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Mary Tocco On Vaccinations, Childhood Shots & More

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Today Mary Tocco from Childhood Shots dropped in to talk about the dangers of vaccines. She talked about what the ingredients are and why they are so damaging to the human body, especially babies.

If you are considering getting a flu shot or having your baby vaccinated, you might want to reconsider after listening to this interview.

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We discuss the following and so much more:

  • Why do doctors still recommend vaccinations? (11:24)
  • Detoxification strategies & autism (52:10)
  • The importance of HAVING infections (14: 29)
  • How much mercury is in a flu shot? (38:30)
  • Can you refuse vaccines when traveling? (48:06)
  • Can my unvaccinated child attend school? (29:48)
  • And much more!

You’ll probably be shocked like I was when you learn what’s actually in most vaccines.Click to tweet this!

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Show Date: 8/31/2012
Show Guest: Mary Tocco
Guest Info: I have independently researched childhood vaccines for over 32 years. I was married to Sam Tocco, chiropractor, for 24 years and we successfully raised our five children outside the medical model, focusing on a vitalistic approach to health. I advocate natural home births and support home education and raising drug-free children.

I began to lecture on the dangers of vaccines in 1994 and have traveled around the United States and Canada speaking too parents, chiropractic students and doctors. My goal is to share the hidden facts on toxic vaccines with parents before they vaccinate, so that they make fully informed vaccine decisions.

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Topic: Vaccinations & Childhood Shots
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Alan Phillips Vaccine Attorney
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Podcast Transcript:

JUSTIN: Thank you so much everbody for joining us on, we really appreciate that. Today is going to be a really awesome day. We have a really great guest who I think you’re going to like. Her name is Mary Tocco and I’ll introduce her in just a moment.

I just want to say that this is Episode #4 and you can find it at This show is brought to you by the Vita-Mix Blender, which, in my opinion, is the best blender on the market. You can also check that out at and if you purchase through us, that will help fund our efforts and keep us going over here.

I want to talk a little bit quickly, before I introduce our guest, about our upcoming schedule. We have a lot of good shows coming up. Next week
we have Dr. Charles Partido from the ejuva cleanse and he will be with us talking about cleansing and detoxification. We have also have Phillip McCluskey next week, who lost over 200 lbs following the raw food diet, and it will be really interesting to speak with him about that. We also have Marjory Wildcraft, who will be teaching us how to grow our own food and become a little bit more self-sustainable, which I think is going to be more and more important in the weeks and years ahead. We have Danny Roddy the following week, who is a researcher on the endocrine system, stress and hormones. We have Susan Schenck that following week as well, on the 13th, so make sure to check out her interview.

With that said, let’s introduce our guest here. I’m going to read a little of her bio so that you can learn a little bit more about who Mary Tocco is. She has independently researched childhood vaccines for 32 years. She successfully raised five children outside of the medical model, focusing on a vitalistic approach to health. She began the lecture on the dangers of vaccines in 1994 and has traveled all around the United States and Canada, speaking to patients, parents chiropractic students and doctors. She is the Director of the Vaccine Research and Education Organization in Michigan, opposing mandatory vaccines, which is MOM. She formed the Precious Health Campaign, LLC in 2005, to help accomplish her goals with the intention of empowering parents to examine all the safe non-invasive health care options to raise children, will have to talk to her about that and she’s also the co-founding member of the American Chiropractic Autism Board founded in 2008 under the direction of her daughter Dr. Renee Tocco. And let’s see, she’s also produced a DVD called Are Vaccines Safe and we’re going to offer a little discount at the end of the show for that so make sure to stay tuned. This DVD is a must for all parents and health care providers. It talks about vaccines and goes through all the history of vaccines and it’s just an amazing DVD so we gotta make sure we support her and purchase that. And she’s also got a website called and she has her own radio show as well, it’s on the Republic Broadcasting Network every Saturday from 4-5 p.m eastern. Wow, Mary that is quite a resume.

MARY: Well, I’ve been going at it a long time Justin, thanks so much for having me on.

JUSTIN: No problem. It’s such an honor. So when did you first get, I know you started to teach about vaccines in 1994 but what was your story prior to that. How did you get involved in the vaccine.

