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EP# 383 – Dr. Judene Benoit – How To Stop Cavities & Prevent Decay Using Natural Methods Internally & Externally – 6-26-2015


judene-benoit-bio-picDr. Judene Benoit joined us today for a really fun and informative interview. The quality was so good it sounded almost like she was in the studio with us!

For those that don’t know Dr. Benoit is the author of How to Stop Cavities: A Natural Approach to Prevention and Remineralization

If you have any cavities or issues with your teeth/gums you’ll definitely want to listen to this show. We talked about gum disease, tooth decay and methods you can use to prevent cavities from continuing to form. Oddly enough the dentin that forms after a cavity has begun can actually be stronger (once it completely remineralizes) that the tooth was originally.

Kate and I mentioned how we’re getting back to using baking soda, sea salt and food grade hydrogen peroxide to take care of our teeth. Living Libations has put together the Successful Self Dentistry kit and our friend Will Revac has some great products that help with oral health as well.

Lots of amazing options these days!

Here are some key questions we covered during the show!

  • How long should you wait to see if your remineralization project is working?
  • Should you use fluoride?,
  • Are there right and wrong ways to brush your teeth?
  • How does sugar affect dental health?
  • How important is flossing or using a water pick?
  • How does stress, hormones and cortisol affect dental flow?
  • Why are some people less susceptible to cavities (even though they eat a poor diet) than others?
  • How can you prevent cavities and keep your teeth your entire life?
  • What’s more important, external factors for oral health or internal factors?

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Thanks in advance!! 🙂

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Show Date:

Friday 6/26/2015

Show Guest:

Dr. Judene Benoit

Guest Info:

Dr. Judene Benoit is a dentist in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. She is passionate about helping people improve their teeth and their lives using simple, natural techniques.

Dr. Judene uses a blended approach to dentistry; combining information taught in dental schools and research from scientific dental journals with her love of whole food and whole person holistic thinking to get real results and great success.

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cavities, oral health, tooth decay, natural health

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