How To Eliminate Gluten, Sugar & Dairy To Regain Health


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Michelle Deberge – How To Give Up Gluten, Sugar & Dairy To Boost Your Energy & Restore Your Health + Much More!


Michelle-Deberge-Bio-PicMichelle Deberge is the founder of Gluten, Sugar, Dairy Free. This is a website that teaches people not only about the inflammatory dangers of eating these types of foods, but also teaches people how to prepare delicious food without these harmful ingredients.

It’s my contention that (on a purely physical level at least) that the removal of gluten, sugar and dairy would help to reduce not only your weight (for those of us concerned with the superficial) but also radically reduce your chance of getting a major disease like cancer or heart disease.

These foods are so inflammatory and damaging to our immune system that it can hardly even function. Many of our previous guests have mentioned that sugar causes microscopic inflammation all over the body and can actually scar the inside of our arteries. This then causes our body to create cholesterol to act like an internal bandaid to allow it to heal.

And we all know from a long time guest Ty Bollinger from his recent docu-series called The Truth About Cancer that cancer actually feeds off of sugar. There are around 6 times the amount of receptor sites on a cancer cell for sugar than on a regular cell.

As for gluten, we all know how that affects leaky gut and causes indigestible proteins to enter the blood stream causing a whole host of cascading health ramifications.

These foods are horrible for the human body. At least if you’re going to do milk do a raw milk from happy grass fed cows. But I would get off all dairy as well if you feel like you might have digestive issues.

Michelle DeBerge teaches us how to increase our energy levels with food that tastes delicious and is easy to make. She’s got a wonderful community of people who (like her) are reclaiming their birthright, abundant health!

She’s also the founder of Join the Kitchen Table which I highly recommend you join.

Last time she was over at our home we all had dinner and it was a ton of fun!

I hope you liked the show. If you did, please share it! 🙂

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Show Date:

Friday 1/9/2015

Show Guest:

Michelle Deberge

Guest Info:

Michelle DeBerge has attended cooking school in many different states in the United States as well as in Spain, France and Mexico. She is constantly creating new recipes and ways of creating delicious food that can be copied to success by the home cook. Michelle is an avid foodie who is always running food profiles through her head, finding new ways and short cuts to recreate international flavors at home easily. Through her life journey she became gluten, sugar, dairy free for health reasons. She then spent the next few years recreating some of her favorite foods in the gluten, sugar and dairy free way. Along the way she started using more seasonings, found out about the value of of plants and spices and lost over 300 pounds naturally.

My happy place is farmers market, gourmet grocery stores and being in the kitchen chopping. I start this site to share my passion of transforming old favourites into new and flaorfull gluten sugar dairy free recipes. My kitchen has turned into the social hub for my friends and family, as everyone has been enrolled in tasting the new recipes. As my friends have witnessed my body size shrinking, my energy increasing and the overall state of my health transforming, I had to share this with you!

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Cooking, gluten, sugar, dairy, dietary changes

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