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Jackie Dumaine – How She Quit Her Six Figure Corporate Sales Job & Decided To Pursue Her Passion Of Teaching The Yoga Code & Much More!

Jackie-Dumaine-bio-picJackie Dumaine joined us today to talk about how she quit her 6 figure per year corporate sales job to pursue her real passion which is teaching the philosophy and principles outlined in what she calls The Yoga Code.

I think this entertaining conversation was more for us than anyone else. For those that don’t know, Kate is quitting her 15 year career of being a hairstylist in 2 weeks from now.

Are we worried w won’t be able to pay the bills? Well worried is not the right word but we are trusting God that everything is going to work out exactly in divine order.

When you follow your gifts and passions and are truly doing good work in the world, then I believe only good things will result.

Jackie has much the same story. She was making 6 figures per year in a corporate sales job that she was not passionate about. She was extremely “successful” by the world’s standards but her heart was not in it.

She knew she needed to do something else and that her real gifts were not being expressed in what she was doing.

She talked about the way in which she quit her job (she had a very specific strategy behind that so you’ll want to hear exactly how she did it) and how she traveled to India to study yoga and more importantly the philosophy and principles behind yoga.

She’s very real, open, honest and transparent in our conversation. There was no ego involved and you can tell that by how she talks and how she’s actually living out the principles in The Yoga Code.

There are lots of people that teach but not everyone who teaches, lives the teachings like Jackie is.

Near the end of the show she went through all 10 principles in the Yoga Code and talked about how they can apply to our lives. As a fan of the physical side of yoga, it was awesome to talk about some of the thoughts and philosophy behind yoga.

These are the principles you can take with you off the mat. The principles that will help you when you’re dealing with an angry boss or an upset child. You can take these Yoga Code principles with you wherever you go and I love how beautifully she lays it all out for people.

Like I said at the beginning of this episode, I felt like this was a conversation that I needed to hear more than anybody else as Kate is nearing the end of her job right now! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this podcast as much as we did. If you enjoyed it please share the love with your friends by clicking “like” and “share” on this page!

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Show Date:

Monday 12/8/2014

Show Guest:

Jackie Dumaine

Guest Info:

Jackie Dumaine is on a mission to share the way Westerners view yoga.

After years of existing in the corporate world, Jackie hit her breaking point. She left her six figure career as an burnt out advertising executive and embarked on an adventure to an ashram in India where she studied to become a yoga instructor.

Her hope was to find herself. What she found however, was so much more.

She quickly learned that yoga is so much more than a series of physical postures to help create a flexible body, but rather an intricate philosophy for living.

It was in the ashram that she discovered ten ancient principles developed thousands of years ago as a blueprint for creating a life with more meaning, balance and joy (and they don’t require touching your head to the ground or wearing black stretchy pants).

Inspired by these principles, Jackie returned to North America and founded The Yoga Code as a way to share this ancient wisdom with a fresh and modern twist.

She has been featured in several spiritual publications including the Yogi Times, Elevated Existence, Trifecta and Guided Synergy and has previously been involved in promotional partnerships with events such as Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra.

When she’s not trail running in nature, writing saucy poetry or making love to dark chocolate, Jackie guides women on transformational journeys through The Yoga Code Life Coaching program, workshop & retreat. Her current projects include writing The Yoga Code book and the creation of The Yoga Code Coaching Certification program.

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Yoga Code, living your dream, following your heart, matrix, passion, self help, dreams, vision, law of attraction, spirituality, bliss

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