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Are Psychics Real?, Past lives, The Complexities of Water, The Morphogenic field, Dangers of Chemo, Listener Questions & Lots of Fun!

We had a fun show today. We talked about all kinds of spiritual emotional subjects. This is where I believe all disease comes from.

For every physical ailment the body is currently experiencing in this low level vibration, there’s a sickness or fragmentation happening at the soul level.

I believe we manifest things in our physcial lives (the lowest frequency that energy gets exposed to, matter) that either correspond or correlate to what’s happening on a soul level.

It makes a lot of sense to me. We’re all here to learn lessons and to grow on multiple levels.

Most people realize that they have different aspects to their being. There’s the soul, then there’s the personality and then there’s the physical body.

If something is broken at the soul level, it will show up on the physical level most definitely. Many of our guests like Dr. Bradley Neslon (see links below), Dr. Richard Massey and others will tell you they’ve never seen a disease where there was not an underlying emotional spiritual cause.

We harp on this a lot here at Extreme Health Radio because it’s something that we’re always working on.

What sense does it to drink green smoothies, make green juices and eat medicinal mushrooms when you’re angry at the world or playing the role of a victim all the time?

Haven’t you seen or heard of people who are complete health nuts who get sick? In my opinion it’s either their soul contracted to have that disease or they manifested it because they’re sick at the soul level.

In that vein Kate and I talked about our experience with a psychic. We talked about telepathy and the morphogenic field mentioned by Rupurt Sheldrake.

We took listener questions at the end and discussed the dangers of chemotherapy and radiation. If you’re worried about cancer and want to know what do do instead, click here to watch this amazing documentary called The Truth About Cancer. It’s all free and online (as long as you’re watching it while it’s still playing).

Here are some listener questions we covered:

Hi Kate and Justin,

Wow – I’m just listening to your latest episode on YouTube and it was such a nice surprise to hear Kate start off by reading my email! I love listening to FFAF since you guys are into so many of the things I’m into and you’re such a blast of positive energy every time I listen.

On another subject, I’m ready to order the Berkey water purifier through your site, but I wanted to check in to see if you still love it. (I noticed you sell another system as well). There were some negative reviews on Amazon about the Berkey water tasting like rubber and I have some chemical sensitivities, so I wanted to get your input before I place the order. I think I could probably replace any rubber washers with silicone washers – that sounded like it might be the issue people were talking about.




Hello Justin & Kate.

I just recently tuned in to your radio station and was listening to Brian Peskin about fish oil (peo solution). You mentioned after he spoke that you were going to try his product and at that point you would disclose where you could purchase it.

I was wondering what your conclusion was and where I could get it.



Hi there, I wanted to reach out to you concerning Anthony William. Your interview with him was one of the first I had heard. Fast forward to today and a friend and I are running a fb group (1,350 members and counting) for those of us on healing journey’s via the book and protocol’s. I attended the live event last month and had a reading last week. Wow! What a crazy trip! We’ll also be interviewing him next month.

Have you guys been implementing his suggestions and experiencing improvements? There are so many in the group who have improved dramatically, including myself. You guys just popped in to my head so I felt compelled to reach out. Hope all is well!


On Last Thing!

As always your support via your donations and bookmarking our Amazon link to use each time you purchase is how we keep our show going. Thank you for bookmarking our Amazon link even if you’re not buying anything right now! 🙂


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Friday 4/8/2016

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Free For All Friday

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