Do Meat Eaters Deserve To Live?


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Do Meat Eaters Deserve To Live?, Human Potential, Discovering Your Purpose, The Spirituality Of Consuming Meat, Listener Questions & More!

woman-eating-meatFirst and foremost I wanted to apologize for how late this podcast was and the fact that we didn’t have a show last Friday. We had some technical difficulties and were unable to get things going for the live show.

So to make sure we did a show we recorded this one (not live) on Monday morning and wanted to thank all of you for your patience!

We talked about many subjects this #FFAF382 show. Kate and I always have so much to talk about we rarely get around to everything during a short show.

Thank you to all of our news Patrons as well as people who have joined us in our mission to help more people wake up and be healthier.

So thank you! 🙂

There was an interesting video put out by a lady in Australia who asked a simple yet powerful question, “Do meat eaters deserve to live?”.

Can you imagine asking that question in a serious (she wasn’t joking) and public way? My goodness. Kate and I had a lot to share about people eating animal products, the Paleo diet, raw veganism and frutarianism.

We also took quite a few listener questions and updated you on what the latest is going on with Kate’s question to reclaim her health from what we think is a heavy metal methylation issue she might be having due to some weakened genetic expressions possibly from mercury fillings being removed improperly in Mexico many years ago.

We also discussed some new projects going on with the website and how you can be involved (see the orange buttons at the top of this page!).

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Show Date:

Monday 6/22/2015

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Free For All Friday

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eating meat, veganism, human potental

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