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Atom Bergstrom – On Chemtrails, Technology Of The Future, Tips For Eating Food On Time & Much More!

Atom Bergstrom author of Yes, No, Maybe Chronobiotic Nutrition, joined us today to talk about some very fascinating stuff to say the least. It’s always a joy and a fascinating conversation whenever we talk to our friend Atom Bergstrom.

We sometimes flip flop between health related subjects to politics, current events, world issues, the environment and much more.

In today’s show we started off talking about technology and the government spying on people. We don’t know if it’s a real thing or not (I have no hardcore proof) but I can tell you that if I were in charge of this thing we call government and had the ability to spy (and I had no conscience) I would most definitely carry out such acts.

Since I do have a conscience and want man to be free, I think the government spying on its own people is nothing short of freaky.

Are they putting recorders in our new flat screen digital televisions? Don and Carol Croft first introduced this idea to me way back when we first started the podcast.

It seems feasible but who the heck knows.

We also discussed many issues revolving around eating foods at the correct time. He’s a big advocate of what he calls Solar Nutrition or aka Chronobiotic Nutrition.

It’s a way of eating that works with the cycles of the day, night, month and year. Not only are certain foods supposed to be consumed at the right time but all of our organs work in harmony with these natural cycles and they operate according to a cyclical schedule as well.

When you combine eating the right foods at the right times in conjunction with your organ systems of the body, ultimate health is the result. This means the ability to lose weight more easily, have more energy, detoxify the body, cleanse the organs, sleep better, prevent disease and much much more.

I’m not claiming this diet does that, that is what thousands of people are saying about eating in this manner. Atom Bergstrom talks all about this during this radio show.

I for one eat mostly Solar Nutrition by pure accident. It’s become almost a habit now. 🙂

What I love about Chronobiotic Eating is that it can be applied to ANY diet. Whether you eat raw primal, raw vegan, paleo, ketogenic, vegetarian, a high fruit diet, or Ayurveda, these principles apply.

The only diet it wouldn’t apply to probably would be if you were a breatharian!

Other than that Solar Eating can sit right on top of any dietary principle you follow!

We hope you enjoyed this show with our good friend Mr. Atom Bergstrom!

On Last Thing!

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Show Date:

Saturday 8/6/2016

Show Guest:

Atom Bergstrom

Guest Info:

Atom has been teaching workshops and seminars across the U.S.A. since 1977. With over 50 years experience in health and nutrition, Atom has been counseling people with various diseases and ailments since the 70’s. His expertise is on nutrition, chronobiology, reflexology, slit-lamp iridology, meditation, Sufi, and I Ching and other holistic modalities. He graduated from Adano Ley’s Texas Institute of Reflex Sciences in 1979.

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solar eating, chronobiotic nutrition and more

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