MARY: Well, before I had my first child in 1979 I was married to Sam Tocco, a chiropractor, and we were planning a family and we had, he of course chiropractors come from vitalist health care approach anyway, but we had done some reading and one of the books that I read that really started to open my eyes to the problems with vaccinations was called the Medical Heretic by Robert Mendelsohn and I really consider it one of the best books I have ever read and really encourage everybody to get it, it’s still in print but the Medical Heretic, Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, was a renowned pediatrician who began to expose the problems with the field of pediatrics and one of the big problems is it, they were designed to vaccinate your children. So that was a real eye opener and then he has another book called How To Raise A Healthy Child In Spite Of Your Doctor, so those books were really important in influencing us, as well as one called The Poison Needle, there were about five major books back then that were all researched based about the dangers of vaccinations. And keep in mind Justin, this is before we had all the books and all the internet, so it was a very popular stand but we decided we were not going to vaccinate our five children because we felt that something very bad was going to come out of it up the road and as then began to increase the number of vaccines given to children of this generation we saw more and more health problems in my siblings, I have ten brothers and sisters and those that vaccinated their children, I started to see their kids having asthma issues and learning problems and attention deficit, behavior problems and then, of course, I watched this whole autism epidemic appear out of like nowhere. And so we knew that the vaccines were probably the number one cause for all this and like I said, in 1994, I helped to form a group in Michigan because they were going to pass a bill to remove our exemptions here in Michigan to say no. Excuse me. And I thought you know I want my kids to have this right and so we formed that group and today Michigan still has three exemptions available to get your children into school and we are still an active group and we still have a tremendous amount of power in this state and we’re constantly keeping an eye on what’s going on and then I actually testified in ’95 for the health policy committee as we were able to shoot that bill down and ever since then I’ve been out there, I’ve just been educating people, parents about the dangers of vaccines. I believe the research I share which comes from scientific and medical resources you’ll never find in a text book in any university because they just won’t have it. Anything that is against vaccinations will not be put in any journal or in any textbook. So this is valid scientific information that I’ve been digging up for many, many years.

JUSTIN: And you have a lot of those studies on your website. Right?

MARY: Actually, I’m working on the website as we speak. This is a fairly new one. I’m doing a lot of research about all the infectious illnesses that we vaccinate for. I’ve got research about the immune system and the benefits of natural immunity, many articles that support mom’s who are pregnant or nursing, how to conceive a child and keep him healthy and strong. So I am building that whole data base now, but a lot of this information is on my DVD series.

JUSTIN: Great, we will talk more about that. I am going to have to get that DVD myself. My wife and I are thinking about having a kid soon, so this is all pertinent information. It’s interesting that, in a book called Murder By Injection, that I read a few years back, I think it’s by Eustace
Mullins. He talks about the current allopathic model today. Prior to that, people didn’t get vaccinations and people used homeopathy, and it’s only in the last 100 years, right, that this whole model sort of took over and a lot of people don’t realize that.

MARY: That’s very true. What I found, through my research, is that it started with the smallpox vaccine and then, all of a sudden, the polio vaccine several years later, and even though thousands and thousands of people were injured after their polio vaccine, and three months after the first polio vaccine was introduced, there was an incident called ‘the cutter’ incident. People can simply google that, ‘polio vaccine cutter incident’, and you will see that 70,000 children were severely injured and had polio after the first Salk vaccine and our government pulled it and were terribly embarrassed but you see the President got behind it and was promoting it on television, black and white TV, I can remember hearing about it and seeing it as a child myself and then they introduced the Sabin vaccine which was no better but they couldn’t admit it, and it really seems like then that’s when they got their foot in the school systems. In 1965 they passed the Vaccine Assistance Acts with congress making it easy for the vaccine companies to go to the school systems and give them to the children and this is when the system really got its foot into the school systems and from there, since then it’s really been going down hill. They’ve been introducing more and more and more and of course with technology now they are bio-engineering these vaccines, they’re not even making them the way they used it which was bad enough, it’s even worse now because they are bio-engineering, it’s like Frankenstein.

JUSTIN: Yeah. It’s interesting you said that because I’m, actually looking at a website which I’m sure you’re familiar called and I’m looking at just the regular flu vaccination and I’m looking at some of the ingredients, the first three ingredients I don’t know if it works the same in vaccines as it does on uh, with regular food where the first few ingredients are the one’s that contain most, it contains the most of those ingredients, but it says formaldehyde, thimerosal and mercury. Those are the first…

MARY: Exactly.

JUSTIN: The first three ingredients.

MARY: Yes, that’s an excellent website I reference it all the time. I’m actually involved with that website as well, called the World Association For Vaccine Education and I know the physician who put that together. He spent probably 50 thousand dollars of time and energy and resources to get that website up. I recommend it all the time because you can pull up all of the vaccinations and all of the ingredients which I am going to also have on my website in the future. But until then this is an awesome website.

JUSTIN: Yeah. Yeah, I refer people to that website all the time. We’ve got a lot to get to in this show, but just wanted to first quickly find out why do you think doctors still recommend vaccinations? What’s, what’s in it for them?

