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Blood Testing, Dealing With Diagnosis, The Importance Of Spiritual Work, Overcoming Addiction, Listener Questions & More!


On today’s #EHR433 episode Kate and I talked about lots of different topics ranging from blood testing to how to deal with a diagnosis, and why spiritual work is so important.

I apologize for the delay in getting this episode out to you. I re-injured my lower back a few days ago and have been unable to work or really do anything. For those of you that have had lower back issues you know what I’m talking about.

Today is the first day I’ve found any kind of relief. I’ve found just enough relief to be able to sit long enough to publish this episode.

It was one of the first things I wanted to do because we’ve had many emails come in asking when the next episode is going to be released. I’m glad I’m able to publish it for those of you who have been waiting and asking about it.

We talked about how important it is to do regular blood testing. For those that are wondering, when getting your blood checked it’s important to have the right mindset. Many people will get their blood checked looking for a diagnosis or looking for what’s “wrong” with their body.

My thought is work on your health every day and make small improvements over time. Gradually you’ll adopt health practices like, yoga, weight training, meditation, colonics, colon cleansing, castor oil packs, green juices and so on.

Over the course of a year you can also change your diet by limiting refined sugars, cutting out excess carbohydrates and eating more whole, fresh and organic foods.

Then when you get your blood tested you’ll be looking for how all your levels were improved over the past year. It’s always important to avoid “looking for something that’s wrong with you” when doing any kind of testing.

That’s the wrong mindset…in my opinion. Instead, see how healthy you can get.

It’s a completely different mindset when you think about it.

We also discussed the importance of awareness and doing spiritual work. That might mean meditation, qigong, mindfulness, awareness, reading the Bible or other spiritual texts, contemplation and even being in the moment having fun.

To understand fully who we are helps us if we ever have to face having a doctor stand over us telling us we have some disease and there’s nothing they can do.

Having a strong spiritual foundation also helps us achieve higher states of health. To allow emotions to come into our bodies and leave unobstructed is not only liberating but leaves no option for the stuck emotion to bury itself in our tissues.

We had a question about addiction that you might want to hear. There are options for overcoming addictions in some pretty unique ways. I shared a natural substance that has been known to work on addictive personalities as well as a doctor in Los Angeles that is doing some pretty important work with his patients surrounding addictions.

He’s not your typical doctor so don’t be surprised by his treatment methods.

I have mentioned this before but we are no longer able to do show notes as we are going to be increasing the amount of shows we produce per week and per month.

Thanks for your understanding and I hope you enjoy all the new shows!

Here are some listener questions we covered:

Hi Justin and Kate!

Anywho… to answer the “biggest health challenge” question: To preface this, my apologies if you guys have covered this before, and if you have, please just direct me to which episode so I can go listen! What I struggle with is addiction. I’m very much into holistic/alternative health, I meditate regularly, I eat fairly healthy, bike everywhere and do yoga weekly, float weekly (obviously!), and I opt for using essential oils and supplements/herbs vs. taking medication – except for my drug of choice! Regardless of all of the spiritual growth I’ve had, all of the emotional revelations and healing that I’ve done, or the huge personal insights that I’ve uncovered in meditation, I am still a slave to my addiction. I am most likely going to be dropping everything and going into a 3 month treatment program, but I certainly wish there were other options out there. From what I’ve been able to find, the “holistic addiction treatment” field is virtually nonexistent. There are a few treatment centers that are somewhat holistic leaning, but they tend to be few and far between, not to mention much more expensive. I’m not sure if this is a topic that you guys would cover, or if there’s even any guests that you could bring on for this. But if you can give me any info for this, or direct me to another site/etc., I would be forever grateful!

Thank you for all that you do!

Wishing you love & light,



Hello Justin & Kate.

I just recently tuned in to your radio station and was listening to Brian Peskin about fish oil (peo solution).
you mentioned after he spoke that you were going
to try his product and at that point you would
disclose where you could purchase it.
I was wondering what your conclusion was
and where I could get it.



Hi Justin,

I hope you’re well. I have been listening to a lot of the shows with atom Bergstrom but love all your shows and the info you put out into the world!

I wondered if you could answer my question or perhaps ask atom when he is next on the show. I recently emailed Dr Ray Peat and asked him if the benefits of nuts, especially almonds, outweigh the negatives.
This was his response,

Plants contain enough vitamin E to control oxidation of the PUFA between the time of seed maturation and sprouting, and in leaves, stems, and roots, during the functional life of those tissues. When the material enters the human body, the temperature and oxygen exposure are much higher, so the vitamin E is more quickly depleted. There’s no natural food that contains enough E to balance the PUFA at high body temperature, exposed to oxygenated blood, during the extended period of human life, relative to that of the plant’s tissue. I think the only solution is to avoid eating PUFA, or to eat increasing amounts of (refined) vitamin E to control the accumulating PUFA in the tissues.

I’m a bit confused as to whether they could be included as part of a healthy diet!

Many thanks,
Elizabeth (UK)


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