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Dr. Frank Gibson – How To Overcome Alcohol Addiction Naturally & Holistically

Today we had Dr. Frank Gibson on the show to talk about alcoholism and how to overcome it naturally and holistically if possible. As we mention on the show alcohol related deaths are estimated at 88,000 per year (although I presume it’s much higher) just in the United States of America.

We also shared during the show that 17.6 million people are currently addicted to alcohol of some kind. That’s about 1 in every 12 or 16 people.

It’s quite shocking to me that alcohol is legal and herbs and plants like cannabis are not.

Many people are addicted to alcohol and have to have a drink each night or even day. It’s quite sad. I feel for them. Addictions are real things.

As Dr. Gibson shared on the show, these people don’t set out to be addicted to alcohol. They’re not bad people. We treat them like they’re second class citizens though. Imagine getting angry at a person who is a diabetic who needs insulin? Their bodies cry out for insulin the way an alcoholic cries out for alcohol.

We didn’t even mention the candida gut connection or the fact that natural remedies like ibogaine can be extremely helpful for just about all addictions.

Dr. Gibson’s heart is in the right place and this is why we like speaking with people like him. He wants to help and wants a better world.

Here are some topics we discussed

  • The New Science of Alcohol Addiction: Can the Solution be Found in a Plant?
  • Healing the Liver Through Food
  • How Physical Health Imbalance Influences Binge Drinking
  • Alcohol Consumption and the Brain
  • What Happens in the Body When we Drink Alcohol

Kate and I talked extensively after Dr. Gibson went off the air about lots of topics and shared some of our own stories relating to alcohol.

I hope you enjoyed this show with Dr. Frank Gibson from The Last Call Program (link below). Please visit his website and see if there’s anything there that might be able to help you or a loved one.

If you enjoyed this podcast with Dr. Frank Gibson and know of anybody in your life that drinks too much, please consider sharing it with them. I want people to know they are powerful and they don’t have to label themselves as an alcoholic for the rest of their lives.

We have tremendous untapped innate power and potential within all of us and the essense of who we are at the soul level should never be labeled with something like “alcoholic”.

We love you all and let us know if we can ever help!

Justin and Kate

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Thank you all!

Justin, Kate and Maggie

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Show Date:

Monday 7/11/2016

Show Guest:

Dr. Frank Gibson

Guest Info:

Dr. Frank Gibson combines the unique experience of successful businessman, entrepreneur, medical practitioner, and scientific researcher.

In 1991, he founded 6th Millennium Corporation, which became the largest clinic of integrative and oriental medicine in the U.S. In addition, founding Precious Wood Farm, a 216-acre, non-profit health and educational facility in the mountains of North Carolina.

Dr. Gibson has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Miami, and a Masters of Science from Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in conjunction with Nanjing University. He is a Board Certified Diplomat of Chinese Herbology by the National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Dr. Gibson is the author of Age with Energy, Hepatitis C—The Facts, The Cure, and Natural Health

Show Topic:

Addiction, alcoholism, sobriety, treatment centers

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