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Rick Simpson – The Hemp Plant Is The Most Powerful Plant On The Planet For Healing & Its Being Kept From You

Rick Simpson author of Phoenix Tears: The Rick Simpson Story, Natures Answer For Cancer and founder of Phoenix Tears joined us today to talk about the cannabis plant (aka hemp plant) and how powerful it can be to help the body to heal.

The hemp plant is also known as marijuana (but that word was made up by our own government [much like terrorism] to demonize hemp) and it has powerful healing properties.

It has over 50,000 uses and not all of them are medicinal.

Think about it for a moment if hemp were made completely legal, it would put entire industries (not just companies) out of business. There would be no need for cotton, concrete, oil, gas, plastics, chemotherapy and more.

There’s a reason why it’s banned. Our government is in bed with corporations through special interest groups and lobbyists and therefore have their hands tied.

People don’t understand, voting makes no difference. We don’t elect people and we don’t need people in Washington to tell us if we can have plant medicines or not. If you want to see how much voting doesn’t count watch the video Hacking Democracy.

Another thing is that many people believe that hemp or marijuana can be used to help ease the pain of chemotherapy or radiation. But what they don’t realize is that many people believe that if you take cannabis oil, you won’t even have to take chemo or radiation.

We’re talking about powerful topics here and in this episode Rick Simpson was absolutely on fire. He calls it like it is and makes no apologies for how he feels or what he thinks and we need more people willing to put their necks on the line and demand this plant be legalized.

If you are interested in the topics of law and acting as a creditor I would highly recommend listening to the podcasts on Creditors in Commerce and learn contract law. All law is contract and all contract is law. As long as we identify to our fictitious names in the public, we can do nothing but complain.

But once we start learning how to contract in the private, our power is limitless. The only difference between the governments around the world and us, is that they are experts and contract law and use it against us.

Learn contract law friends and it is my belief nobody can touch you. I am on a journey learning it myself.

In this interview with Rick Simpson we talked a lot about cannabis and its relation to cancer.

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Show Date:

Saturday 3/26/2015

Show Guest:

Rick Simpson

Guest Info:

Rick Simpson is a retired power engineer who worked for 25 years in the medical system in Canada. After suffering a severe head injury in 1997 he took all the medications that the doctors prescribed, but their side effects did nothing but harm. So in desperation he turned to the use of cannabis extracts, which he produced himself and quickly found that he had discovered the greatest natural medicine on earth. After learning the truth about the amazing healing abilities of these extracts, he then went to everyone in authority to have its use recognised once more, but found that in reality those who control our lives, wanted to keep the truth hidden from public view. Having no where else to turn, he then made this knowledge public and since that time countless individuals world wide have used his information to cure or control illnesses for which our current medical systems have no solution.

Show Topic:

Cannabis, hemp, politics and natural healing

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