How Ibogaine Can Heal Addictions Naturally


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Dr. Dan Engle, Deanne Adamson & Dr. Martin Polanco – How To Safely & Effectively Use Ibogaine To Overcome Any Addictive Behaviors


Dan-Engle-Deanna-Adamson-Martin-Polanco-bio-picUpdate: Sorry everybody due to potential legal reasons, we had to pull this show down from the internet. Stay tuned though as we are going to have another live show with these same guests very soon! Sorry for the inconvenience!

After our first talk with Dr. Dan Engle Kate and I were so intrigued about the potential for psychedelic plants that we had to try to have Dan back in studio.

It turns out Deanne Adamson from Being True To You and Dr. Marton Polanco from Crossroads Clinic in Mexico both joined us in studio for this one!

We only have 3 mics in our studio so we had to share during this show but man was it fun!

Now for those that don’t know what ibogaine is or why one would use it, I’ll explain. Ibogaine is a West African shrub of a plant that contains psychoactive elements to it. When ingested the psychoactive affects are nothing short of staggering and life changing. People have been able to undergo one (that’s right one) treatment of Ibogaine and completely reverse a lifetime of addictive behavior.

Can we all say “goodbye” to the Twelve Step program or Alcoholics Anonymous which help to perpetuate the idea of “ownership” at best and dis-empowerment at least.

Think for a moment the amount of prescription medications people sometimes are prescribed when they begin to show addictive behaviors for things. Not only can there be lots of medications that counteract each other causing a wide array of health issues but many times these legal drugs (which are highly synthesized and stripped of buffering plant alkaloids which were put there for our protection) are taken for decades if not longer.

Here’s a snippet of the show together…

As discussed during the show, Ibogaine is a single use treatment. I’m not saying Ibogaine (or DMT, marijuana [aka cannabis], ayahuasca, psilocybin, mdma or 5-meo-dmt) can cure anybody of anything. Nothing can cure anybody except the body itself….and perhaps God also. These psychoactive sacred plant medicines do have a proven history of thousands of years in ancient cultures in a wide variety of uses.

If you have any kind of addiction that you can’t seem to get over, I would highly suggest you listen to this episode and see if something here resonates with you.

We want people to know there are viable options with a proven history that can help their body’s overcome just about any manner of health condition. Don’t let your doctor tell you that there is only one way to heal. There are many many ways for the body to correct itself and it’s my contention that it is our right and duty to exhaust everything that’s natural first and then as a last resort determine if more aggressive alopathic protocols might be of some assistance.

So please know there are options, don’t give your power away to any group or organization that itself is unaware of differing or opposing natural healing paradigms.

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Justin and Kate

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Show Date:

Thursday 4/2/2015

Show Guest:

Dr. Dan Engle

Guest Info:

Dr. Engle is the Medical Director at Rejuvenation and Performance Institute in Sedona, AZ. He skillfully combines natural medicine with integrative psychiatry to enhance the foundations of mental health and spirituality. His personal travels have also led him to Peru where he has studied sacred plant medicines such as ayahuasca extensively.

Dr. Dan Engle, MD is a board certified psychiatrist and the Medical Director at Rejuvenation and Performance Institute in Sedona, AZ. He skillfully combines natural medicine with integrative psychiatry to enhance the foundations of energetic health, peak performance training, and practical spirituality. Before completing his medical degree he was a collegiate soccer player for St. Edwards university, and has continued pushing the boundaries of both physical and mental capacity throughout his life. His personal travels have also led him to Peru where he has studied extensively with the indigenous medicine elders in the traditional healing methods of the Amazon River Basin.

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Addiction, ibogaine, dmt, Dimethyltryptamine, ayahuasca, mdma, Psilocybin, 5-MeO-DMT, Amphetamine, Ketamine

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Grace Grove
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Being True To You

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