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Should You Listen To A Fat Nutritionist?, Having A Midlife Crisis, Doing Work You Love, Finding Your Core Values & More!

Here’s a question for you. Should you listen to a naturopath or nutritionist who doesn’t display the level of health you are seeking to attain?

What if you got to a nutritionist whose health is less than what you have. And you’re the one that came to them because you’re sick! Should you listen to them?

What if what they say to you is all true and would work for you? What if they recommend all the diet and lifestyle changes that you know would work? What if they took blood tests, measured your allergies and came up with an exact diet, supplement and detoxification protocol that was 100% guaranteed to work?

Could you listen to them even if they were fat and overweight?

During the episode I talked about how that’s the case with many other areas of life as well. Many times we cannot accept what the preacher (who has committed adultery) has to say about the sacred bonds of marriage.

Why is that so hard? The message is truth, no matter how damaged the vessel is right? But there is some sort of relationship to the person delivering the message right? Where do you draw the line?

Would you take health advice from somebody who’s health is failing? Is it just human to have struggles and it’s not fair to only take advice from somebody who only displays radical levels of health or should this be the standard? If that’s the standard who draws the line in the sand and says that’s what the standard is?

And can that standard ever change? If so, who has the right to change it?

It’s interesting that as humans we set such high standards and make judgments based on unscientific biomarkers. For example, people have said that David Wolfe is overweight and out of shape so they won’t listen to him.

I for one love David Wolfe and enjoy his inspiration.

But with that aside it’s an argument I’ve heard for years now. So the first question I’d have for somebody that would like to write him off is by what standard are they measuring his weight? Pictures? Well pictures and video isn’t accurate for somebody like him. Ideally it would be nice to know his actual height and weight.

On top of that, is it possible that our current societal social norm for what weight is ideal, could be wrong? We idolize skinny models and think they look good. Is that healthy? Maybe we’re too skinny as a culture? Maybe everybody would be better served by putting on 5 or 10 pounds?

Is there a relationship between being super skinny (which is what we think is healthy and normal) and longevity?

So what I’m saying is that it’s possible David Wolfe is perfectly ideal and that our society has a flawed view of what it means to be healthy? At the very least, that’s an option on the table right?

So going back to your naturopath, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. If they have something good to say, allow that to come in and resonate with you.

Try not to get entangled in attachments to ideas you’ve never challenged yourself on.

We also discussed having a midlife crisis and what’s going on with people who don’t feel like their life or career is going the way they envisioned earlier in life.

This happens quite often and we suppose that it might have something to do with not doing the work that really resonates in your heart. Part of being healthy, fit and vibrant is doing work that is fulfilling and that allows you to earn a comfortable living.

It’s your birthright. Having a fulfilling job is a key to health and longevity. It makes one feel like they have a purpose on the planet. Your life means something and finding what your calling is, is crucial to feeling connected to your purpose.

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Monday 12/13/2015

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Free For All Friday

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Radio Show Transcript:

  • Ann says:

    Hi, Justin and Kate!! I’m just listening to this episode and wanted to chime in. You mentioned that you thought 90% of health/wellness was due to loving what you do for a living. My anecdotal proof of that would be my boss. He drinks diet cokes, doesn’t exercise, his office has a toxic mold (I tested) growing and he eats out 99% of his meals. This guy is 75 years old and won’t retire. He makes us all look bad. He absolutely was born for what he does and it makes a huge difference in his health. Amazing!!
    Anyway, thanks again for another great show! So fun!!

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