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Tom Arguello – Healing Cancer Naturally – A Story Of Total Transformation, Emotionally, Spiritually & Physically

Today we had Tom Arguello (links below) on the show to talk about his transformational journey of overcoming testicular cancer. He has a similar story to Chris Wark whom we had on quite some time ago.

Chris’s body had colon cancer at one point as opposed to testicular cancer. The both had surgery to remove the tumor or mass and then opted to go for natural healing and detoxification to prevent the tumors from growing back.

It’s a very similar story to Bailey O’brien who had skin cancer (her story was equally as gut wrenching). All of these amazing people decided to forgo chemotherapy, radiation or bone marrow transplants.

In today’s episode with Tom Arguello you’ll learn…

  • Why he decided against conventional treatments
  • What he did instead of chemo and radiation
  • How his journey affected his relationship with family and friends
  • How his cancer journey affected his relationship with his wife
  • How cancer transformed him on the emotional spiritual level
  • Why he wishes he never had the surgery
  • His thoughts on cannabis
  • And much more!

We talked a lot with Tom about how having testicular cancer changed his entire life. He went from the mindset of “fighting cancer” and “hating cancer” to loving cancer.

Cancer can be our biggest teacher and best coach to help shape our lives.

The mindset of always fighting against cancer or anything for that matter is not going to lead us to where we ultimately want to go….that is total remission and complete healing on all levels.

There is a difference between being cured and being healed. Being cured just means the cancer is out of the body and there are no signs left of disease. But that doesn’t mean on is healed. Healing takes place on multiple levels.

Ultimately health and healing is a spiritual pursuit.

Sometimes we get obsessed with the physical. We focus on our bodies, our waistline or how much we weight but at its core, healing happens on emotional and spiritual levels.

I hope you enjoy this podcast interview with Tom Arguello.

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Show Date:

Friday 9/26/2016

Show Guest:

Tom Arguello

Guest Info:

Tom Arguello is a natural health advocate, activist, blogger and speaker who overcame cancer naturally with a complete transformation of mind, body & spirit.

Tom has reached a global audience after his story was spread virally across several social media outlets. Tom contributes to several blogs, has been a featured podcast guest and was a featured speaker at the 9th Annual Annie Appleseed Alternative Cancer Therapies Conference.

Tom is currently writing his first book “About That Cancer Thing…”

Show Topic:

Testicular cancer

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  • Colette says:

    I understand your point about people who ask about how large your audience is before they’ll agree to be a guest on your show; however I have no problem with someone trying to make a good decision — even if it’s a business decision. After all, you make a good business decisions as you operate your business.

    • Hi Colette! Thanks for writing in. I see your point. I guess I’ve been exposed to so many people who simply want to use our platform in order to sell their materials. I do feel an obligation to protect (to the best of my ability) our amazing listeners from people who are only in it for the money. 🙂

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