MARY: First of all, I think you have to realize that, and many people don’t realize this, that the whole field of immunology does not focus on how the immune system functions or works, the whole field of immunology focuses on diseases within the immune system or immune diseases, like autoimmune diseases or vaccinations. So a very interesting book that just came out recently called Vaccine Illusions by Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych, it’s very hard to pronounce her name, but she says that the whole theory of vaccinations is false, because it’s based on old and out dated material. And so doctors who come out of school, like regular medical doctors, pediatricians they never, ever learn about natural immune function. They don’t realize that when you inject a vaccination it goes completely against how the body and nature would have the immune system respond. So they come out of school with the knowledge of how to vaccinate and basically how to store the vaccinations and what the vaccinations are used for, but they have very little understanding how they effect the human body. They actually never, ever look at how the vaccination, when injected into the body and gets into the blood system, can effect every organ of the body, which means every ingredient in that vaccine can circulate around to every organ as well. So doctors don’t get it. Unfortunately, they go to a medical school that only teaches them so much information, they come out and they regurgitate the same information that they learned and therefore they really don’t understand how dangerous and damaging the vaccines are. And so they go, I think they do it out of ignorance to be very honest with you, and of course Robert Mendelshon, who wrote the book How To Raise A Healthy Child In Spite Of Your Doctor, says that the purpose of the pediatrician is to indoctrinate your child into a lifelong dependency on medicine, and the purpose of the well baby visit is to vaccinate your baby. So a doctor gets out of school, they have all that, you know those debts to pay from years and years of being in medical school and they come out into their practice and they don’t even have time to look back and see what’s going on with the children they vaccinate. They simply started up and they keep it going and it’s happening though that many medical doctors from all different fields are now jumping ship and they’re acknowledging that vaccines are bad. I can name dozens of them that come from every area of medicine from surgeons to immunologists to biologists and chemists and PHD researchers who are acknowledging that vaccines are definitely not good and are causing a tremendous amount of harm.

JUSTIN: Let’s talk a little bit about what you think is the difference between when someone injects something into the blood stream, that’s actually inside the body, but when you take a pill or something, that’s not inside the body because it’s in you colon and in your intestines. What is the difference when you actually get an injection like these kids are getting.

MARY: You have to realize that the way nature set it us is that when a child gets exposed to bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold and all that, it’s through the nose, the mouth and the lungs. That’s how nature intended it. Our immune system is not just a little compartment, it is connected intricately to all the organs, tissues and cells and the nervous system, and it involves the lymphatic system and glands. There are two arms to the immune system, the TH1 arm and the TH2 arm . TH1 is where children will respond to acute illnesses and the TH2 is in the background and develops over time, and has really built lifelong immunity. So a baby is born and they begin to be exposed immediately from their environment. A vaginal delivery is the best because it will expose the child to the good flora that belongs in the human body, and kicks the TH1 arm into action, which has been suppressed while the baby has been inside the mother. So, Dr. Marini by the way, is a urologist who I often reference, who really has dedicated his life to explaining the whole practice of natural immunity. So, I child, when they are 2, 3 or 4 months of age, they begin to put everything in their mouth. This is no accident. This is how nature has set it up, because it is, it is, it is how the immune, which is the whole digestive track and the lymphatic system, that’s how the immune system learns about the environment the child is living in. And so it’s very common for children to not only put everything in their mouth but to have rashes and fevers and swollen glands and occasional diarrhea because they are processing this new information. The body is dealing with it and filtering it through thousands and thousands of different processes and then excreting the outcome or the whatever it has to get rid of through the body, the skin through the grans, runny noses and the fever of course is addressing any bacterial or viral infection. And people have to understand that that is the normal process that humans have been going through for centuries and centuries and that we, within us, have the innate knowledge of how to stay alive and how to thrive and keep this, you know keep human beings going. So when we vaccinate and we bypass that method of entry through the mouth and the nose where the mucus membranes are there to engage in whatever is coming in, we are injecting it into the muscle, the immune system is not prepared to address it the same way. Eventually everything that is in that vaccination, whether it’s phenol, acetone, aluminum or formaldehyde, thousands of viruses and bacteria eventually will make their way into the blood system and then they get circulated around to every organ in the human body exposing those organs to the toxins, and that is why our children suffer with multiply organic problems from heavy medals in the brain to asthma, liver problems, gut and colon problems, kidney problems, digestive upsets, allergies, asthma. I mean we are causing this whole generation of children to be very, very sick with debilitating chronic problems that are long term versus a short term acute illness like chicken pox or measles or even whooping cough or mumps. And so this is the problem with vaccines.

JUSTIN: Right, so it’s almost a double whammy. You know on one level you have the vaccinations actually harming people and then on the other level you are stripping the body of being able to become stronger as a result of having gone through an illness. Right?

MARY: Absolutely. In fact, I would like to talk about the whooping cough outbreak. I personally know what whooping cough is like, as one of my children had it, and, as you know, my children were unvaccinated, which is the way I wanted it. Keep in mind that I had two kids, and my youngest one, at 18 months, caught whooping cough, and this was back in 1985, when we were still getting the original DPT vaccine, which was very very contagious. I believe he was exposed to a child in the area where we lived. Anyway, a long story short, I know what whooping cough is like, first hand. It is not fun. My son, for about five weeks, had a very hard cough. He kept me up late at night and he ran fevers in the evening, but during the day he was pretty good. I knew something was wrong, so I went to my book and found out it was whooping cough. I continued to breast feed him and make sure he was hydrated well. But my point is that this whooping cough outbreak, 85% of children who are having whooping cough, or pertussis, are the vaccinated children. I believe what’s happening now is we know that, first of all, this strain of pertussis that is now effecting children in this country is a different strain. It is mutated, which is to the result of the vaccination. Secondly, these kids immune systems are already repressed and they are going to be more vulnerable to whooping cough than the unvaccinated. Thirdly, if a child gets whooping cough above the age of one year, it’s usually very manageable. I have information I posted on Facebook on how to deal with this. I also have my website. It’s only very dangerous for children under the age of one, because they cannot cough up the mucous, and the mucous is the problem. It is a bacterial infection in the lungs and that child will have lots of mucous. I just want to let people know that the vaccine is not the answer.

