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FFAF-Show-New2Can you believe it has been 2 whole weeks since we had our last FFAF show?

Last week we had the honor of hosting Dr. John Bergman (our chiropractor) in our studio which was so much fun. We could have talked with him for hours!

We are looking to have Dr. Bergman as a regular once per month in studio guest. What do you think about that? His shows are so popular and people really seem to enjoy him a lot. I find him fascinating!

Today we had a fun show talking about candida and yeast infections to begin with. We talked about Dr. Jeff McCombs’ Candida Plan website and what the entire candida plan consists of.

Then we talked about why it’s important (sometimes) to not listen to others (especially when they tell you lies). It’s not easy to stay strong, rooted deep and be a man or woman of conviction. People, especially when you’re in the public eye will always try to offer you their opinion about how they think you should think, believe or behave.

You just have to breathe deep and let it all go. Their opinions of us are none of our business! 🙂

That got us thinking about how fun it is to live in the question. To live in the mystery of life and all that it entails. We talked about how it rubs us the wrong way when people feel like they have all the answers.

Life is so grand, so unique, so vast, and so incredibly rich and full, that for somebody to tell you they know how it all works is insane. In my mind I think they’re nuts.

Nobody has all the answers. Nobody has it all figured out. We need to stop looking to other people that we think are gurus and start looking to ourselves for the answers.

Then I shared my ideas about meditation tips. I came up with a meditation that seems to be working great for me and I really enjoy it a lot!

We hope you enjoyed this show!

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Show Date:

Friday 11/21/2014

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Free For All Friday

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meditation tips, positive affirmations, negative thinking, digestion, candida, yeast infections, energy levels, natural health, alternative healing

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