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Kat James – The Leptin Connection To Losing Weight, Preventing Disease, Increasing Energy, Getting Rid Of Mental Fog & Much More!

Kat James is the author of The Truth About Beauty: Transform Your Looks And Your Life From The Inside Out and she’s the woman behind Informed Beauty. But don’t let that throw you off guys! She’s been at this diet and nutrition game for decades and has been helping her clients for 17 years.

She’s worked with overweight people, skinny people along with people that have had digestive issues, chronic skin problems, candida, bloating and much more. She’s also worked with people who have had their gut health wrecked by vaccines, flu shots and years of eating inflammatory foods.

We spent much of this podcast talking about the hormone called leptin. Leptin is responsible for decreasing inflammation, regulating hormones, letting your body know when it has had enough food (feeling satiated…think food addictions) and even personality and temperament.

We only found out about leptin in 1994 Kat James tells us and this one hormone is absolutely huge for helping to regulate the systems in our bodies to function normally without chronic inflammation or autoimmune diseases.

We talked about why it’s important to eat the right kinds of fats and how eating fat has nothing to do with putting on fat.

We also discussed the connection of heart disease to eating too much processed carbohydrates and sugars which causes microscopic tears on the inside of our arteries. When these inflammatory lesions happen in the walls of our arteries the body’s only response is to repair that damage by creating cholesterol which helps to heal.

Cholesterol isn’t the problem with heart disease or heart attacks, it’s eating too much sugar combined with emotional imbalances.

You might also say that emotional imbalances is what caused depression and the eating of too many carbohydrates in the first place which led to the buildup of too much cholesterol.

There’s a lot at play here.

Big business and big industry doesn’t want the word to get out about it. They want Americans to continue to be addicted to processed foods so they can make profits.

Then the medical industry can profit off of you being sick, fat and depressed.

It’s a vicious cycle and it all starts with the consumption of too much carbohydrates and leads to low leptin and hormone levels as a result.

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Show Date:

Monday June 20, 2016

Show Guest:

Kat James

Guest Info:

Kat James is a best selling author and transformational specialist.

Show Topic:

Leptin, diet, weight loss and disease prevention

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