JUSTIN: Right, and we will get into some of the things, after this break right here, that people can do to detox and talk a little bit about how mothers out there really get scared. Doctors will tell them things and really scare them into getting these shots and vaccines. We will talk a little bit about that after we take this break, so we will be right back.

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Again, if you want to check out our products, it is, and, with that said, let’s get back to this interview. Before this, I just want to say, make sure you visit the page that you’re on now, at for this episode and you can get all the show notes, websites and books, and you can also visit Mary’s Facebook page as well. She has a great following on there, so make sure you follow her on Facebook and Twitter and all that good stuff.

Thank you very much Mary for joining us today. I want to ask you a little bit Mary about how doctors really do scare women into these sorts of vaccinations. What are some of the top concerns? If someone is listening who is pregnant and their doctors just told them that they have to get their child vaccinated, so what is the first thing they should do?

MARY: I think, first of all, they need to do the research and make a fully informed vaccine decision. I do not tell people ‘don’t vaccinate your kids’. I believe it is a personal choice, and quite frankly, I don’t want to get into trouble. I don’t want to be responsible for that. I encourage people to do everything they can to learn about every single vaccination that they are requesting your children to have. You have the right to make the ultimate decision, but you have to understand how to support your decision and defend it, should you need to, and that’s what my DVD is all about. But, I understand why mom’s get scared. They go to the doctor’s office for their well-baby visit, which, by the way, I personally never had a pediatrician for my children. My grand-babies do not have pediatrician’s and I know thousands, maybe a couple of million moms, who do not use pediatricians, because the purpose of the pediatrician is to vaccinate your baby. If you go to a pediatrician and have your baby there, and say
‘Okay doc, I’m ready for my well-baby visit. They’re simply going to look in the ears, nose, and weigh the baby, measure its head and say ‘your baby s fine, but why are you here, your baby needs the vaccine’. So, really, if you’re not going to vaccinate, consider looking at a homeopath, naturopath or a chiropractor as your primary care physician, or just be your own doctor. My gosh, the only time children need a doctor is if they’re sick. We are taught to believe that you have to have a pediatrician. Two of my children so far have had kids, and all of them were natural birthed, a couple were home birthed and a couple were water birthed in birthing centers and one was in a hospital, because she just had a long labor. My point is, we never had a pediatrician, and yes they do act like, you’re neglecting your child, but when you say excuse me, I don’t have one because we don’t vaccinate. You just really need to know how to take care of your kids and that’s a good program. The parenting course you offer sounds wonderful Justin, it sounds wonderful for parents and I encourage you to consider that, because really we have to become our childrens’ doctor and understand what’s going on in their body. My motto is, if a child is ill, understand what’s going on in their body, understand the role of the fever or diarrhea, look at their diet, make sure they’re eating well, make sure they’re not on a lot of sugar, eliminate the dairy products, increase their organic foods, but they can go to a chiropractor if they really have a problem with ear infections or if their immune system is down, a chiropractic adjustment could boost all of that. As a last resort, turn to a drug or medication, but I do have a track record of never using a pediatrician and never filling a prescription the whole time I raised my five children. It can be done.

I think parents should understand the role of the fever and when a baby is running a fever at 102, their body produces a class of protein called Interferon. Interferon, when a baby is running at 102, their body is literally fighting bacteria infection and it’s also stopping viral deprecation. When parents understand that, they are not so fearful. Of course, modern medicine says that when a baby’s at 101, you start to give them a chemical or a drug to reduce the fever. But, when you are doing that, you are literally fighting against the body’s own natural immune response for something going on in the human body. You know, it’s a good thing. At 103, children will stop eating many times, they will throw up a little bit, but their body is basically saying ‘stop eating’ because I want to kill this bacterial infection and I don’t want you to feed it while we do it. So, I think the big thing is understanding how the body works, understanding natural immunity and not being bullied or feared into doing anything that you are not 100% convinced about doing.

JUSTIN: I think the name of the game is, we talk a lot about this on our show, is personal responsibility and learning how the body works yourself. I think it’s time that people start educating themselves and that’s why we have some of the products that we provide on our website. A lot of them are informational products, on how to educate yourself and how the body works, as well as your DVD. It’s the same way, it teaches you information and it’s time that we stopped giving all of our power over to people who have gone to medical school, who maybe know as much about health as we do.

I want to ask you real quick about some of the ways that we can refuse, because a lot of people are concerned and think, how can my kid go to school or maybe my employer says I have to get a flu shot or I’m going to get fired, and things like that. As far as I know, each State has a certain amount of exemptions that you can claim. Is that right?

