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The Art Of Dying Well, You Can’t Be The Hero Of Your Life Without Doing The Work, Forcing Yourself To Overcome Fear, Not Caring What Others Think & More!


hero-of-your-own-lifeFirst and foremost I want to thank all of you for your patience and support lately. It has meant the world to Kate and me.

Our shows have been a bit spotty at best and to be honest it is because I’ve been throwing myself into learning about how to do video podcasts. We’ve been doing the audio thing and hundreds of people have been asking lately about doing a video version of our show on Youtube.

We really had no idea or budget for doing video but people have been sending us donations and supporting us in many ways which is going to allow us to do video. I’ve been working with a guy named Tom Sinclair on how to put it all together (he’s a great guy and I highly recommend him).

As we continue to grow over time, we’ll get fancier video cameras and the video will become much more clear!

Because we’re a one man show (no staff yet! hopefully soon though) everything takes time. So thank you for being patient with us.

In this episode we talked about how to die well (kind of depressing right?) as well as how to be the hero of your life. Kate brought up a good point, you can’t be the hero of your own life without doing the work. The work must be done in order for you to become something different.

People like to have shortcuts. They like to use the law of attraction or take a pill instead of sitting down and meditating or jumping up and down on a trampoline or God forbid doing an actual workout that’s going to get you results!

We all want quick fixes and Kate reminded us of that during this #FFAF398 episode.

We also talked about not giving a rip what people think about us. We live our lives in fear of what other people (usually family and friends) “might think”. It’s really sad but yet something we all struggle with.

The insights Kate shared on this were really great.

This episode was jam packed and a ton of fun. I hope you enjoy it. I think we’re pretty close to doing our next show on video if you can believe it!

Thanks to all of you for writing iTunes reviews, bookmarking and using our Amazon link whenever you make purchases, and for those of you who have purchased items in our store, I want to give you a big hug, THANK YOU.

And for all your Patrons out there (you know who you are, we are humbled….) THANK YOU. Thanks for believing in us and sharing our shows with people in your life.

We’re all creating a healthier world one day at a time.

We are grateful and we are blessed.

Much love to you all! 🙂


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Show Date:

Monday 9/27/2015

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Free For All Friday

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Overcoming fears, not caring what other people think and much more!

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