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Laura Powers – How Stress, Energy & Emotions Greatly Affect Our Health

laura-powers-bio-picWe originally heard about Laura Powers from our friend and former guest Dr. Richard Massey.

Anybody Dr. Massey is into is right in line with the work that we do. Laura is a fascinating person. We had such a great time on the show today, so much so that Kate and I ended up talking afterwards for another 35 minutes!

Laura is the author of Diary of a Ghost Whisperer, Life and the After-Life: Notes from a Medium and Angel Communicator, Angels: How to Understand, Recognize, and Receive Their Assistance and Angels and Manifesting: A Guide to Changing Your Life in Magical Ways.

She’s a clairvoyant psychic medium, dream interpreter but also much more than that. She’s also very much in touch with energy, and how the subtle aspects of our life can effect our health.

Aside from doing spiritual work like working with clients, she’s also an actress, an author, a model, producer and singer.

Towards the end of the show I mentioned how many things she does and she brought up a very good point. Oftentimes we like to put people into boxes. We like to think of them as hyper focused on one thing. In reality we all have many different sides to us and certain people seem to only focus on what makes them feel comfortable.

Don’t let people put you into a box. 🙂

For example, many of you might not know this but I’m a big boxing and UFC fan, I love basketball, surfing and economics. We all have many aspects to ourselves so it’s important to allow ourselves to fully express our creativity and humanity.

Anyway, on this show we talked about how stress, anger and emotions can really play a role in our physical health. Since many of us don’t display emotional mastery we tend to cringe when we learn how emotions and stress impact our health.

I believe that all disease has its roots in emotional spiritual issues. This is why we focus a lot of our shows on these issues. Now I realize many people might not resonate with psychics or mediums but to me everything is on the table when you’re trying to heal.

The only real disease is a closed mind.

If you have more of a traditional Christian approach to life, I invite you to explore some of what’s here and resist the comfortable temptation to retreat to fear when thinking about these issues.

If you do have emotional mastery then you wouldn’t cringe much upon hearing how stress, anger and emotions affect our health. It’s possible to transcend these emotions and hijack them to our benefit.

But in order to do that, you must do some spiritual work to be able to break the unhealthy connection we all have to ego.

This was a really fun show and I hope you enjoy it.

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Show Date:

Friday 1/15/2016

Show Guest:

Laura Powers

Guest Info:

Laura is also the founder and president of Healing Powers, a company dedicated to sharing information and resources on healing and metaphysical topics. She also hosts a podcast, Healing Powers Podcast, on which she interviews experts on healing, metaphysical and spiritual topics. She has a master’s degree in political science and has worked and explored in the political, spiritual and creative realms. She has worked in politics, government, higher education

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Angels, dreams, psychic medium, manifestation, clarivoyant

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