MARY: Yes, but my fear Justin, is that we are losing this battle. Right now, parents can go to my website and under ‘vaccines’ they will see ‘vaccine law’. If you click on that bar, it will open up a whole picture of the United States, where you will see in your State, if you have a religious, medical or philosophical exemption to vaccinations. And they are making it more difficult. Some States are literally are trying to remove our right to say ‘no’ to vaccines. Recently, five States tried to get the right back and were defeated. Those Bills were introduced and were defeated. We need people to become more involved at a local level, so that they know what we want in our State, but it is possible to get your children into school, depending upon your State. You can use a religious exemption, which I highly recommend. I am very close to Alan Phillips. He is the vaccine attorney. You can google him and he helps parents who are fighting custody battles over vaccines or who are fighting getting the flu shot in their workplace. What we’re doing actually in Michigan, is that we’ve introduced a Bill that will make it illegal for any employer to fire a person who refuses to get the flu vaccine. This is happening around the whole country, and it goes back to 1995 when John Hopkins University decided they were going to make it mandatory for every employee, who comes into the hospital, to get a vaccine for the flu. All of a sudden, the whole allopathic medical model said ‘hey, let’s do this’, so now, every State in the country, every hospital, is requiring that all of the people who work there, whether you are a technician in the back room, whether you’re a janitor, whether you’re delivering food to the cafeteria, you have to get the flu shot, or you lose your job. This is the first time that this has ever happened in history, where they had this control. Unfortunately, there is no law in the book saying they can’t do this. So, in Michigan, we have a Bill that we’ve introduced. Anybody who is interested in learning about that in Michigan, can contact me on my Facebook page, Mary Tocco, and I encourage people, if you are a doctor or a nurse, and you don’t want this happening, you had better get busy and find a representative who will write the Bill and get it done. All you have to do is approach your representative and say ‘look, do you feel that this is right?’. You’re going to find dozens of them who will agree with you. We are hoping to get our bill passed this Fall in the state of Michigan, making it illegal to fire somebody who doesn’t want to get a flu shot.

The bad news is, and this is pretty shocking Justin, but the Bill Gates Foundation has awarded 1.7 million dollars to try to put into place, many tracking systems worldwide. One of them is called a mobile card system that will achieve universal vaccination reporting and their goal is to get every child and every person on the planet, registered in this global cloud, so that they can monitor and tell who is vaccinated and who is not. And, then it gets even worse. They are going to produce an anti-vaccine surveillance and alert system in the United States that will establish an internet space global monitoring and rapid alert system, for finding, analyzing and counter-reacting communication that goes against vaccinations over the internet. What they are going to do is that they are basically going to censor anyone, like me or you, on the internet and we will lose our right of free speech, and this is what we have just paid out big bucks to make happen. So folks, we are losing time, and that’s why I’m on such a passionate mission to reach people, to educate them on the benefits of natural immunity. Get my DVD because my DVD has everything you need to educate you. Give it to your pastor, give it to your teacher, to your sister-in-law who is pregnant. Give it out at baby showers. Buy multiple issues of it so that we can keep this vaccine education revolution going, and maybe stop some of this insanity.

JUSTIN: Right. Right now we only have a dog, a little dachshund, and it’s interesting how the entire system is completely entwined, where the medical agencies are working with the health care agencies and things like that. I’ve been told that there is going to be people coming by and knocking on our door to see if we have vaccinated our dog. I can’t imagine how much more it is with children. There is a lot of work to be done, as far as awareness, and I think we are going to look into different issues, as far as when you sign a birth certificate and how there’s a relationship with the State and the child. As soon as you sign the birth certificate, CPS can get involved and there are all kinds of things like that that we’re going to look at.

I wanted to ask you also about how vaccinations could be involved in things like still birth and miscarriages. What are some of the things that having a vaccination can do?

MARY: We do know that they now recommend that pregnant women get a flu vaccine and, like you saw, many flu contain thimerosal, which is a form of ethol-mercury. Doctors and nurses will say ‘oh well, the mercury in a vaccine is no different from the mercury we get from the air, the mercury that we breathe and that gets into our lungs or mercury in fish. Well, first of all, let’s look at this logically. Infants and babies do not eat fish, number one, and yet we find high mercury levels in children ages 2 years of age, who have autism. So, we know they are getting exposed to great levels of mercury and they are not eating fish.
Secondly, when we inject mercury, it’s very different from when we eat or breathe mercury. Our body has the ability to chelate out metals and a lot of this magic happens in the gut. The gut is very very important for immunity, as well as eliminating these toxins. So, when a child gets a little bit of aluminum or mercury in their breast milk, or even in their formula, and unfortunately formula has a lot of aluminum, it’s able to get rid of it organically or naturally, so when we inject it again, we are bypassing that method and it’s directly injected into the body and many of these toxins do not stay in the blood long. They get absorbed into the fatty tissue as they situate around the body and they are there to cause problems for the rest of that child’s life.

