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Tom Lowe – The Many Health Benefits Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation & Ozone Therapy On The Body

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  • Tom Lowe joined us today to discuss his work with ultraviolet blood irradiation and ozone therapy for human health.

    Ultraviolet blood irradiation goes by other names like biophotonic therapy, UBI, ultraviolet light therapy, ultraviolet phototherapy, photophereisis, extracorporeal therapy and photodynamic therapy.

    Here’s some of what UBI can do..

    • Kill bacteria
    • Kill viruses
    • Improve immune health
    • Improve circulation
    • Oxygenate tissues
    • Reduce tissue pain
    • Cardiovascular protection
    • Anti inflammatory
    • Stimulate production of red blood cells
    • Anti infection
    • Improves flow and properties of blood

    It’s an incredibly cheap and powerful weapon to have in your arsenal. Not only that but there are virtually no side effects and it has an 80% effecacy rate.

    Why don’t you hear about ultraviolet blood irradiation therapy?

    It cuts into the profits of big pharma of course. Why use UBI when you can sell patients expensive drugs and chemicals that will keep them sick?

    It’s all about money and if something revolutionary that actually works, cuts into profits then it will eventually banned or made completely illegal.

    Part of our mission here at Extreme Health Radio is shed light on viable options that actually do work so that you can make better decisions about your own health.

    Just because your doctor doesn’t know about ultraviolet blood irradiation, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist or it doesn’t work.

    There are many things your doctor doesn’t know about that work.

    Most modern medically trained physicians simply aren’t trained in the cutting edge holistic and natural remedies that work. On top of that most doctors receive little to know training about diet and nutrition.

    With that said, it would make complete sense why a doctor would disparage natural treatments for modern diseases.

    I hope you enjoy this show with Tom Lowe about ultraviolet blood irradiation.

    It was an honor to have him on and I hope you enjoy the show.

    Hopefully it gives you some options for healing on a deeper level.

    On Last Thing!

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    Show Date:

    Monday 8/1/2016

    Show Guest:

    Tom Lowe

    Guest Info:

    Inventor, researcher, entrepreneur, founder of SOPMED

    Show Topic:

    Ultraviolet blood irradiation and ozone therapy

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