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Learning Our Spiritual Lessons Vs Knowing When To Move On, Why Reconnecting With Nature Is Critical, Dirty Politics, Listener Questions & More!

Today we had another really fun show for you. We invite you to be a fly on the wall during our Free For All Friday shows. Kate and I are lucky enough to have conversations like this daily.

As many of you know I’m interested in *many* subjects not just health and it’s really awesome to have a partner in life that’s also just as much into the mysteries of this life as I am.

Just before the show, Kate had watched a video about Donald Trump where he was making fun of people. It kind of was a highlight reel of all the times where he has been rude. Then we watched another video about all the candidates (both republican and democrat) where they were talking about carpet bombing other nations for this money racket we call war.

We literally watched that just before we started to go on the air and begin our recording. So when we started the show we were kind of in shock of those two videos we just watched.

We talked about the stupidity of elections, voting and the entire dog and pony show that is the American elections every for years. Many of you have written in and asked about voting. The answer is no, I will not be voting and don’t vote. Voting is a benefit and privilege and by accepting benefits and privileges you become part of a contract. Learn more about that from Creditors in Commerce (link below).

We also discussed our spiritual lessons. When should we move on from a situation or willingly stick it out because we need to learn a lesson? If you’re letting somebody hit you in the head repeatedly yet complain about a headache maybe the lesson isn’t learning to have a higher pain tolerance but having the inner power to walk away.

It’s true that everything is a lesson. And it’s also true that we have the power to get out of those situations. Should I stay or should I go? What should I do?

Would it cause you to grow in some capacity if you were to make a decision to leave a bad situation? If so, the very act of walking away might be the lesson rather than trying to be okay with the pain.

It’s a real balance when you overlay spirituality to our current physical existence. It definitely makes life more confusing.

Then we talked about the beauty of nature and why we desperately need to reconnect with the beauty of being outside. We’re sick because we’re disconnected in every way from how we’re supposed to be living.

The more disconnected we become through domestication (on *every* level) the more our body has no reference point left for which to display radical levels of health and energy.

Think about ways you can reconnect with nature. How can you cultivate a deeper more profound sense of wonder and respect for life? If you can figure out what works for you to reconnect to God, it can radically change your life.

At the end of the show we also took a couple of listener questions. We hope you enjoy and thank you for listening. It’s a real pleasure to do these shows for you and we hope you’re able to gain a new insight from them.

Remember everybody can be a teacher and everybody is on the same level as you. We don’t have the answers, you do. Look within and you’ll start to feel what it’s like to trust your own intuition.

Thanks for listening and sharing!

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Thursday 2/29/2016

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Free For All Friday

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Getting back to nature, Spiritual lessons, politics, 2016 elections

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