One thing I want to bring up too, is the type of mercury that is found in food, in the air, or in environmental pollution is called methyl mercury. The type that we inject is called ethyl mercury and there is a huge difference between ethyl and methyl mercury. And so, when they say that it’s the same, they are not comparing apples to apples, they are actually, basically trying to deceive people into thinking that it’s the same.
According to the National Institute of Health, in 2005 they looked at the ethyl mercury and compared it to the methyl mercury and this is their quote ‘ethyl mercury is more toxic than methyl mercury because it crosses the blood brain barrier quicker and converts to inorganic mercury. The inorganic mercury is the most difficult to excrete and stays in the brain longer and in higher levels. So, methyl mercury, by the way, is much more dangerous and so, when you hear that argument, whether it’s on television, on the CBC or Paul Offit or a well-intended nurse or doctor, just know that they have not done the research and they do not understand the difference between methyl and ethyl mercury. And then of course, they say ‘well, it’s just a trace amount of mercury. They actually claim that all the mercury has been removed and, if anything, at the end, there is a trace amount left. Well, let’s compare what a trace amount of mercury is. When we’re talking about mercury in water or liquid, two parts per billion is the mandated limit for any drinking water. Two hundred parts per billion of mercury in anything renders it a liquid toxic hazard.

JUSTIN: That’s 200?

MARY: Yes, 200 parts per billion. The very infant flu vaccinations that thousands and thousands of children, if not millions of kids are being offered, has 20,000 parts per billion of mercury. The flu vaccine recommended for children over the age of 12, and adults, has 50,000 parts per billion. So, they cannot tell us that a trace amount of mercury is safe. Any doctor who says that does not know, I would run out of that office, if that doctor says the vaccines are safe. I would literally pick my child up and run out of their office.

JUSTIN: Mercury is the first or second most toxic thing on earth?

MARY: I believe it is the most second toxic thing under uranium. You know, they say ‘oh well, the mercury is safe’ and guess what they did? They increased the aluminum. You see, mercury is an adjuvant. These people need to understand that mercury is an adjuvant put into vaccinations to cause an ongoing reaction in the immune system, so that you only need a few vaccines. It causes an ongoing immune response for many days after the vaccine has been injected. That’s the purpose of an adjuvant. You can google the word adjuvant. When they reduced the mercury in the vaccines, they had to increase something else that would cause this ongoing irritation. And so, they literally increased the amount of aluminum. Aluminum now is in incredibly high levels. There was only one study ever done on children injected with aluminum. One study. And it was called the Aspen Study. And again, people can look this up on google. It’s called The American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition. Basically, this is the nutrition that premature babies are given when they are born, in the hospital very early, when they’re born too early to breast feed or to eat, they are given this IV nutrition, which, by the way, contains aluminum. I was grieved to find out that this contains aluminum.
Anyway, there was one study done, back in 1994 to see how this aluminum could be effecting the premature babies. They took 200 babies, 100 of them they gave the normal parenteral nutrition with the high level of aluminum and reduced it in the 100 babies that were the control group. They found out this. The babies that got the full amount of aluminum and decreased kidney function and were at a higher risk for toxicity and all of those babies showed impaired neurological and mental development at 18 months, The babies who didn’t get the aluminum were absolutely fine. They determined that anything over 20 mcg of aluminum ingested into an infant is considered toxic. So, 20 mcg of aluminum or more is toxic for a newborn child.

The very first vaccination that are given to babies in the hospital is a hepatitis-B shot. That vaccination contains 250 mcg of aluminum, and when a child goes in and gets their first ever vaccine at 2 months of age, they can have up to 1250 mcg of aluminum. Then, when a child is fully vaccinated at 18 months, they will have received 4925 mcg of aluminum. All of this aluminum in the body can build up over time, again it’s toxic for the kidney and can lead to neurological problems. So I’m not surprised that are autism rates have not dropped since we reduced mercury. And doctors will say, ‘since we reduced the mercury the autism continues to rise, so it can’t be the vaccine’. Well, guess what? It is the vaccine. There was a study done on July 15, 2010 in the Journal of Autoimmunity and they said that they are now seeing a new syndrome called Autoimmune Inflammatory Syndrome induced by adjuvants and they are referencing the aluminum adjuvants in vaccinations. The American Academy of Pediatrics admits ‘aluminum is now being implicated as interfering with a variety of cellular and metabolic processes in the nervous system and in other tissues’. So, I am not surprised that we continue to see autism, learning problems, attention deficit, depression, asthma, chronic illnesses like Crohns disease and diabetes. All of these things will continue to rise as long as we are vaccinating our children. And Justin, it has got to stop or we are ruining this whole generation of kids.

JUSTIN: I think what we need to do is that mothers and fathers need to start learning how to raise a healthy child. Kids shouldn’t be having all of these vaccinations and shots, as it is so completely unnatural. When we come back, I want to talk a little bit about some of the ways to detox vaccinations and some of the ways to offset a lot of these shots. There is hope and I just want people to know that.

With that said, let’s take a quick break and we’ll be right back.

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So, let’s get back to the interview here.

JUSTIN: Okay, thank’s again for joining us again Mary. I really appreciate that. I know you have been doing a lot of interviews lately. I want to encourage people to visit to learn more about her DVD. I believe it’s 2-3 hours long. I don’t have it yet, but I really want to buy it. I imagine it’s really something that would be a huge resource for people. So, go to Mary’s website and check that out. And, I want to ask you about some detoxification things like OSR.and things like that. Before we get to that, a friend of mine on Facebook wanted me to ask you something about traveling and vaccinations. You know, a lot of people travel to third world counties. They try to force you to get vaccinations when you travel and is that something people need to do?

