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Michael Schrantz – How To Properly Check For Mold In Your Home, What To Avoid & Common Myths Dispelled

Episode Summary

I talked about my latest research into reversing gray hair w/o chemical dyes that cause cancer. Yes info on hair dye is also discussed. I shared some supplements you definitely want to be on if you want to reverse your gray hair

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Michael Schrantz joined us today to talk about how to inspect your home for mold, the proper way.

We first ran across Michael and his work from a listener (I forgot their name!) who recommended we look into his work.

After I looked into what he was doing I had to have him on the show. Mold as a topic is extremely diverse and there are many angles to look at.

For example…

One could talk about how mold gets into homes, how it affects homes, how to get rid of mold from a home. Then we can talk about the human body and where mold comes from in food, or how it contributes to the disease process. Then we can talk about building the immune system or getting rid of mold spores from your body.

But in today’s episode we focused primarily on testing and doing the correct testing for mold. Many times people test their home for mold and since it shows up negative, they assume their home is free of mold spores.

At that point we have to look at the tests, how accurate are they and how many different kinds of molds there are. Did they test the mold outside the home vs inside and examine the difference?

And mold itself is an incredibly intellegent and highly complex form of life that when combined with how it affects the human body (which I believe we know very little about) it becomes very difficult to pinpoint exactly how mold is affecting our health.

Suffice it to say, the first thing to do is to accurately examine whether or not you actually have mold growing in your home.

As you listen to what Michael Schrantz has to say you’ll immediately come to the understanding that mold is a very complex issue.

In a world where many people are out to sell their programs and promote themselves you can quickly tell how genuine and honest Michael is. Obviously we all have to pay our bills but you can tell how Michael really wants to help people instead of make a quick buck.

I hope you enjoy this podcast with Michael Schrantz. As an aside Kate and I are moving (partly) because of mold. We know it intuitively and we did do a home test for mold (which you will quickly realize from what Michael has to say, is not very accurate).

Thank you for listening and I hope you get some real value out of this show and if you are dealing with any health conditions or concerns that you haven’t been able to fix, you might want to look at mold as being a possible cause.

If you want to dive further into the subject of mold we did a podcast with Doug Kaufmann and Dr. Steven Hines a while back where we talked about other aspects concerning mold.

Thanks for listening and sharing!

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Show Date:

Monday June 27, 2016

Show Guest:

Michael Schrantz

Guest Info:

Michael Schrantz owns and operates Environmental Analytics, LLC, an environmental consulting firm.

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