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2015 Year In Review – Our Struggles Our Triumphs And Where We’re Headed!

We really wanted to get this episode recorded as a final chapter to the year 2015. Kate and I recorded this at night (we normally record all of our shows in the morning) and felt like it would be good to share our thoughts about different topics before the year ended.

Last year we had multiple requests to do a year end recap show so no matter what we decided to make sure we did this for you guys.

I hope you enjoy it.

We talked about some of our struggles (I’m sure you’ve had them in 2015 as well) as well as our triumphs and the direction we’re headed for 2016. Remember, direction determines destination.

Make sure you get what you want laid out in your mind or on paper (direction) and simply start doing small things every single day that support what your direction is. Eventually you’ll end up where you want to me.

Your goals and dreams will happen if you continue working hard.

There were lots of challenges in 2015 both financially and with our health. Yet every day we are making choices that support where we want to go.

Our plans are absolutely huge for 2016. We are going to be talking about what they are. They are going to serve you and you’re going to love them so we’re really excited to share them with you when the time is right.

Also our plans for our health are growing as well. We continue adopting new health strategies and trying new experiments with our health.

It’s really fun because you get to be your own little lab rat. You’re the canary in the coal mine so to speak. When you keep tweaking and trying new diets, supplements, cleansing and detoxification strategies you learn what works and what doesn’t work.

It’s by testing that you can keep honing in on what’s working for you in the moment. I encourage all of you to try new things in 2016. Make a theme out of it. Maybe make it your year to try a cleanse or introduce enzymes into your diet or maybe just try all kinds of fermented foods to increase your probiotics.

There are lots of fun things you can do and they don’t even have to take a full year. Pick one a month and try them out.

Recently I’ve been doing a Sunday fast. I call it a Phyto-Fast. I fast only on phytonutritents in the form of powders mixed with liquids only.

It’s been pretty powerful.

You can do that also.

Anyway I hope you enjoy this show we enjoyed making it for you. Thank you all for being in our lives and supporting what we do by bookmarking our Amazon link as well as visiting our store frequently or even donating to us.

We cannot thank you enough.

Let’s make 2016 the best year yet!


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Thursday 12/31/2015

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Free For All Friday

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Goals and where we’re headed

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