MARY: Well, first of all, it depends on where you’re going. It’s very important to stay away from areas that do not have clean water, good sanitation or the ability to get good food. Because they are, by divine plan, they are keeping people sick in certain parts of the world, and I believe it’s to keep this whole process of infectious disease going, but I would stay away from areas that don’t have clean water, good nutrition, or that have huge outbreaks of infectious illnesses. I have traveled all around Europe and I’ve been to Dubai and Mexico. I’ve never been asked to take a vaccine. I think that if you are involved in ministry work and are going into Africa, you really have to look at what they’re asking you to do and make informed decisions. I believe if you claim a religious exemption you should be able to get out of any vaccination, but if they were telling me that I have to do a vaccine in order to do ministry work somewhere, I would get on my knees and pray to the Lord and ask him to change my direction in life. I do not think that we need to take in toxic vaccines that could literally cause us to be sick for the rest of our life, in order to go across the world and help people, when we’ve got people in our own country who can get help. So, I would really just check it out. Try to do whatever you can to refuse them. I’ve talked to dozens of adults who have taken the hepatitis-A and the hepatitis-B, different vaccines for different countries, who have come home sick and have never recovered. You have to really be careful and see what they are requiring. But I think if you use the religious exemption and find that you’re refused because of that, I think that they will honor that. Most of them will honor that, and if they don’t, I wouldn’t go.

JUSTIN: Now is that something, because of the religious exemption, can you get a form for that on your website, or do you draft it up yourself? How does that work?

MARY: I have a list of biblical reasons why that’s important not vaccinating, but ultimately you have to have your own conviction. Should they ever question you about it, you can’t say ‘oh well, I found a religious exemption on Mary Tocco’s website’. You can’t do that. You have to have your own personal strong conviction. So Justin, what I tell people is, first of all, they are making vaccinations with aborted babies cell tissue lines and the pope of the Catholic church has come out and made a statement saying that Catholics can refuse to get vaccinated with any vaccine that is made with aborted tissue cell lines. That would be hepatitis-A, hepatitis-B, rubella, the MMR vaccine and the chickenpox vaccine. So right there is a religious exemption for those three that the pope ordained. Okay? Secondly, anyone who wants to use the religious exemption can simply think about ‘would God ordain putting these toxins in your body’. Many of the vaccines contain animal blood cells, animal parts the way that we make vaccines, we have an infected animal with decomposing parts. We get the viruses from pus and semen and urine and feces of animals. All of this is pretty dirty stuff. And, if you believe that our body is a temple of the holy spirit, you can simply say ‘I don’t put that garbage in my body, because I believe that God created my body to defend itself. I believe that He created us with an immune system, but you really have to own your own religious conviction.

JUSTIN: Yes, I think that’s important for people. About ten years ago I took a trip around the world and was gone for about a year, and I went to Africa and all kinds of different places, like Costa Rica. I went and got all of my vaccinations back then, because I didn’t know any better. So, I am wondering now, what are some good ways, we have about 8-9 minutes left and I want to talk to people also, how they can get 30% off your DVD at the end. But, what are some good ways for people to be able to detox? I know there’s a product called, or there used to be a product called OSR which was oxidative stress relief by Boyd Haley. I don’t know if that’s still available, but what are some of your things, your ways to detox?

MARY: Well, first of all, we have to stop the insults. You need to look in your home and eliminate any toxins in the home as far as cleaning goods, sprays, laundry detergents and soap, avoid chemicals, over-the-counter medications and prescription meds, if possible. If your child is sick, on my DVD, I have a whole chapter called ‘help, my child was vaccinated and is sick’. And even if your child has full blown autism, there is a lot that we can do to help that child, to not only regain their health somewhat, but possibly to recover from autism. Yes, we are recovering kids from autism. Many doctors will say ‘you can’t do that, if they recover they never had it to begin with’. Well, don’t listen to them, because recovery from autism is happening across the country. I encourage people to go on youtube and get different stories. You will see pictures of kids with autism and then pictures of them recovering. It is really quite amazing. But, the focus has to be on rebuilding the body in the nervous system, in the intestinal gut system and in the immune system. This is a long-term process. There are no easy answers. I would start by pulling all their vaccine records to find out what toxins they’ve been exposed to. Your medical doctor, by law, has to keep a complete list of all of their vaccinations, and I would look on and find out exactly what toxins they were exposed to, find a holistic physician that is educated in specific testing, these kids need specific testing to determine how their gut has been injured, how they might be allergic to foods, there might be something with leaky gut syndrome, they might have allergies and asthma. They might have heavy metal issues. In fact, if they’ve been vaccinated, they most likely will have a combination of all of these issues that must be addressed.

