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Living In Joy, Is Christianity Crazy?, New Age, Psychics, Spiritual Health & Exploring Our Healing Options

I’ll warn you now, this episode is long, very long. After we recorded it, we realized how long it was but it was by far one of the most fun episodes we have ever done.

Kate and I got very candid about our spiritual life and how we view our healing options. Is it possible to live in joy? Do you want to live in a world of dreams, synchronicity and magic?

Or do you want to live in a world of logic and structure where you’re spoon fed all the answers to life’s questions? If you enjoy a husband and wife conversation about natural health and spirituality, you will probably enjoy this show.

How about new age? Is that a scary term for you? Or are you somebody who’s into seeing psychics and mediums? What about meditation and chakras? How about energy medicine and past life regression? What about astral travel and mind control?

Do these subjects immediately make you feel uncomfortable because you think they are untrue?

To make you feel a little more uncomfortable we explored some of the stranger stories in the Bible to even the playing field a little bit. Turns out, it’s crazy too.

Chakras are nuts. Energy medicine and reincarnation is wacko and lots of the stories in the bible are just as weird.

This was a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy how candid Kate and I got for this particular show.

Anyway I hope you enjoy this show we enjoyed making it for you. Thank you all for being in our lives and supporting what we do by bookmarking our Amazon link as well as visiting our store frequently or even donating to us.

We love you all and thanks for helping us help others! 🙂


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Show Date:

Thursday 1/22/2016

Show Guest:

Free For All Friday

Show Topic:

Christianity, new age, spirituality

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