worth nothing that these types of things exist in order to boost your immunity so you can prevent getting sick or coming down with the flu.

I also discussed Dr. Hulda Clark’s anti parasite protocol using essential oils to rid them from the body.

The protocol is actually for tapeworms but I’m guessing they would also kill parasites as well. I discussed where to get access to this PDF which contains all of this information.

Here are the listener questions we took as well.

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy! 🙂


Thanks for asking about my issues. I have been diagnosed with Breast cancer and will be having surgery in one week. My daughter’s father in law has been using the keto diet and has kept his cancer in check. It is time for me to do the same but I am a “fish out of water” regarding the keto diet. Any help you can give me would be appreciated. I have eliminated sugar from by diet but I know there is sooooo much more to this.


Hi, I just had a severe case of hives on my arms that itched like crazy and keep me up at night. When I seen the doctor they had no idea what caused the hives or any hives in general. The only treatment they had to offer was steroids and medication to help the itching. Thankfully it did go away yet they have no idea what causes hives and what to do to treat it. Shelby


Hi Justin and Kate.

I’m just getting back to you to tell you how much I hate the sauna *;) winking …

Totally kidding OF COURSE!!!!! I naturally love the sauna and have experienced so many benefits including a really great sense of relaxation and calmness, better skin tone and muscle tone increased feeling of purity (cleanliness), better quality sleep, etc. This is just my initial review: TOP NOTCH, 100% AMAZING, FIVE STAR – PLATINUM QUALITY!!!!!! *:D big grin I can’t wait to dig deep with this tool and do some DETOX – Yeah!!!

One of the BEST things though is that my boyfriend, who is kind of a big naysayer when it comes to what he calls “Pseudo science” or “gimmicks”, absolutely loves the sauna too. (I’m really happy about that). He was visiting me for a couple of months and I finally got it set up and working in the last month. We’ve been having daily saunas (his 15 min, mine: 22 min ). I try to have at least 1 sauna per day and occasionally 2, like the “spa day for Phil”.

I wanted to ask you if you received the lamp from Phil, and if so, how do you like it? I’m curious about that product.

Hope you guys are doing FANTASTIC and I hope to speak to you soon. I have a feeling I will as so many awesome things are happening in my life right now. Thanks for all you do and keep up the wonder work you are doing in your lives.

Love and Hugs from me –
Jenna B


Hi Justin & Kate,

I recently started listening to your podcasts, and enjoy them very much.

I am fed up with conventional medicine and am looking for treatments that really work. I take NO prescription medication because the side effects were always worse than the symptoms they were trying to treat, or they just didn’t work at all.

I currently am suffering with a lot of symptoms of Fibromyalgia and Allergies. There seem to be a lot of “Alternative” choices out there, and I get confused as to which one might be the best NEXT one for me to try.

I suffer with chronic pain all over my body. I have insomnia, fatigue, etc. But the worst problem is the “Fibro-Fog.” I have a great deal of difficulty being able to concentrate or remember. My cognitive abilities are terrible. I’d like to have my brain back! The symptoms do tend to wax & wane, and the intensity changes often. So at least I’m no longer living with them daily.

Some things that I have tried that have helped me to cope are: Chiropractic, Massage, Juicing (All Organic in a Vitamix- daily), Herbalist (Including Detoxing), Weekly Sauna, Epson Salts Baths. I’ve pretty much eliminated Sugar, Caffeine, & Sugar Substitutes from my diet. I’m using EMF filters on all my electronics (as well as wearing one and having one next to me in bed). I’ve tried Yoga and daily stretching, Cranial-Sacral Therapy, Deep Breathing, Foot Baths, Floating, Aromatherapy, and dabbled in Acupressure (self taught).

I have always enjoyed regular exercise, but that usually causes me to have a flare-up these days.

Please point me in the right direction if you can.




Hey Justin and Kate

How are you? Congrats for the new project, sounds great!

Just listened to Shonagh Home the shamanistic lady the other day, and towards the end of her interview I thought to myself ,
this has been one of my favourite episodes , then syncronistically , you both said the same thing. Magical world!

All the best



Hey Justin and Kate

Interesting , it is not surprising that a lot of your guests do not agree about various things that makes sense ..

Let me give an example…

On the show with Bailey O’Brien # 446, she said that cafe enemas among other things helped her to heal. If it was so bad she would not have healed or ??? And that it’s giving her an inner pease preforming them in the morning, a kind of meditation. A moment where she can be in touch with the Creator. In your show with her you acknowledge that enemas are very good and that you use them yourself.

So just to underline, cafe enemas has been used by hundreds of thousands to heal from cancer and many other diseases ….. Many, many use it successfully….Gerson therapy, Karrie Rivera protocol with CD, GAPS protocol, many health retreats and so on !!!!

And then someone like Cinddy Sellers # 456 comes by and says that cafe enemas is not good because of an acid substance …….and bla bla bla …. And that it also gives some side effects….for instance….. the possibility of not being able regularly going to the toilet after one doing lots of enemas …… Hmm ….

This is where I wonder, why you are not confronting her immediately, with the contradiction……what about Bailey O’Brien and all the hundred thousands of people that are healed with the help of doing cafe enemas..??? My self passed a lots og parasites thanks to cafe enemas !!!

I hope in the future you will be a bit more on spot …….In this case it would have been exceptionally interesting to know what she means about that….maybe an explanation why it is bad when so many benefits form it.

Thanks for all you love and work you give out to all of us

Peace And Love
Jack Williams


Hi, my biggest health complaint has been cystic acne since a teen, I’m 43, 110 lbs and for the past 10 years I’ve taken and applied every product in Gods creation to attempt healing it. In the past five months I’ve been on Humaworm supplements to cleanse my gut and rid my body of parasites. I can feel them moving in my body. It’s gross! So I discovered the turpentine protocol. For a week every other day I took a tsp turpentine with a tbs of sugar. I’ve been getting great results w Candida release and hookworms. But on the last day I took a Tbs of Turp w a Tbs of olive oil and I hurt myself; I was dizzy and nauseous. So the next day, my stomach hurt fiercely every time I ate. For breakfast I had homemade mushroom soup w almond milk and lunch was hummus and gf crackers. I’ve given up dairy sugar and gluten and I’m STILL breaking out. I have excema on face and feet. I have hair loss and eyebrow hair loss and lethargy from hyperthyroidism that I’m trying to reverse w whole foods. My depression has disappeared thankfully. Any suggestions to complete the healing of my gut so I can get that energy back and improve the above mentioned ailments?



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