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Anthony William – The Medical Medium Gets To The Root Of Mysterious & Unexplained Health Issues

I’m guessing that this show is going to become very controversial as there’s already a ton of views on Youtube. I’ve been getting emails left and right about Anthony William aka The Medical Medium.

People have been writing me and saying he’s fake. Some people are saying that he’s communicating with evil spirits. While others are writing in saying that he’s done nothing but help them with their health issues.

Kate and I were talking about this recently. Of the people that aren’t saying he’s helped them, the majority are saying he’s communicating with evil spirits. Which I find interesting because I’m guessing this group is a highly religious group. My question for these folks is, how do you know that the “Holy Spirit” or angels you seem to be comfortable with, are in fact “good” and not evil spirits masquerading as angels of light?

How do you know? Do you see that good spirit you connect with? So what I’m saying here is that I don’t believe anybody knows the true nature of the spirits they connect with. Christians will think the spirits they call upon are all good, but I’m saying there’s no way to know that for sure.

Some people were saying Anthony William is not connecting at all to higher beings. Again, how do they know what’s going on with Anthony and his communication with these beings?

By far the majority of the people that wrote in privately to me said that he’s been instrumental in them healing their body’s health conditions.

Whenever you do a show like this (or the one’s we’ve done with Chris Kehler) you’re going to get blow back. People think they have everything figured out. Personally I’d rather live in the world of wonder, mystery and what if.

Anthony William has helped Kate with her health issue as she had a consultation with him a while back. It has been said that…

The only disease is a closed mind.

So if you have a diagnosis or a mystery disease or illness, I’d recommend at least being open enough to hear some of what Anthony has to say. Like all of our guests, if it doesn’t resonate with you that’s cool.

We like to present all kinds of ideas and let each person decide what they’ll invite into their consciousness that’ll determine how deep they want to go with their own natural healing.

We took some listener questions at the end like what does Anthony think about colonics and vaccinations and a whole host of other health concerns.

I for one thought he’s a fascinating guy. What did you think? Do you believe him or not believe him? Do you think he could help you? What are you thoughts? Anthony William is a controversial guy. Share your comments below and let’s have a good discussion about this!


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Show Date:

Monday 11/6/2015

Show Guest:

Anthony William the Medical Medium

Show Topic:

the root of health issues and disease

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