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The Flat Earth, Using People & Circumstances To Grow Spiritually, Why People Die Early, Listener Questions and More!


flat_earth_modelFirst and foremost I want to apologize for just how long it has taken me to publish this show. We’ve had so many emails asking if we were okay and when the next show was going to be published. I want to publicly say sorry.

I really didn’t intend on this happening. We’ve been working on creating video shows (potentially live as well) for all of our podcasts or maybe just the Free For All Friday ones. We’re not sure. But I think we have the software finally figured out and all the technical details in order. It took me a long time to get all this sorted out so thank you for your patience.

We really want to step up and improve everything we’re doing so moving towards a video podcast is something we feel called to do. Thanks to your support both financially and socially we were able to buy a couple cameras and some equipment to be able to make this happen.

So in reality that was the reason for the delay. I would highly recommend subscribing to our Youtube channel. All of our shows are posted there and we post all kinds of other videos as well. Our full shows get posted there much quicker than here on the website.

Be that as it may, we hope you enjoy this particular show. Kate and I had a great time talking about big issues. Our Friday shows are usually a mish mash of stuff we’re into (health related or not), listener questions, natural and alternative health related news and upcoming events and such. We talk about the books we read, what we’re learning, spirituality and much more.

Our interview style shows (at least for now) are typically more health related. For those that don’t know, health is just one thing we are passionate about. I (Justin) for one am interested in spirituality, personal development, success, ancient cultures and civilizations, alternative history, conspiracy theories, science, economics, religion and the list goes on.

So when you listen to our Free For All Friday shows you’re getting a mix of all of that.

We are working on doing something behind the scenes that we’re excited to share with you and when it’s complete we’ll let all of you know.

On this particular show we talked about concepts like, do we live on a flat earth? Seems ridiculous to even suggest right? Well I encourage you to watch all 12 of the Flat Earth Clues and let me know what you think. The link for that is in the show notes below.

We also talked about spiritual growth principles and much much more.

So there you have it!

If you like what we’re doing consider bookmarking and using our Amazon link to help keep the show free. It’s an easy way to support us and if you already buy from Amazon, why not support us?

We also are 100% listener supported so thank you everybody for your kind donations and being a Patron of our show!

But if you love what we’re doing and want to help us but don’t have any extra money we are so grateful for those of you that share our shows on Facebook or write us iTunes reviews. Those help more than you’ll ever know. 🙂

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Show Date:

Monday 9/4/2015

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Free For All Friday

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Flat earth, spirituality, natural healing

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