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Lisa Kalison (In Studio) – Are Mammograms Safe? What Causes Breast Cancer & Tips For Prevention + Much More!


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  • Lisa-Kalison-Thermography-bio-picShould you get a mammogram? What about if you have the BRC1-A breast cancer gene, should you get a preemptive mastectomy like Angelina Jolie did?

    She’s being honored for her decision to have both of her breasts removed even though she doesn’t even have cancer. We talk about mammograms, thermal imaging (aka thermograms) and how to prevent breast cancer in the first place.

    We always love it when guests come into our home studio.

    We think the conversations are so much more dynamic and fun. Sometimes with technology like Skype and phone calls something gets lost.


    We talked about bras and breast cancer and how bras can diminish the lympatic flow and contribute to breast cancer. We also talked about what exactly goes on during a mammogram and how they have the potential to contribute to the disease process.

    During the show we mentioned a new service we’re using called Patreon which allows you to donate to our podcast on a per show basis. You can even donate less than a dollar per show. Would you consider supporting the free content we’re producing? Kate and I would be so grateful! 🙂

    When doctors do biopsies, these can be very dangerous. Lisa Kalison explains exactly why in this episode about thermography, mammograms and breast cancer!

    He’s doing some great things and we hope you like this show. Pass it on to your friends please!!!

    I hope you liked the show. If you did, please share it! 🙂

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    Show Date:

    Friday 2/6/2015

    Show Guest:

    Lisa Kalison

    Guest Info:

    Lisa is a Certified Clinical Thermographer and has been researching and studying Natural, Integrative and Alternative healing practices for over 35 years.

    Lisa is the founder of Discovery Screening after her own experience in healing herself from her own Breast Health issues.

    Lisa is also a Certified Professional Health Consultant knowledgeable in the Natural Healing Arts. As a consultant Lisa provides her resources to her clients to the best practitioners, products and services in the Integrative/Alternative healing field.

    Show Topic:

    mammograms, thermograms, thermography, breast cancer, lymph draining, bras

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