Ep #400 – Dr. Victor Zeines - The Powerful Connection Between Our Teeth And Our Health


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Ep #400 – Dr. Victor Zeines – The Powerful Connection Between Our Teeth And Our Health


Dr. Victor Zeines joined us in this rather informative podcast. He was a great guest and a fun guy! We’re hoping to get him in the studio sometime in February if we an make it happen.

Thanks for bearing with us and being patient getting these shows distributed. We’ve had many people email in asking when it’s going to be released on the website. I need to hire a full time production manager to help distribute all this content!

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During this show with Dr. Victor Zeines (creator of Vital Boost) we talked about holistic health and how oral health is tightly related to our overall health. Many people would never realize that many of the problems in our bodies could be caused by an infection in our mouth.

For those that don’t know he’s the author of such books as…

I’d highly recommend you look into biological dentistry, or sometimes it’s called holistic dentistry.

We talked about acupuncture and ancient Chinese Medicine and how our teeth can directly impact the health of all of our organs. Each tooth actually reflexes back to a specific organ and visa versa.

So this means if you’re having organ pain in your liver for example the real cause could be a certain tooth. Or if you’re having pain in a certain tooth it could be caused by poor organ function to the corresponding internal organ.

Fascinating how we are set up isn’t it?

We also discussed practical ways of taking care of your teeth. I like to brush with just water but then rinse with hydrogen peroxide, sea salt and a dash of aluminum free baking soda.

Dr. Zeines recommended this particular recipe of essential oils for maintaining oral care and remain cavity free.

  • 5 Drops Clove Oil
  • 5 Drops Olive oil
  • 10 Drops Oregeno Oil
  • 10 Drops Colloidal Silver

Naturally we also discussed tooth decay, gum disease, tongue mapping and what that means about your health, what diet promotes healthy teeth as well as gums.

If you’re looking for some really unique products to promote oral care and the health of your mouth, don’t forget to download our show notes. I share some really great ideas there.

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Show Date:

Friday 10/16/2015

Show Guest:

Dr. Victor Zeines

Guest Info:

Dr. Zeines has been practicing Holistic Dentistry for the past 25 years. He received his degree from N.Y.C. College of Dentistry and completed an internship at the Eastman Dental Center in Rochester New York.

Dr. Zeines always believed that dentistry needed to do more then just “fix teeth.”

In 1980, he received a Masters in Science (Nutrition) from the University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, Connecticut. He received Fellowship Status from the Academy of General Dentistry in 1982. An early article by Dr. Zeines called “Nutritional Eases Dental Problems,” published in 1980, talks about the link regarding oral and systemic health.

Show Topic:

Dental health and its relation to our overall health and how to fix it!

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