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Why Laughing & Having More Fun Is Critical For Optimum Health, You Are The Chosen One, Getting Off Facebook, Listener Questions & Much More!

facebookleavingIt has been a number of weeks since Kate and I did a Free For All Friday (FFAF) show. We hope you enjoy them as much as we love creating them and as much as the interviews we do!

Today we talked about a number of important subjects. But before I get into them I want to thank our newest Patrons as well as people who have joined us in our mission to help more people wake up and be healthier.

So thank you!

We talked about how important it is to actually laugh and have a good time with some stupid humor. Personally I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and figuring things out. I’m on a quest for learning and growing as much as I can. I love reading books that expand my mind. I love watching documentaries about knowledge we are unaware of. I love learning new information that will expand my consciousness.

I don’t get a chance to talk about it on the show but I’m interested in government, law, sports, economics, conspiracy theories, history, ufos, aliens, ancient civilizations, religion, spirituality, personal development and much more. I don’t know what it is, there’s something inside me that wants to know it all and figure it all out!

So as you can imagine there’s not a lot of time left over in the day to simply be entertained with stupid and useless entertainment. Heck I don’t even listen to music much at all because I want to learn. I listen to lectures, podcasts and radio shows!

But lately I’ve been learning to get out of my head a little bit. I’ve been learning to not take life so seriously and just “let go”. I’ve been learning to get in touch with where real health lies, our emotions.

For me the most powerful emotion is laughter. So I’ve been forcing myself to listen to more music lately (one of the best ways to change your emotions) and comedy radio shows. The best comedy radio show is linked to below.

We also discussed the energetics of getting off of Facebook and what Facebook and social media does to our attention spans and our brain. Getting off Facebook isn’t easy because it’s an addiction as is Instagram and Twitter for many people.

I challenge you to get off of Facebook for a while and see if you can go 30 days without logging into your personal account even once! 🙂

We also discussed what it means to the “The Chosen One” and what it takes to be that person.

So much was discussed on this show. Please share it if you like it. Also thank you to everyone who bookmarks and uses our Amazon link to support the show. You know who you are and we cannot thank you enough for using it often! 🙂

Please leave us a review in iTunes if you can along with a rating. That will help tremendously!

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Show Date:

Friday 6/12/2015

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Free For All Friday

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Facebook, emotional health, laughing, having fun

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