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Big Show Changes, Benefits of Marijuana, Kate’s Mercury Update, Listener Questions & Much More!

marijuana-leaf-(1)We are making a big change to our radio show that we are announcing officially and formally on this particular episode.

We’re not going to run commercials anymore. This goes against everything that a marketing or advertising person would tell us. But I’m listening to my heart on this one (for now). Things may change if we’re simply unable to stay sustainable.

Any marketing professional would tell us that we’re losing out on revenue etc. But the way I look at it is, you (the listener) are simply too smart for commercials. It’s 2015 for crying out loud. Nobody wants to sit through commercials and frankly I don’t want to make them.

I want to do whatever it is I can do to make a better show for you. So that’s what we’re going to do and see how it plays out.

With that said, this is a massive risk. So we’re asking for you to support us by clicking on this link and learning about all the ways you could support our show (most of them don’t require any money at all!).

So as a favor back to us please visit that page and consider helping us out. If every single one of you amazing listeners would do this, man would it be a HUGE help to Kate and I. So I’m going to buck the system on this one and do my best to create the best shows I can to better serve you!

We also discussed marijuana and why it’s illegal and why psychedelic plant medicines should be legalized as well. I’ve been doing a lot of fascinating researching into psychedelic sacred plant medicines lately and have been blown away at what I’ve been learning.

Also if you’d like to download a PDF version of our show notes you can do so below. 🙂

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Show Date:

Friday 5/8/2015

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Free For All Friday

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Marijuana, mercury, reiki, energy healing

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