The first thing that I encourage people to focus on is, by the way, I’m not a doctor but I work very closely with my daughter Dr. Renee Tocco. She and I have put on conferences educating physicians on how to recover children. So I might not be a doctor, but I have been exposed to all of this information. What you want to do is to focus on the gut first. These children have yeast problems, parasites, they suffer with undigested proteins in their gut from antibiotic abuse and different vaccine ingredients which destroy the gut. Like I said, leaky gut syndrome, which can lead to food allergies. They don’t absorb vitamins and minerals, so that they have brain starvation. They have severe food allergies and often they are allergic to gluten and casein in food and they also have enzyme problems. So, all of the organs are toxic and this is a big deal. The way we find out what’s wrong with the gut are very specific tests. One of them is called the organic acid test, and it’s simply a urine and feces test to find out how much yeast they have going out of the body, because yeast is a byproduct of the antibiotic abuse and the vaccine abuse. Anyone who wants information on this, by the way, can go to my daughter’s website and it’s called And then, after we start fixing the gut we then proceed to pulling heavy metals. But, in between all of this, we are increasing nutrition, we do nutritional evaluations to find out what these kids are lacking in. Many of them are very deficient in zinc and vitamin-B12. They are very low on glutothione. Glutothione is essential for proper health detoxing. It’s very complicated, but yet there is hope for these families. I don’t want to discourage anybody from doing this. You will see huge improvements in your children, just by changing their diet, getting them off of gluten casein,
adding specific nutrition and getting rid of the yeast. A lot of kids start talking, speaking words, they get their eye function back, they start to recover neurologically. I encourage chiropractic valuations and my daughter’s website, has a referral directory of doctors who have already been trained, so this is a great resource for them.

JUSTIN: Oh great. I was going to ask you if someone is listening now who is the mother of a child who has been vaccinated, what could they do? So, they might be able to find physicians. I know there are websites like and something else, but you said your daughter has a reference on her website of doctors who have been trained to help deal with these sorts of things.

MARY: Yes, in fact my daughter has started the American Chiropractic Autism Board and it made up of some of the finest physicians around the country, including Boyd Haley who developed the OSR and we know that the OSR has been removed from the market now, because obviously it was working. The FDA won’t approve anything that works. It is very unfortunate. And I will tell you all of this is on my DVD ‘Are Vaccines Safe?’ Anyone who wants to E-Mail me they can go to my Facebook page and communicate with me. We will find you a doctor to work with. One more thing I want to mention very quickly, is that we just started a nonprofit organization called Heart for Autism and we had to form this because many times the children who need the care can’t afford the care. So my daughter, Dr Renee and I are on a mission to raise funds that will go to helping these children recover from autism. A lot of the nutritional supplementation is expensive, some of the testing is expensive and sometimes insurance will cover the testing and sometimes it won’t. But we hate to see children go without this necessary intervention. So Heart for Autism is people will visit that. We too are soliciting contributions and I know everybody right now is going through their own economic crises, but these children, if we do not help them when they’re young, it gets more difficult and these families are just devastated by the autism. So, I really encourage people to go Heart for Autism and make a donation if you can, to help us provide the funds for these children.

JUSTIN: I will all of this on the show notes page and you can find this at and there will be links to all of the things that we talked about today.

I wanted to say, that I believe you said the discount is 30% if people use the code ‘Mary’ when they check out to get the DVD is that right?

MARY: That’s right. I also have a CD that they can get, which is an hour long overview that is a great share for anybody to open their eyes about this whole issue of vaccinations.

JUSTIN: That’s amazing. I think it’s interesting that with the internet, and audio and video on the internet, and articles being written, there is still so much work to do, isn’t there, to get the word out to the common person, to the average person, Right?

MARY: Yes, that’s why people call me the Erin Brockovich of the vaccine industry. I have been working so hard for many years and I want to see this whole program shut down. I want to see the people who are promoting it, stop and I want to see the children that are injured, recover.

JUSTIN: What are some of the other things? I know we have to go as the music is starting, but what are some of the other things you are working on these days? Do you have anything new coming down the pipeline?

MARY: Yes, I actually have a new DVD called ‘How To Raise A Healthy Family’. It’s actually called ‘Raising Children Natures Way’ and that will be on my website soon. And, I’m hoping to make a documentary soon as well. And, of course, I have my radio program, so I’m pretty busy Justin.

JUSTIN: Gosh, I know you said you have been doing lots of radio shows lately, so this is great.

MARY: Thank you so much for having me on, and I’ll be happy to come on every couple of months if you want.

JUSTIN: Thank you so much for joining us Mary. We really support you and appreciate your work. We just want to get the word out to people, so thank you so much.

MARY: You’re welcome, so have a great weekend.

JUSTIN: Yes, thanks, you too. Wow, what a great interview with Mary Tocco. She is a real fireball and I think it’s just awesome. So, make sure you check out her Facebook page and follow her on Twitter and all that kind of good stuff, if you’re interested in these kinds of things. She is definitely the ‘go to’ source for this type of issue. Also, check out her DVD, you can enter the code ‘Mary’ in the check out for 30% for our listeners. It is really cool of her to do that.

Also, if you found value in this show, please forward it on. Pass it on to your friends on Facebook and click like and all that good stuff. We want the word to get out so that we can help more and more people understand and take control of their own health and control their own physical bodies. Hit ‘like’ and share it with your friends. We’d really, really appreciate that. So with that said, we will talk to you again next time. Thanks for listening and have a good day.

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